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    Layers AND sub layer system

    I know we can use groups in Layers, I do as well, but that is not the same as I suggested. Layers and SUB Layers works different and makes it very easy to organise complex models. If we have only the Layers option, then we have to make for everything an unique layer name. This works fine if you use few, not if you use many. For instance: (FLOOR LEVEL 1 (Layer)) group, in this group: walls 1, doors 1, furniture 1, etc... (FLOOR LEVEL 2 (Layer)) group. In this group: walls 2 (walls 1 is not wanted because you want to switch on / off the group completely with all the sub layers) In my suggestion you organise the group Layers: FLOOR LEVEL 1, FLOOR LEVEL 2, ... AND in the different pallet (SUB Layers) walls, furniture, doors, etc. This organisation structure helps us to export easily to BIM standards, IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) Anyway...
  2. agree with it, there are still to many bugs.
  3. if you connect the 2 lines with 2 other and make it 1 vector line, then you can easily slice. The objects stay solid.
  4. Hugo

    formZ 9

    Last few months I uploaded several movie’s with errors to ADS support, they were happy to see these bugs in a movie. It makes supporting and solving much easier, they said. I’m using the latest version of the software and I am happy I could help them in this way. Today I have read this complete thread again and again it seems we users lost our interests. More than a year ago today; no input. So I give it a little kick... ADS, how is it going these days with the development of the next version? Is there anything you can bring to the forum?
  5. Hugo

    Drafting and more

    I use scenes in my 3D model frequently, measuring also in my 3D model. Then make an image on 300 dpi let's say 200x200mm. The image is stored in a folder. Affinity Publisher (AP) update the images when they are updated. I don't care about similar workflow, in all my more then 25 years working for my own and with many programs from CAD to DTP, switching between the programs and different shortcuts... I realise those became all together as if it is 1 program I use.
  6. Hugo

    Drafting and more

    I just posted my comment on the Affinity forum as well: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/84027-dwgdxf-export-option/
  7. Hugo

    Drafting and more

    Setz, probably no coincident that you wanted to start a new discussion about layout, me too, but a bit different. I had the idea to post a movie about my workflow related to 2D output. But, my workflow is skipping Layout completely, instead using Affinity Publisher to create nice output. However, the discussion is welcome in any way. My suggestion is about ADS and Affinity-Serif could working together to bring the best tools to the users. In my opinion this could be easily done when vector line out with 3D modeller is perfect through PDF. Affinity Publisher is great to do all work to get perfect output in a very easy way, with automatically updating etc. FormZ could made Layout at least more workable but at this moment a few tweaks could be made in the 3D modeller to produce perfect drawings (vector line based). Then in combination with Affinity Publisher (very good program in my opinion and not expensive at all! ...although still in beta. Suggestion: Take a look at their website https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/publisher/). If Affinity create the option to export to DWG/DXF... done! Well, for at least many... 🙂 For the discussion: FormZ should make some options better in 3D modeller (PDF vector line output, Hidden line copy and paste, plot frame for scale output), working together with Affinity, then the problem for 2D is solved for 90%. (because, why inventing the wheel if others done that before...)
  8. Hugo

    The formz change I would most like to see.

