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  1. Hi d_b. I would be glad to help. Please send me files to soninpapa@gmail.com or via Dropbox. Best, Anton.
  2. AHTOH

    Steel Fabrication Drawings

    Hi Malcolm. Thank you for your opinion. Hope it is seen by AutoDesSys. HELLO AUTODESSYS! Malcolm if you have a a chance access to old FormZ You would find Drafting awesome. And in this case you would never even thought of PowerCadd. Good luck with your project. Anton.
  3. AHTOH

    Steel Fabrication Drawings

    Hello malcineurope. I took a look to your model and realised that there are not too many details (19 to be exact) to make manual drafts for each of them. So you could just take all types to one surface and use either Layout or legacy FormZ for drafting. Unfortunately FomZ does not give you this all the way automated approach as it does Autocad. It is general modeling app. Which it does quite well . In your next design I would highly recommend to take a look at Profiles plugin which would give you an opportunity to make cutlists and information managements which you can`t use with free modeling. Though it does not allow you to drill holes or cut with custom angles as it is in your design. Best, Anton.
  4. AHTOH

    Steel Fabrication Drawings

    Hi malcineuropeI pretty often order steel details. And all is done from within FormZ. Unfortunately Layout is not a proper tool for drafting for the moment and mostly I have to deal with legacy FormZ Drafting environment. Despite it is old it handles the job properly. If there is a chance to take a look at your design I would better understand what you are talking about. Do you work with Imperial or Metric as it is understood from your nick? Regards, Anton.
  5. A little more appliances here to download:
  6. Formz.xyz users could have been noticed appearance of new Accessory chapter: Enjoy!
  7. Hello 3dworks. Nothing could be simplier in FormZ 8: You should place your objects along the path and than manipulate them the way you want. https://youtu.be/63HU9SUtQZY
  8. Oh! Sorry I was not attentive enough. Besides your bench is in the Various section. Thank you. Anton
  9. New chapter Appliances has est arrive. Some new models there too.
  10. Desmond Clarke submitted his new wonderful design of Irish Bus Stop. Thank you Des.
  11. Another two kitchen appliances added: Ardo built in oven: and Elicor Built in exhaust 600 mm properly modeled: Enjoy.
  12. Des Clarke kindly submitted closers hanger model. I will try to hang something on it soon. Thank you Des.
  13. Some new models where added into Kitchen Stuff: Enjoy.
  14. Ladies and gentlemen. Allow me to recommend you free file sharing service Ge.tt. They not only don`t allow files in size more than 6 Megs but also do not check files for viruses. So when I complained for Chrome warnings which don`t let me and you to download from their server they wrote "We have a lot of viruses uploaded by our users so just disable warnings in Chrome and go on downloading" When I noticed that my site is losing clients and that is no way to do business and I will have to move somewhere else they replied "No problem — your account already deleted". GOOD JOB! So my apologies for inconvenience most of files will be unavailable for download for some time. Best regards, Anton.
  15. AHTOH

    any help please how to model this tent

    Marvelous designer
  16. AHTOH

    any help please how to model this tent

    Hi Phil. What is a grey shape underneath? Basically you can create a shape like this in FormZ. It is not going to look as natural as you it could be if it made in apps with real physics like Marvelous Designer or Blender: Besides, from the draft you provided shape does not seem to be really elegant. Here is a model Best, Anton.
  17. AHTOH

    importing views

    Another way to do it: to make view visible in file you are importing from, select, copy and paste to file you want them to have in.
  18. New chapter "Furniture details" added. Models submitted by Alan Cooper. Thank you Alan.
  19. Hello Alan. Thank you for pointing my attention to this issue. However as far as I stated at front page, I respect people`s efforts in creating things and if some of copyright owners are having objections against their modes placement on my site I would be glad to discuss it with them. Also here in Russia we don`t have this strict copyright laws and enforcement is not working the western way. So I believe I am going to have lots of troubles with it. So you are welcome to submit this model and I will mention that it is originally from unknown source and you Alan made effort to modify and share it with me and I myself put it to my site and will keep responsibility.
  20. Our friend Des Clarke submitted a pair of beautiful drum sticks. Thank you Des.
  21. AHTOH

    FBX import doesn't

    Hello Anders. Did you install FBX plugin? Best, Anton.
  22. Thank`s Des. You opinion is specifically valuable as you are the one who inspired me to learn FormZ better with your works years ago. Looking forward to see your nice models. Regards, Anton.
  23. AHTOH

    Some old render

    Pretty nice Andrea. Love them.
  24. Added UK plugs and switches. Models are kindly submitted by Alan Cooper. Thank you Alan.