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  1. Maybe we can discuss here?  Or we could exchange emails.

    Should first consider that I am not a full time developer, and I have my own business to operate. Timing may not be to your desire, if you expect to wait solely on me.

     But, I am open, especially if it is of use to me.




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    2. ¢hris £und

      ¢hris £und

      Since I have never gotten around to using it, I will have to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they have further intent for it.

    3. Hugo


      What kind of steps you take to get output? Let’s say getting a nice PDF.

    4. ¢hris £und

      ¢hris £und

      I would do a Hidden line and export a DWG to Illustrator and clean it up there.   I wanted color in my output.

      But it too would become segmented, So I would always join the segments together so I could fill faces.

      What I really want is something like a hidden line, but with solid color fills that can be exported. Raster based images don't do me a lot of good.

      When I get more scripting under my belt, I will look into it.