    Maybe not what you want, but I like the idea of copy an object, than click with the mouse somewhere on the reference plane (selected objects will automatically deselected) and paste the object. The object will appear at the center of your last click with the mouse on the reference plane.
  9. I asked myself if I could skip Layout but still working only with FormZ to produce 2D drawings. I know the connection between 3D and 2D will be lost, but I don't care. Mainly I've found many issues related to this connection and found no benefits compare to the fantastic easy to use 3D modeller. What I invest at the moment is this workaround: Working in 3D modeller only. - create your 3D model. - use 2D section in the modify palette to create the section you want. - copy this 2D section into a new 3D model. (this copy will be exact in place of your 3D original model, which is handy) - undo your section in the original 3D model, and save for reasons. - do all your 2D measurements, text, legenda, etc in the new 3D-2d model. Benefits new 3D-2d model for creating 2D output: - you can easily create a 3D-2d model template with override layer options (very handy for print out quality). One override layer option should be added: hatch. - the control in the 3D-2d model is far beter then in layout, my opinion. - keeping the geometrie as it was in the 3D original model, with shaded surfaces etc. Output 3D-2d model to a print. - if needed you can easily compose the drawing like you try to do in Layout. I found out staying in the 3D model is easier. - when finished just make a 300dpi pixel image of the drawing and it will keep it's beautiful texture. - or print to PDF. (oops, I found out printing didn't work in 3D model. a bug???) anyway... Anybody here working like this?
  10. The first time I started to model with FormZ was late 1994. I came from an Unix HP workstation with a French 3D program called Star_UX. That software was amazing, although it only worked on Unix at the time. I bought FormZ the moment I started my own company in 1994 and remember I got completely frustrated the first 2 weeks working with my new 3D modeller FormZ. Didn't get a clue how it worked... After 2 weeks, started from scratch, bit by bit and yes! I got it. From that moment it became THE 3D modelling tool for me. Since then I am a happy FormZ user most of the time. The FormZ 3D modeller became at the end of the story my main Cad program, because it works so nicely, ...in 3D. 😊 Congratulations ADS and I am looking forward to the next version, hopefully we hear soon...
  11. Hugo

    Drafting v. Layout

    In Januari 2017 I started a thread about the alternative way how to get 2D drawings. I also hope, like many others, drawing 2D will as rock solid as the 3D is, (more or less) Hopefully ADS will think about solutions to generate 2D output the way they did when developing the 3D modelling program. The 3D environment is very well developed in my opinion. Who thinks automation is the solution, 2D drawing will automatically updates when the 3D model changed? I do not believe in it, as long as it is not rock solid. With everything that is "automatically" done for you, you do not have control anymore. I like to see we could stay in the 3D modeller, then make 2D drawings as easy as it is to model 3D. I think it's a way of thinking. FormZ 3D is wonderful, compare to many other programs. It would be interesting to see if ADS develop 2D output as simple as to use the 3D modeller. If this can be done with plugins to use other CAD programs... why not? If not... ???
  12. Hugo

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    I recommend not updating! I installed previous version and many is working again.
  13. Hugo

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    Using scenes: the program is hanging, beach ball...
  14. Hugo

    How do I create a face?

    with Object Doctor
  15. Hugo

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    o yes, I forgot, support for 4k resolution for the UI.
  16. Hugo

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    ...more then a year ago for the last post in this list. 😳 I would like to see a better Information Management system with scripting. IFC import and export. Beter output options from within the 3D modeller directly to vector 3D PDF. Now I use print screen options to get nice graphic images I am using in Affinity Publisher beta to produce my 2D drawings, because Layout is... well... to limited. Since last minor update I feel FMZ is much more stable. So, stability is always on my top list. Still love the 3D modeller.. 😊
  17. ...spoken about v9. is there any news about the upcoming version?
  18. In my case: on the right of my screen I have two columns with pallets, one is the layer from top to bottom screen. This layout is not saved, after saving the preferences. After restart the program, the layer palette left top corner is in place, but the whole palette has the smallest size posible.
  19. Hugo

    GPS coordinates in points

  20. Hugo

    Interior design advice

    Martin, you have a point. We are on the software forum.
  21. Hugo

    Interior design advice

    Martin, I do not want I client I have no connection with.
  22. Hugo

    Interior design advice

    Peter, If you missed the boat, why not tell your client: hey, i am ready with this! Go for the better client!
  23. Hugo

    Interior design advice

    Martin, Building up a relationship with a client is always ok, but on the other hand you have to communicate to the client what is important. Is it money driven or is it good architectural design. The whole success of the project depends on that difference. Anyway, i wish Peter all the succes he needs.
  24. Hugo

    groups vs booleans

    There is an option for groups that allow you to select individual objects and if you toggle between the option it become group as one.