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  1. Hello DennisA and Tech, Dannis solution converting the object to faccetted worked but I think i should not be the proper way to work the model for further modelling. Tech's solution with the imprint tool doesn't work. When you execute the imprint tool the segment dissapears. I would be nice if the offset of a curved face goes along the curve itself....I think is not possible right now. Thanks for the takinf into account the corretion. offset.fmz.zip
  2. Hello, I am trying to offset a segment of a sliced curved object. When I check the insert option during the offset operation nothing happens. I send the file attached to this message...I am using the latest formz version. Thanks for the help. JOHN offset.fmz.zip
  3. Hello, I am just having some troubles when getting the final render image with a granulated aspect even at a high sample level...What to do to avoid it and get clearer final renders? Thaks for your help and tips. John