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  1. AHTOH

    Garden drawings !?

    Hello Christian. I would be more han happy to help. You may check FormZ modeling and render in services topic I posted on this forum or reach me by e-mail av@re-construction.house. Regards. Anton Voloshin.
  2. AHTOH

    Steel Fabrication Drawings

    Hi Ivsim. Than you might understand that joke with my nick on forum. I know exactly where Bulgaria is. Even went there with a car for vacation once. And fell in love with your country and people. Good to see bugarian here at FormZ forum. If there is any help needed — you are welcome. Best, Anton.
  3. Hi Josh. What a beautiful project! May I share it on my Pinterest board for geodesic houses? Speaking trees: it is definitely Xfrog. If you are unlucky PC user there is an app for that. If you are happy Mac user there is not but you still can buy plants models from them. The only small tweak is to assign black to transparent in leafs materials. After that you will have pretty realistic plants. And they have a lot of free stuff. In Thea forum you mignt also find good trees models in Thea model format for use as proxies. As for the cars: you can find good ones at Turbosquid and posiibly for less money at CGTrader. I myself found plenty of them at 3D Warehouse and converted them to FZ format. And definitely you will find lots of yseful models at my FormZ files repository formz.xyz where you can not only download them but also share your files with the others. When it comes to rendering engine there are even 3 decent options nowdays: Maxwell, Thea and V-Ray. Two last are in beta. However Thea is pretty mature. There is not a big deal to learn any of them as they are more or less similar in approach. Depending on what computing power you have and how deep is your pocket you may use anyone. Maxwell is most simple in setup IMHO while Thea is most flexible and requires less resources. Best, Anton
  4. AHTOH

    Steel Fabrication Drawings

    Hi ivsim. When I need something really complex in drafting I can`t rely on 8.5 and I pull out my old good friend 6.6.5. That`s what I did for decades — I made my drafts and used imagination. I am afraid it is kind of tricky for to get 6.7.5 as it is no longer for sale by AutoDesSys. Another bad thing about it: it works only with hardware key. Lucky us, old users, ADS generously allowed us to continue use this old and noble tool. However it would not be fair to mention that modeling since v7 is giant leap forward. I wish one day dream of merge of both worlds become true . Best, Anton. P.S. What country are you from?
  5. Hello. Hidden line + Clipping plane + Cross Section hatch hatching offsets the boundary: Repeatable: Regards, Anton.
  6. AHTOH

    Hidden line hatch bug

    Hello Tech. I did not have any intension to have center of interest being moved outside the object. I closed up to 0,0,0 by moving my Space Navigator from default FZ location and got that effect. Best, Anton.
  7. Also crash report button invokes e-mail via browser and hence makes impossible to send them [reports]
  8. Found it! It is in Mail app General preferences. Thank`s anyway. Best, Anton.
  9. Hi Tech. I wish I have an idea where is that switch in Mac OS that assigns Mail as default program for e-mailing. Anyway I did not yank it for purpose It only happened after FZ 8.5.6 Best, Anton.
  10. Dear formz.xyz users. Would you please let me know if you experienced problems with downloads. Please name a page and a file. Thank you, Anton Voloshin.
  11. From now and on you are able to submit your models yourself. You will find file upload app on the bottom of each page. Your submission will be greatly appreciated by community.
  12. Some news from formz.xyz Texturing and materials: As you might noticed free models do not include textures and materials. If you need to have any model with textures or Maxwell/Thea materials it is going to be as low as $10 per model. If model was submitted by another user I will send a half of the amount to him/her.
  13. There is some more pro audio stuff in Computers and electronics: I would be happy to see something from you guys too. Anton.
  14. Sounds good. Thank you Tech. Besides I had have no crashes at all within a day. Fantastic! How about Crash report issue? Best, Anton.
  15. Hi Tech. I reset prefs and it has gone. Thank`s for caring. Regards, Anton.
  16. AHTOH

    Hidden line hatch bug

    Hi Tech. Here is a fresh file and a Hidden Line screenshot from saved view. sample hatch bug.fmz.zip
  17. Continuing the previous discussion I have the BMW for you guys. There is a new chapter "Cars" has the only one model for now:
  18. AHTOH

    Points placement bug

    Got it. Thank`s Tech.
  19. Hello there. While snap is set to intersection and my mouse is over it points are still being placed somewhere else.: https://youtu.be/A_AljsI3oAA I tried to reproduce it in a new file and found it reproducible. Best, Anton.
  20. FormZ 8.5.4 https://youtu.be/hjW7mPcwACw Anton.
  21. Hi Tech. Than this tool does not make any sense to me as usually I need to build perpendicular FROM something rather than TO something. Otherwise how even possible I can figure out where my initial point in a space when I need to make line perpendicular to some point on an object? Say you want to build a skyscraper so first you need to figure out a roof center and than to project it to land you own to make foundation in order it would not fall ? That`s absolutely contrary to what it was in FZ 6 and to logic. Even meaning to make line perpendicular to another line meaning in geometry that we have a line and build another one from the first one. Do my words make sense? Best, Anton.
  22. AHTOH

    UI / Display on Imac

    How about clicking a green button in a left top corner
  23. AHTOH

    Hide objects

    Hi eyeclick. Regarding this: you can either group objects in the front or place them to separate layer and turn this layer on and off whenever you need to work with objects in the back. Also you can use Clipping plane to work with objects on behind. Clipping planes are non destructive so you can turn them on and off with no consequences for you model. Best, Anton.
  24. AHTOH

    Hide objects

    You can ghost or hide objects via Objects menu clicking to small eye icon to the left of tje object name or, if you are managing objects/groups vi layers you can ghost/hide them via Layers palette.
  25. AHTOH

    Corporate Cinema Hall

    Hi Justin. I did it in fina edition. My wife said she gets sea sick from this DOF Thank`s for evaluation. Best, Anton.