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    Holistik Carton D 10 Stick 3CT_30 Units An 3.fmz HI Chris, The file is attached. Everything works fine until I try close the box on the last key frame.
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    Hi, I have been struggling with an animation I'm working on. It is basically a small carton that slides open from the side with product in it. I want to slide it open, pull 1 piece of product out (Upward) and slide it back back down and close the box. The problem I'm having is when I select the parts to close the box at the time frame I want it at the animation gets messed up. When I play it back the animation the 1 piece that I pulled up starts at the beginning. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
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    Thea for FormZ - Now Available

    What version of FormZ do you need to run this?