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  1. Actually, at my left hand i use the trackpad. The mouse and the trackpad together is for me very handy. And, the trackball is so light to use and adjustable, no injuries at all.
  2. I use: https://www.logitech.com/nl-nl/product/mx-ergo-wireless-trackball-mouse?crid=7 Very comfortable because of working on small desks, because of my work everywhere. stable and you are not constantly moving your arm.
  3. Hugo

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    I also believe in what Alan Cooper said. v9 is not yet ready.
  4. Hugo

    Palette Window

    I made the complete ui smaller, then took the layer panel out and placed it at the right side outside the ui window on the desktop. The layer panel can be stretched from top to bottom screen. If you save this workspace it will be workable.
  5. It would be nice if the override Layer options gets the Cross Section options too. If this can be done, we can make a template file with the Hatches related to the layer. The 2D output will be a time saver!
  6. nobody else having Maxwell Render license issue's...
  7. Hugo

    Sketchup model woes

    I am probably the only one who misses the point about Draft “layout” v9... I found out layout didn’t work... not yet. 3D modeller does the job already... and with ‘reference files’ it can be done without 2D Draft. Layout should be work exactly as the 3D modeller. Now we get simply a cluster of lines for output, even text... Not 2020. I believe we all struggle with our work flows, it’s absolutely a pity about that. I really hope the 3D modeller become rock solid, using wonderful render plugins such as Vray and Maxwell as the minimum. In my work flow FormZ became number 1 tool, although it’s too limited for output in anyway...
  8. The issue with license I have on a regular base. At the moment I have a support ticket running with Next Limit. The annoying thing here, I do not get any clue how it is organised so that I can solve the license problem by myself. The y explain and explain, but If I go to the localhost to stop the RLM server and start again, as they constantly telling me, nothing happens. Still no validation of my license. I should think, organise this once and for all structural, for all users. Anyway. Not happy with it.
  9. Hugo

    Maxwell 5 for formZ - In Progress!

    I am really happy to hear Next Limit will continue...
  10. Hugo

    smart model architectural plug-in

    No, you are not the only one. but, smart modeling is smart when it is flexible. Al kind of automation is relative... with automation you also introduce problems you have to check if it is modeled right. Time consuming ..
  11. Hugo

    Views Group

    absolutely!! +10
  12. Hugo

    smart model architectural plug-in

    Although I am a professional Architect I am not interested in the way those solutions work, it's just a database! You are not modelling anymore, but searching in a huge database with names and codes. And never find the object you want as an architect. Editing the object is still time consuming... Of course for some objects, like a water tap it's handy... FormZ has the possibility to be the best 3D modeller, simple to use, and therefore fast. The simpler you can build a 3D model, the better it works to get a unique design. Not a copy of a database! The information management in Form Z should be as simple as the 3D modeller, than we can print out our own spreadsheets... 3D model is one part of the BIM workflow, communicating with other professionals is the other part. For this we need exchange options. Anyway...
  13. Des, me too!! It’s disappointing... i need Maxwell too.
  14. Hugo

    please improve the underlay tool!

    Will test this idea, thank you Jsiggia.
  15. Hugo

    Layers AND sub layer system

    I found out it did not work well, using Objects as an alternative. So, I still have my wish for a SUB layer system.
  16. It would be very nice if we could have a second organisation system in the future version. Layers are very useful of course, but a sub layer system makes modelling even better. For instance in architecture we could organise foundation-ground floor-second floor-roof as a (main) Layer level. Walls, doors, windows, furniture etc. could be organised in the sub layer level. Organising the 3D model by switching on/off some of the (main) layers makes it very handy because all sub layers stay visible. Switching off some sub layers, will work through the whole model. The 3D model will be less complicated when many floors are in the building.
  17. Maxwell Render is for me too very important to work with.
  18. Vectorworks integration would be wonderful. But, I doubt if that will happen. 'Commercial' reasons I have heard from my distributer Design Express. They focus on Cinema 4D they told me some years ago.
  19. Hugo

    Layers AND sub layer system

    Ztek, I think it can be done with Objects as you said. Did some test work and it seems a good alternative. Groups in Object palet: FOUNDATION, FLOOR1, FLOORPLAN 1, FLOOR2, FLOORPLAN 2 etc... Layers in palet: wall, door+windows, piping, furniture, etc... Will test with a complex model... 😊