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    Underlay/Billboard sticky Z logo

    Nope. Are you sure your files are compatible? Like you don`t load progressive jpegs or something? Usually I experience such the things with gifs or progressive jpegs.
  2. Hello fellow formziers. I recently added loft style stools and chair from russian company Archpole. You are welcome to download them for your projects. And more than welcome to share your amazing models at formz.xyz.
  3. AHTOH


    Nice, WUYATSAI. Thank's for sharing. Pretty much japanese style. Best, Anton.
  4. Hello everybody. There are some good news from FormZ Models Sharing site. Our colleague formzier Volker von Anshelm submitted several beautiful classic constructivist chairs models. These are in rather good shape in terms of geometry. You are welcome to download them from "Chairs" page.
  5. Nice! So, no problem to download via Dropbox links? Excellent! Thank you.
  6. Oops! Something REALLY strange is going on! It might be WIX bug. This is what I see: Sorry about this. Would you take a look at picture for navigation on that pop up menu in order to register. Best, Anton.
  7. Hi Tech. Would you please try to download any file from Arch details chapter. I uploaded them to Dropbox and not really sure if it works properly. Thanks in advance. Anton
  8. Hello Tech. It is FormZ.xyz as I mentioned before. Some new stuff is under way. Please like FormZ models sharing Facebook page and be up to date.
  9. Hello dear colleagues. New chapter Architectural Details added to FormZ.xyz repository. You may download some nice stuff from there. The capital on the picture is among it And you are more than welcome to submit your models as well. Please don`t be greedy. Best, Anton Voloshin.
  10. Hi Andrew. I noticed that your lens touches or intersects the base shape. If you move it it 1 mm forward all your artefacts are gone. It happens to most renderer I know. Best, Anton.
  11. Hello everybody. There are some good news! From now and on you can use awesome formz.xyz instead of long and uneasy to memorize URL for models sharing site. Enjoy!
  12. AHTOH


    Hi Matt. What render engine you are talking about? Is it Render Zone or Shaded Render? Best, Anton.
  13. Hi Andrew. What small are you creating? 1) You possibly have artificially smoothed object in Render Zone and have what you have in Thea 2) Would not you better try preset materials you can download from Thea site 3) It would be best if you can attach the file in order to understand what are you trying to create 4) Easiest part: in emitter settings in Thea Mat Lab check "Passive emitter" Best, Anton.
  14. AHTOH

    Pub design and rendering

    Hi bluemonkey. Thank's you for evaluation and the good advice. As for the tutorial: did you ever had a chance to use Maxwell Rendering? Mostly all renderers are based on the same principles. If you did — there is no problem to get used with Thea for FormZ. What you should check first — preset materials. Open them in Mat Lab and see examine how are they constructed. I downloaded a huge library of preset from torrent. Lighting seem to be pretty much similar to real life. So, if you ever did any photography, you will feel like at home. However if you have any specific questions I will be glad to help. Best, Anton. PS here is my Skype just in case: ahtoh___ GMT+3 (Moscow, Russia)
  15. Pub design in downtown Moscow. Modeled in FormZ, rendered with Thea plugin (Adaptive BSD)
  16. There are lots of ways to manipulate this corner. Here are just a few of them: - insert segment and sculpt: - round to holdline: - C-Round : - C-Round 2: - and finally plain rounding: There are many another options to do things with this corner. Any simple questions — you are welcome to ask here or by e-mail. Any complex job — I will be more than happy to assist on commertial basis Best, Anton.
  17. Hi Soenke. There are many ways to do this in FormZ. I prefer to use the most simple. You get the most clean result this way. Best, Anton.
  18. What is good about this solution — it works. I checked myself
  19. What I would do is: to make stepped Revolve and than take source object and Revolve Continuosly to 45° (1/8 of 360 as your barrel has 8 sides). Stich or Union, depending on type of object, resulting shapes. Voila.
  20. AHTOH

    Hardware question

    Hello Doug. This render and design looks fantastic! Thank`s for sharing. Anton.
  21. Congratulations Chris and Alexandra! And thank you for my favorite tool. Live a nice life. Best regards, Anton.
  22. AHTOH

    Pub design and rendering

    Thank you Des.
  23. AHTOH

    Pub design and rendering

    Hello Tech. I`v told it many times. It is probably my perception problem. Is this any better?
  24. AHTOH

    Hardware question

    Hi Kummo. Actually Thea can render at what you have (GPU+CPU, CPU only). Unfortunately you will not have ultra fast GPU interactive rendering. What Mac you have? Is it trash can or older MacPro?
  25. AHTOH

    Best way to create a backlit logo

    Thea 3 min setup. Instant render.