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  1. AHTOH

    Trim surfaces

    Thank`s Tech. That`s pretty clear. I`ll do it the way you told.
  2. AHTOH

    2D wall bug

    2D wall produces uneven wall width. Also did not figure out how to clean up my account storage space. So I can`t attach any pictures.
  3. AHTOH

    2D wall bug

    Thank`s Dennis. You right. Illustrator handled offset much better. The thing I found out is this is the geometry. As arcs offset inside with the same central point they are unable to reach each other and FormZ approximates to next possible shape. Which is intelligent, but Illustrator makes it more clever. Best, Anton. PS I wright AHTOH because it looks Cyrillic ANTON :-) So, Anton, actually.
  4. AHTOH

    Trim surfaces

    Hello Tech. Unfortunately I could not find any files management in my profile. Unfortunately I need both surfaces to be trimmed, have common edge and transit from one to another.
  5. AHTOH

    2D wall bug

    I wish I can do that. Unfortunately I`m out of disk space on this server. But there is a link to file download.
  6. AHTOH

    Trim surfaces

    Hi Tech I am afraid I can`t find where my files stored. Would you please to be more specific. Anton
  7. without a geometry problems? I made 5 approaches to do it with no success. Non developable faces every time. Neither tool works for me. gate shape.fmz.zip
  8. Got the answer from neighbouring tread. Thank you
  9. Hello Tech. I assumed it is not good as Object Doctor indicates it as problem. Or I should not care about? Specifically when all object`s faces are non developable.
  10. Hello Tech. Here is a question: Does it make any sense to run Object Doctor to select problematic parts and run it second pass only to fix these parts and not to analyze all the other geometry? Or it is the same as to Select All and run it? What would be a better idea? Best, Anton.
  11. AHTOH

    Object Doctor question

    OK. Thank`s for clarification. Actually I was wondered if I can fix some geometry created within FormZ. There are non developable faces after Sweep Along Path operation. Sweep nondew faces.fmz.zip Best, Anton.
  12. AHTOH

    Old competition lamp

    They look gorgeous!
  13. AHTOH

    How can I create corrosion on an object?

    Hi Keith. You definitely can create object which will look corroded. You are will have to learn some stuff about image maps, reflection maps and bump maps. Because definitely you can`t get your 3d model physically correct corroded as FormZ does not have this kind of simulation. However you could get rendered the way it will look corroded. What render you are going to use? Anton.
  14. Restart solved the problem. Thank you Paul.
  15. When I pre pick component, select Component Explode tool I`m getting this message: So, having a plenty of components within project am I supposed to pick them one by one? Or it is a bug? Anton.
  16. AHTOH

    Not an Architect

    Great! Good luck to finish it.
  17. Fine! Now I managed to get a glitch free model by meshing it: And I bent it. What could possibly happen? It unbents and turns straight again as I click to final point. What to say... Nice! Another 5 hours wasted. 3-3.fmz.zip Anton.
  18. Hi Paul. Unfortunately I ca`t see how could I possibly get rid (or not to get) these triangulations. I am creating my voronoi cage as it is stated in tutorial I saw (besides I can`t find it to refresh my memory) and getting this kind of results This is how my initial shape looks: And this is what I get after Sub-D: This is my result after I bent it: What am I doing wrong? Anton.
  19. Hello again. Thank`s for prompt reply. Actually standing grid is the object before. The bent one — is after. Anton.
  20. AHTOH


    But to be honest it is much easier to get proper logo which imports to FormZ like a charm. Than you would get 100% proper model: ge_logo Converted.ai.fmz.zip Best, Anton
  21. AHTOH


    OK Kevin. Anton in fact. Here we go: First I added points in order not to get tight corners too much rounded. Second I converted object to NURBs and lost holes. Third I unghosted original object and moved-copy holes in ortogonal direction (90 degrees to object). Fouth I dedicated working plane to my flat NURBs object I wanted to have holes in. Fifth I converted my "holes" objects to NURBs Sixth I made ortogonal projection of my "holes objects" and they appeared upon my main object. Seventh I made boolean difference. ___ Extruded Profit. Been glad to help :-), Anton.
  22. AHTOH


    Too long to explain. Sorry it`s easier to execute: took 3 minutes. embossing.fmz.zip Best, Anton.
  23. Hello Tech. Selecting "Generate Cylindrical Panorama" does not produce any results. Generate Object 360 works well. Best, Anton.
  24. I wish I have an idea how to uninstall newer QT from my Mac. Also I`d be glad to know about consequences. Thank`s, Anton
  25. OK. Found it on Apple web site: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201288