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  1. AHTOH

    Bus modelling help needed

    Hi Anders. It is not a big deal really. Just send me a file and I will be glad to help. In case you lost my address it is av@re-construction.house Best, Anton.
  2. AHTOH

    Exporting to EPS size issues

    Hi Derryl. The best idea would be to make Layout from your model and export to Illustrator from there. In Layout you are able to control your scale. Another way is to export either to DWG or DXF which are Illustrator compatible. You can select transformations from Export Dialog with these formats. Best, Anton.
  3. AHTOH

    bugged items

    Hi Mark. Do you mean sometimes you see kind of fat wireframe looking objects after something like paste and undo? You can get rid of those by restarting FormZ. If not — just open-add contents of your file to blank one. Best, Anton.
  4. AHTOH

    Improved material editor

    Got it! You should know: your keyboard is wrong side to you.
  5. Hello again. When I indicate bigger margin on the top of layout and a border it appears on a bottom and vice versa: Anton.
  6. Hello. I `d like to suggest an option to prepick several objects at once not only with Pick tool, but the any appropriate. Say I use Group tool which means I suppose to have at lest two objects to group. It is OK with two but if I want to group a plenty I`d prefer to pick them with lasso or frame in Pick tool manner. Currently I have to use Pick tool, than switch to Group tool and click. Same happens with any tool that uses mass perpick: Loft, Terrain, Union, name it. Best, Anton.
  7. AHTOH

    FormZ v. 8.5.4

    Hello Tech. I wish I can do it. But this file contains 50/50 geometry/Thea instances. So, it does not make any sense to send it to you as it will be ruined without Thea. Thank`s for reminding I have latest Thea plugin. Best, Anton.
  8. AHTOH

    FormZ v. 8.5.4

    I have troubles with Thea plugin with this release. My complex files created with previous version and Thea beta do not open any more. The simpler ones are more or less OK. Anton.
  9. AHTOH

    Boolean Union

    I have this very often: when I pre pick several objects at once and chose Union FormZ shows "Can`t execute smooth modeling operation". Selecting the same objects one by one does the drill. This is repeatedly happens to very complex models and makes me wait for the end of operation to pick another object to union. Today it takes 15 minutes each. And I have 10 objects to union with the main one. What a waste of time! Previously (v. 3 to 6) I could click to objects one by one in sequence in order to assign these repeated task. But now I have to watch a beachball.
  10. AHTOH

    Boolean Union

    Hi Tech. Yes I did. And it did not want to union all at once. Could be another beta issue? Thank you for taking care. Best regards, Anton.
  11. AHTOH

    Boolean Union

    Hello Tech. That`s strange. I got that error repeatedly selecting with rectangle all objects. So I decided not to continue. Anton
  12. AHTOH

    Boolean Union

    Actually I found out today that I can jus join them which is much faster operation Oh! That`s useful. Thank`s. Best, Anton.
  13. AHTOH

    Boolean Union

    Oh! Besides: how come you moved to PCs from Macs?
  14. AHTOH

    Boolean Union

    Top part might be not that complex. Try to do it with pillars. Here where the very juice is. And yet — it`s done. Piece by piece. That`s the original question is. And this is not the only example for last couple of weeks. Selecting all things together is leading to error and one by one — to success. Anton.
  15. AHTOH

    Boolean Union

    Hello Tech. Yes I know. This was made by lazy hand in the very end. Yet it is already united. Best, Anton.
  16. AHTOH

    Boolean Union

    Hi Tech. Actually, as I wrote above, this is already done with success. Also as I wrote before it is impossible to union it in one pass. I need this in one piece as Thea Render only support one piece instances for external proxies. If it is interesting for you, project at this stage with full level of complexity (well, just little reduced ). Thea works like a charm. This low res was rendered in 2. 40 (minutes. seconds not hours). I don`t even want to think how many billions of poligons there. I doubt VRay can do even close. Best, Anton.
  17. AHTOH

    Boolean Union

    Hello Tech. Thank`s for your reply. However this model is fairly simple and, yes, I have no problem to union it. But when we are talking of this kind of complexity that`s gonna be a problem. Try to union pillars to tower all at once and you will have the error. They can and where united one by one though. Best, Anton.
  18. AHTOH

    Boolean Union

    Hello Tech. May be I did not express myself well. Every time I work on complex booleans I double check each part in order to have good geometry. Say I have main object with perfectly clean simple geometry and another 10 additional objects with clean geometry. If I select all of them and use Boolean Union. I will have perfect result. If I have main object with perfectly clean very complex geometry and another 10 additional objects with clean geometry. If I select all of them and use Boolean Union I will have error: "Unable to complete smooth modeling operation" in most cases. But if I Union main object with my other objects one by one I have proper union and clean geometry in the end. But this is really time waste. I love my coffee more than consequential mouse clicks for Boolean Union. Best, Anton.
  19. Here is the thing: Draw cilinder Draw shape with insert opening option. Works well from a top: Does not work from a bottom:
  20. Hi Tech. Of course I can find workaround. I just wanted to report the bug. Thank`s anyway, Anton.
  21. Hello. Sounds `bit stupid but I can`t find it in Display options neither Shaded Work nor Shaded Full nor Wireframe. Please, if anyone have seen it tell it to go to daddy. Or tell me where they are. Full of hope, Anton.
  22. AHTOH

    Lost "Show Face Normals" option.

    Thank you very much gentlemen.
  23. Nice works Andrea. Thank you for sharing. Anton.
  24. Hello Tech. You probably don`t remember the situation I complained about a year ago or so. The thing is — yes subject says it all. In this case I only was editing radiuses of spheric primitive. After boolean difference some of them have seams. Best, Anton.