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  1. Renee Champagne

    formZ models into Keyshot

    What are you using now?
  2. Renee Champagne

    formZ models into Keyshot

    Do all of the decals / textures import into KeyShot?
  3. Renee Champagne

    3D People

    Does anyone have any 3D people with maps you could share?
  4. Renee Champagne

    Golf Shoe

    Thank you for your help Andrew!!
  5. Renee Champagne

    Golf Shoe

    Hi, Would anyone have a model of a classic golf shoe that they would be willing to share? If ,so I would need it in version 7.3.4 or 6.7. Thank you.
  6. Renee Champagne


    Holistik Carton D 10 Stick 3CT_30 Units An 3.fmz HI Chris, The file is attached. Everything works fine until I try close the box on the last key frame.
  7. Renee Champagne


    Hi, I have been struggling with an animation I'm working on. It is basically a small carton that slides open from the side with product in it. I want to slide it open, pull 1 piece of product out (Upward) and slide it back back down and close the box. The problem I'm having is when I select the parts to close the box at the time frame I want it at the animation gets messed up. When I play it back the animation the 1 piece that I pulled up starts at the beginning. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?