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  1. cptoeppen

    Setting up temporary origin

    Thanks Justin, however I just figured it out. I created a new plane and used the Edit Plane tool to move it to the new location I wanted the origin, and then switched the X,Y Z distance readouts in the upper left corner near the Point tool from the 3D setting to Plane setting and "voilà" it works!
  2. I am an intermittent user of FormZ and am currently working on a design where I would like to be able to set up a temporary origin (0,0,0) at a specific point on the design so I can place various objects in an accurate position from that location, rather than continually measuring and doing the math. While i have used FormZ a fair amount over the years, I am not familiar with any way to do this. Since the item I am designing is a subset of a larger project, I do not want to use the standard origin location to build it. I have tried setting up a new X,Y reference plane but that does change the origin location from the standard position. Any suggestions?
  3. After coming back to FormZ (V9.1) after some time and building a model with a large amount of objects, I am trying to see if there is a way to only show the list of objects in the object palette that are located on the layer I am working with, so that all other objects are not shown on the palette, but may still be shown on the drawing itself? Also if I switch to another layer, the object list then changes to just the objects on that layer.