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  1. AHTOH

    Displacement artifacts

    Works great. Thank`s Pylon.
  2. Subject happens to me very often. Please check the picture below: Here is a file
  3. AHTOH

    formZ Gallery now updated!

    Hello Tech, Unfortunately magnifying glass in gallery does not work. It is little sad to see 200x400 pictures there.
  4. AHTOH

    Displacement artifacts

    Oh! I am sorry I thought it is saved along with other files& It is here
  5. AHTOH

    Displacement artifacts

    Here is the FormZ file collected by Workstation Transfer command
  6. I experience subject. please check a file: Here_it_is
  7. AHTOH

    .skp SketchUp file import ?

    only 32 bit FormZ on Windows can import Sketch Up. Also FormZ 7 does. You may ask support a download link to use it as temporary solution. At least for all v7 users are left this option.
  8. If you might need to make your model based on scanned drafts and/or hand drawings you might find this tip useful. Make a new material and use your scanned image as texture. Create a rectangle on required plane (plan or x-z or y-z). In Render Zone material settings use your image as transparency map and make black areas transparent. Voila: you have only your black lines in space and no white paper obstacles to view your entire model.
  9. AHTOH

    Working with scanned drafts

    It is not quite about underlay on reference plane, but more about to have two or more drafts visible at a time which is not quite possible with underlay. So I use rectangles to have drafts on two or more planes. Besides I did not get how I can make underlays with transparent parts? I mean: underlay is not transparent.
  10. AHTOH

    Working with Maxwell

    Hello Andrew. I`m sorry you are frustrating with Maxwell and FormZ combo. Would you please tell a little more about your operating system: is it PC or Mac. Seems like you have os specific problem. If it is Mac OS I`d recommend to fix permissions first.Than restart, zap PRAM, prey a little and start over. My typical workflow looks like this: -I create new material and get white one -apply a texture to see it within FormZ window and have an ability to edit with Edit texture tool -than I choose Maxwell in FormZ Material editor window -in Maxwell editor window click "Update" -edit further material within MXED I am terrified to see that I can`t upload anything to forum any more. So here is a link to step by step actions in pictures
  11. AHTOH

    unfocused renders

    My best guess would be: you made a big cam hole (aperture) like below 3 which lowers the depth of field. While the same time you did not point cam`s interest point towards the object you want to be sharp. To avoid this trouble you should reduce aperture and focus your camera, which could be done by Edit Cone of Vision (Command+E on Mac or Control+E on Windows). Than point cam`s arrow to the object you aim to. Also you may save view and make it [view] visible and edit your camera viewpoint within modelling window.
  12. +1 Please, please add other languages support besides English. Cyrillic letters would be just great. I can`t neither name layers (and read imported from Autocad) nor open files who`s path contains any letters other than latin. There are no other major app developer does this.
  13. AHTOH

    Running 6.7.3 on a new mac

    It is not exactly the Apple made computer. It is local company which sells Mac OS compartible computers. So it has Intel i7 4930 and NVidia GForce 770 and plenty of room for any upgrades as it comes with standart PC motherboard and case of my choice. And it has Mac OS Maverick. I am not in real horry to switch to Yosemite.
  14. AHTOH

    Running 6.7.3 on a new mac

    6.7.3 is not running under Rosetta. It runs well under 10.9 Maverick