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    Layout suggestion

    I believe that good and simple improvement to Layout would be an ability to draw and measure in real scale values. Say I do the house plan and work in scale 1:50. I start to draw a line and input 1 meter while Layout automatically inputs according scaled value of 20 mm. It could be either happen within content frame or as an option As a cherry on a pie would be a back compatibility to Modeling environment so we could use our tech drawings to make models within the native format. I believe it would solve ALL the issues with a Layout and Make it great again ©. Even in compare previous excellent Drafting module. I hope it would be heard. Best regards, Anton.
  2. I understand that I don`t need to update drawings all the time and there are workarounds and so on. But also I understand that my workflow needs and contains of drafting about 80/20 with modeling. And I need to make 2D more than 4 times than I need 3D. About the same as a majority of your customers. And since proper Drafting module is abandoned I have to do "odd" models to somehow workaround this. Also I understand if I will explode of unlink contents of frame I wont be able to draw inside of it because I have no Idea how and why to divide every single dimension of object I draw to 15 or 50 or 25 or 100 or 200 in my head WHILE I HAVE A COMPUTER in front of me. You guys decided this will be a good idea to make me to do it. You there in AutoDesSys should understand that pretty models with renders is just a fraction of any architect/designer work. Most of the time we are expressing ourselves with drafts, blueprints and tech drawings. But what I see — you are deaf to our real needs we express for years. And I foresee you will delete this message without replying to it too. Anton.
  3. Had to Force Quit Layout after 10 minutes with Polylines option. Negative speed increase. Model has just 16 000 faces. not a big deal really. Best, Anton.
  4. Did not help though. Similar file with the settings you advised loads 2-3 minutes. Does not seem to be appropriate time for this simple operation. Any news on development? Anton.
  5. AHTOH

    Quick Key file

    Nothing could be easier! Save it again to wherever you want :-)
  6. AHTOH

    Quick Key file

    Hi Kim. Do you mean Key Shortcuts File? Than you can save it to whatever location you like and name it whatever you want. It is really handy feature when you reset your FormZ prefs. Just go to Edit -> Key Shortcuts and hit Save Shortcuts. Name the file and you are all set. Next time you reset Prefs go there again and hit Open Key Shortcuts and locate file you saved recently. Enjoy, Anton.
  7. Thanks Hugo and Tech. Works well in a new file and made it to work in the current one. Best, Anton.
  8. Hello there. I have trouble rendering hatch pattern applied to models. The native .pat are OK while the ones downloaded from Inet are visible only in modeling. Also scale issue is not resolved yet. I wrote about it and was replied: "We will investigate this" Model Layout Files are here Best, Anton PS Sorry for duplicating my e-mail, but I did not get a reply and ерш is quite urgent.
  9. Hello. Finally I got a permission from author — architect Vlad Heiko to share this with you. This is mosque project for Arab Emirates city of Dubai. It is all modeled with FormZ and rendered with Thea Studio. It took about four month to accomplish. Anton.
  10. Hello again and happy New Year. I uploaded a file with 2D symbols I extensively use for house layouts and so you might find them useful. You may find it on Various page. It consists not only the symbols you will see on picture but a lot more. Enjoy, Anton.
  11. is definitely needs to be added. Best, Anton.
  12. My current work to show off
  13. I have been bubbling about superiority of Drafting over Layout for years. Nothing seems to be heard by ADS.
  14. AHTOH

    Importing SketchUp models...

    Hi Andrew. I am really sorry but I assume no one acquitted with FormZ files sharing site as a source for good quality models in FormZ format. Best, Anton.
  15. AHTOH

    1st Maxwell Render

    Hi Andyb. What I`d suggest is a backlight in order to light up those black-dark areas of your render. Also it would help to eliminate noise from bouncing light areas. You might want to check Photography techniques to speed-up interior renders Best, Anton.
  16. AHTOH

    thea lighting ies setting problem

    Hi tohbryan. This is because ies file defines intensity along with other light`s parameters. The only thing you can change is how many times of that defined intensity you want to use (multiplier): Best, Anton.
  17. AHTOH

    Garden drawings !?

    That`s just awesome!
  18. Hello again. I did not have my hands on formz.xyz for some time. Here are some changes: download links are fixed on Lights&Lamps, Storage, Bathroom Items some new models added Enjoy, Anton.
  19. AHTOH

    Garden drawings !?

    Great! Looks awesome.
  20. AHTOH

    .SKP Import not available in FormZ 8.5.6?

    Hello there. I myself did not find .skp export in the list 8.5.7 Mac OS Anton.
  21. AHTOH

    Thea for FormZ - Now Available

    Did you use Server Beacon? Also you need manually start slave app on remote computer. It does not start itself. If you did net rendering is starting automatically when you say Thea to render over network. Best, Anton.
  22. AHTOH

    Corporate Cinema Hall

    Hi Markus. It is bright just in order to show all the stuff in the hall. Of course you right — in reality it is going to be way too darker. Thea. It had become my the only renderer. When I got to use to it`s not as Maxwell elegant interface. I tried to point to some design faults in it but the guys from Solid Iris seem to be too techy to pay attention. Also they used to work with PCs where everything is ugly so they don`t care. Not to mention that Thea is bright solution for any kind of rendering needs. It lacks some features (grass for instance) yet there are workarounds. Best, Anton.
  23. AHTOH


    Any chance you might want to accept remote tuition proposal? Best, Anton.