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  1. Oh, thank you for explanation, Tech. Do you have any idea where could I get those older librariesnfor my Yosemite?
  2. AHTOH

    We are looking for some private testers.

    My the only one question is what to do with Render Zone as we have this wonderful bouquet of state of the art renderers accompanying FormZ?
  3. AHTOH

    Any 3d-Coat users? Triangulation....

    Hi Andrew. Later is better than never. I export obj with 1 to 1 scale. Make sure it is mm, as 3D Coat works with millimiters. Don't have too many crashes. Do you check how many polis has your mesh as you import? Best, Anton.
  4. No offense guys — a couple of lines in Russian: Влад, если хотите, я могу попытаться помочь Вам с этим файлом. Мой стаж в FormZ около 20 лет. Надеюсь справимся. Рад видеть ВТОРОГО!!! пользователя FormZ из России. По крайней мере мы с Вами в одном часовом поясе и можем говорить по телефону. Вы в каком городе? Кстати, я написал Вам на мэил.ру. Антон Волошин.
  5. AHTOH

    Closure Object Type

    I guess envdesign is talking about this When automatic pick option is selected clicking inside opening picks internal outline. I am acquitted with this feature and find it pretty much irritating as you may not to notice that you dragged internal outline of the object, say your walls. Anton.
  6. AHTOH

    We are looking for some private testers.

    I`m just wondered if you are receiving my letters? I`v sent six reports and suggestions about 24 hours ago and got replied to only one. Am I suppose to send other reports and finally you will produce new beta based on them in silence?
  7. AHTOH

    Some Thea for FormZ

    Here are some of my first Thea Render for FormZ experiments:
  8. Hello Tech. Hello guys. I often see the odd behavior of the subject. Here is a typical situation I have to deal with: I try to draw a line to add it to my existing object: 1. 2. It turns rectangle as expcted 3. On the end point it suppose to turn to paralellepiped (wall) 4. But it turns to some kind of wireframe prism 5. And than nothing happens. This is pretty typical for this tool I wish I can use more often. Anton.
  9. Actually your one does not work either (after small modification :-)) Wall2.fmz.zip Try to boolean union internal wall with wall segment. Anton.
  10. Well, actually — no. If I will union these objects I will get garbage geometry as at this sample. Left is before union. Right — after. Closeup view: The only way to avoid it is to move initial point of the short wall out from the corner: Anton.
  11. Oh, besides: I`v got Thea Render in my hands. Please drop me a line av@re-construction.house
  12. Hello Scott. I would be glad to help. Either with whole thing or with a part. Best, Anton.
  13. AHTOH

    Happy 25th birthday form•Z

    Congratulations AutoDesSys! You are the best. FormZ is the app fun and satisfaction to work with and achieve results in minutes. Happy minutes. And I agree: there is no example of such an excellent user support anywhere else in the industry. Keep it up and running. Best, Anton.
  14. Very nice Jon. Really impressive! Anton
  15. AHTOH

    Some Thea for FormZ

    Hello bluemonkey. hope it is going well. We had a meeting recently and hope there will be another beta l release with some our suggestions implemented. And hope it is going to be prefinal. For now there is a huge difference in what we saw in a beginning. Actually you may see another teaser in my next post here at Tutorials by Users. Anton.
  16. AHTOH

    Improved material editor

    Mirror actually. Command+M is for move. That`s what everybody knows!
  17. Here is some home theatre stuff. Modeled in FormZ, rendered in Thea. Best, Anton.
  18. AHTOH

    Just to refresh this quiet corner.

    I`m afraid no since I speak no Peruskey . But I speak funny English sometimes, yes. With strong Russian accent. Cheers, Anton.
  19. AHTOH

    Layout Title Blocks

    And let me add somу critics: unless it is English Title block is totally unusable as it just fail to open any non Latin title block items. I guess I am not the only non pure Latin user of FormZ. For some reason it is being forgotten for last... Mmmm.. ever? Besides, as I remember, this feature (feature?!) was announced some time ago Best, Anton Non Latin Title block characters.
  20. AHTOH

    Just to refresh this quiet corner.

    I'm sorry. It is my improper English.
  21. AHTOH

    Just to refresh this quiet corner.

    I`m in love with Seems like good
  22. AHTOH

    Just to refresh this quiet corner.

    Hi Tech. Oh yes! I do a lot. Also I really crashed on FormZ modeling capabilities. It is so much fun to model things with it.
  23. AHTOH

    Just to refresh this quiet corner.

    Here is another one: