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  1. Sure thing! Except for Solid Iris Finally I realized that Thea instancing could work good for me. So this file is only 50 megs: Best, Anton.
  2. Hello Tech. I have to admit — you where right. All the issues are caused by Thea beta incompatibility with FormZ components system. Thank you for your time and patience. Regards Anton.
  3. Would not you consider remote freelance work? 15+ years of FormZ experience. Strong design skills. FormZ, 3D Coat, MODO, Photoshop, Illustrator, Maxwell, Thea. Good at communication. Best, Anton
  4. Hello there. I realized that patterns do not mirror despite the fact "Mirror" checked for both horizontal and vertical. I did not find anything about this in manual. Best, Anton.
  5. Oh! OK. Thank you Tech. I thought it is also available for Shaded mode. Could be useful for external renderers. Of course I have no problem to create seamless textures. Best, Anton.
  6. AHTOH

    material alignment issues

    Hello Tech. As I checked many times Copy Attributes mostly don`t align material pattern say on the corner of the cube as they are producing pattern justification to same coordinate (own 0,0,0) and pattern should have 0 point at corner in order to guarantee alignment. Here Attributes from the left object where copied to the right one: And here is the misalignment on 3D wall: So the only manual method with Edit on face option is the way. Best, Anton
  7. Thank`s Tech. I am aware of Mac OS maintenance. Also it is pretty fresh. I reinstalled it with HD reformatting just 3 weeks ago. I doubt there are any permissions issues. Some weird thing just happened: i removed some parts from rather big file (260 Megs) in order to split it to smaller ones and work further on separate parts. After saving the remains it became 1,5 Gigs. I have no clue how this could happen even in theory as it denies matter saving principle :-). The part I cut off is another 560 Megs! Could this be another Components issue? Not saying FormZ crashed after reopening this file while idling. Best, Anton.
  8. Hello Tech. You where right. Solution was more obvious than I expected. I reinstalled FormZ and trashed Autodessys folder from prefs and a file I was opening for 20 minutes opened in two. Components behave in proper way. Hope overall stability is going to improve too. Thank`s a lot. Anton.
  9. Hello Tech. Today I already have two crashes within half an hour. Working with the file you sent me by the way. Also I can`t get a clue about this component thing. You remade pins and exploded them as they are not the components any more? So why we are talking about components here as even you don`t use it? When I edited a component "Pin" and decided to export it to common component library in order to use it with other files I got a message "Component Pin already exists in this location". And it is there as I imported a previous version. But there is no chance to delete it as it is not selectable. When I export my component from Embedded library with another name (I have to add "Proper" than "More Proper" Most Proper, Properiest, Propeller, Proper as the God e.t.c to component name) and than I get two components. One of them has a name with "Pin" another one is not selectable. And I decide to use that component. And guess what? YES! FormZ crashes. I sent you the Crash ReportAs it does usual when something strange is going on. Sometimes I have a chance to save. And as Des wrote it happens usually not when you draw a cube, but the time I am in the middle of the complex project from the real world. Anton.
  10. Hello Tech. Thank you for your kind reply. As the matter of fact this is not exactly what you suggest. Working with THAT bloated file and the crashes is not count. I am working hard to simplify parts of it first. Than I'm going to start put things together with great caution. In order my work was not disrupted by beta software it is mostly off my plugins dolder. I add it (beta plugin)there in the very end of my work upon finilisation of every pease.
  11. Des, Thank you for support. There are issues that should not continue for years regardless user demands. Feels like AutoDesSys does not listen users careful enough. Say non English letters, Drafting, proper NURBS, physics are the things I ask for years. I love the way support is trying to solve our problems. However what I see in overall is retarded approach with the whole thing. Can`t argue FormZ became more fluent in some parts: sculpting is awesome, simple drawing is really nice too, I like rounding features. But talking anything more complex (say NURBS, meshes, SubD) it is far behind from competitors with comparable pricing. No wonder we are waiting modern renderer for years. And the stability is another issue to me. I have 15-20 crashes a day with any kind of operations or even idle. I feel like I`ll have to look around to chose another tool to work with if nothing is going to change in a year. Best, Anton.
