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  1. Hi Soenke. There are many ways to do this in FormZ. I prefer to use the most simple. You get the most clean result this way. Best, Anton.
  2. What is good about this solution — it works. I checked myself
  3. What I would do is: to make stepped Revolve and than take source object and Revolve Continuosly to 45° (1/8 of 360 as your barrel has 8 sides). Stich or Union, depending on type of object, resulting shapes. Voila.
  4. Congratulations Chris and Alexandra! And thank you for my favorite tool. Live a nice life. Best regards, Anton.
  5. AHTOH

    Pub design and rendering

    Thank you Des.
  6. AHTOH

    Pub design and rendering

    Hello Tech. I`v told it many times. It is probably my perception problem. Is this any better?
  7. AHTOH

    Best way to create a backlit logo

    Thea 3 min setup. Instant render.
  8. AHTOH

    Hatching .pat files

    Hello. I can`t get .pat files working: First of all I can`t load .pat I created in Photoshop.It just does not appear in Hatch Patterns palette.tiles 300x300.pat.zip Second — I can`t get downloaded .pat created somewhere for Autocad working. HT3002ET.pat.zipWhen I hatch with it my pattern appears to be 1300 mm + by 1300 mm + instead of 300x300 as it is the pattern. In order to get it 300x300 I have to change a scale in Edit Pattern tool to 0,039. Which is really strange value in terms of scale. Further actions with hatch patterns lead FormZ to crash. Reports being sent to support. No beta plugins Fresh Yosemite Restarted recently. Lots of free RAM
  9. AHTOH

    Hatching .pat files

    Actually you have all of this: model file Layout file hatch .pat file What I did? I created flat shape and hatched it with downloaded .pat: HT3002ET.pat.zip (the one I already sent to support). Neither this pattern appears in layout nor in model file after Save-Close-Open. Best, Anton.
  10. AHTOH

    Hatching .pat files

    I just noticed this hatch is gone! I saved the file, closed it and I have only empty shape. I re-hatched it and now I see no hatch in Layout! Than I had usual crash.
  11. AHTOH

    Hatching .pat files

    Any news about scale issue, Tech?
  12. AHTOH

    Hatching .pat files

    Thank you for suggestion. I don`t have Autocad though. As for the usage of pre made ones: see my original post about scaling issue. Also I`d like to suggest either hatch pattern creating extension or pattern creator from within FormZ. I need it as well as the Layout improvement. Best, Anton.
  13. AHTOH

    Hatching .pat files

    The only question left is: am I able to create .pat files with software I have? If — yes than — how?
  14. AHTOH

    Future of Formz

    Hi Rob. I wish I can understand each idea you wrote. However what I think: I would not expect to use carpenter`s plane to weld a metal or dig holes with microscope. During this years I tried some of packages with similar or higher than FormZ modeling capabilities: Blender, MODO, 3D Coat. What I found is — most of what I need I can do with FormZ. A few things are missing here: bullet physics and organic modeling. I can easily find them in in side apps like Marvelous Designer or 3D Coat. From the other hand what would be a huge advance for me is 3DMax import. The majority of models I can use for my daily work are already existing in Max format. That`s what makes me green from envy looking how easy those guys who are using Max are creating their interiors or fassades from premade elements. Speaking of Sketchup modeling database I rarely can find something I can use for professional work. So no matter how many of bad models in database they are bad for 80-90%. Speaking kitchen cabinetry you might need more specific tool like app that creates cuts and counts hinges and handles. Do you think it is a good idea to create such a plugin for expensive FormZ while this narrow specific industry standard apps are relatively cheap and much more precise in terms cabinetry making. I would not use creative nature app files in automatic or semiautomatic production. I never saw any of carpenter I know feed CNC with 3D Max file or exported from Max via plugin or any other way. Best, Anton. P.S. AHTOH — is a joke. Written in capital letters it looks like it is Anton in cyrillic
  15. Hi db. If I would be you I`d buy used Mac Pro 5.1 12 core. You might find a good deal in States. Here is the example Also it could adopt new GPUs. Soon we will see quite affordable 1000 series NVidias. Than you will save money on slave machines and will have ultimate home render farm. Also your current iMac might be good for modeling and those MacPros are for rendering. Using network rendering will greatly improve your render times in compare even fastest and most expensive single machine. Best, Anton.
  16. AHTOH

    Collision detect

    That could be a great idea. Also it would be good to have option allow or forbid objects to penetrate each other. Self collision detection and management would be nice too.
  17. AHTOH

    Future of Formz

    Hi Rob. I tried to create this king of library. There where not much of interest: one enthusiast contributed two models and 5 users registered in order to download models.
  18. AHTOH

    Help required with organic form

    Hi Andrew. The cubes and soccer ball are Facetted automatically. There is no need for conversion. So the idea is to create simple first order surfaces shapes and than FormZ does the job for you. The thing is — FormZ IS simple approach app since v7. Gyro, on 07 Jun 2016 - 12:36 PM, said: Of course it could be adjusted the way you want it. The only thing is spikes bases should be inside the base all the way in order not to create extra geometry. I just did not notice they are stick inside. Besides, if you need step by step tutorial, I can post it here. Best, Anton.
  19. AHTOH

    Help required with organic form

    Pice of cake. Took about 8 minutes. 5 to figure an approach and 3 to create the model. Enjoy.
  20. AHTOH

    Help required with organic form

    Hi Andrew. Is this what you need? Best, Anton.
  21. Hello there. Here is what I get when I create Voronoi on plane exactly the way it is in Tutorials. After conversion to mesh object becomes totally unmanageable. Garbage geometry only. Anton. ring 3.fmz.zip
  22. AHTOH

    The Finest Hours Engine Room

    Hi. Really nice work. Congratulations. Best, Anton.
  23. AHTOH

    Bus modelling help needed

    Hi Anders. It is not a big deal really. Just send me a file and I will be glad to help. In case you lost my address it is av@re-construction.house Best, Anton.
  24. AHTOH

    Exporting to EPS size issues

    Hi Derryl. The best idea would be to make Layout from your model and export to Illustrator from there. In Layout you are able to control your scale. Another way is to export either to DWG or DXF which are Illustrator compatible. You can select transformations from Export Dialog with these formats. Best, Anton.
  25. AHTOH

    bugged items

    Hi Mark. Do you mean sometimes you see kind of fat wireframe looking objects after something like paste and undo? You can get rid of those by restarting FormZ. If not — just open-add contents of your file to blank one. Best, Anton.