  12. Yes. The file you sent works well. Appreciate your help. Can`t understand what did I do to loose my components though. I was editing my component and export it to external library. I changed component`s material in order to have the same material as the other parts. Than I purged unused materials in main file.Than FormZ was idling and crashed in 30 seconds or so. After reopening the file I found that there are no Pin instances in it. I just can`t get what I did wrong and what I was suppose to do. Is there any idea how to make next FormZ build not to make users experience such a trouble? Since v.7 FormZ became a fluent tool for creative people, not techy guys only as all those old time 3D apps. So for last 3 years I can freely operate and understand it much easier than previous 15 years. However this component thing is still bumpy with so many hidden rules as it was in old days. I don`t have user experience I expect in 2016. Anton.
  13. Hello again. Yes I understand that. However Vlad, who I`m working with works with bare FormZ and experiencing nearly the same troubles with components. I thought he does not have a clue about 3D and FormZ in particular. But it is not so though. Now I edited component in order to fix all the issues you indicated and upon updating a component FormZ crashed as usual. And than I opened my file and found that all those "Pin" instances are gone. However when I tried to remove this Pin component from library FormZ asked me if I want to explode instances of this component. Neither on screen nor in Objects Palette they are not present. File is here Anton.
  14. Yes, this is what I did this time. I added 100% same Thea material and checked "Automatically update Shaded" and than I found that despite this fact Thea Plugin makes Shaded material with various settings ergo various materials. I`m going to report this to Solid Iris.
  15. Despite the fact that NOTHING was made with file and/or components. Every time it takes 5-10 minutes. Every second time it leads to crash. Please tell me what to do with that. I can`t do not use component due to project size. I can`t use components system as they are full of bugs. Feel desperate.
  16. Hello Tech. Thank`s for the prompt reply. I will double check the components in order to fix material and the geometry. Thank you for the hint. As for the this: it is really confusing for me which one I suppose to fix — is it the one inside of my dedicated component library or embedded one within the file. Or both which does not make any sense. Please clarify.
  17. What is specifically bad — is FormZ embeds copies of texture maps and file increases in size times from original. Anton.
  18. Ерш is unfortunate result I get in the end:
  19. I have some irregular surface of second order (on image). As I try to apply plain texture to this surface it gets distorted. When I try to use this manual and reconstruct smooth surface in order to get even pattern on it nothing good happens. It is not explained how to "Use Reconstruct Nurbs tool to create a uniform distribution of nurbs control points on surface." and I assume it is not possible in this case. Due to my task I need to get this surface meshed as I need to get that displaces by renderer. When I convert it to meshed surface it pattern tiling gets proper except for in some part of surface it is rotated 90 degrees to the other parts. Is it correct that FormZ can only texture first order surfaces in proper way? Any more complex texturing leads to texture distortion? Another question: is there a way to rotate texture when editing in Parametric or UV Coordinates modes?
  20. Hi Chris. Thank you for your answer. Please don`t waste your time with MODO I also own it and can do that myself. As for triangulation: my original object was quad meshed and this triangulation was made by FormZ while converting back and forth. My original object bent without any trouble. But all that mesh mod thing works one time of three. Best, Anton.
  21. AHTOH

    Meshing trouble

    As I try to mesh plain cubic object and select density more than 80by 80 mm my object disappears. Original objects: Density 80 mm Density 70 mm File
  22. AHTOH

    Trim surfaces

    For some reason I almost never can use Trim tool. Usual answer to my call is: "Inappropriate object selected for trim operation" Here is an example. Besides my storage space for files on your server is over. Is there anything I can do about it? Best, Anton.
  23. AHTOH

    Trim surfaces

    Hello Tech. Here this time surface that suppose to cut is clearly overlaps the one I want to be cut. Yet "Inappropriate object selected for trim operation"