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  1. mark3d

    FMZ 10.6 No FBX Export

    I have notice that 8.6 files can be opened in 8.5 that might get you a fix export
  2. mark3d

    Chain wire fence wire how to

    thanks for the help here
  3. mark3d

    Chain wire fence wire how to

    ok thank you i will give it a go
  4. mark3d

    Chain wire fence wire how to

    Sorry i did try to upload picture but must have gone wrong i will try again i am trying to model it not a image with alpha channel but i will try to keep it as simple as i can to keep the poly count down https://pixabay.com/en/wire-mesh-wire-mesh-fence-fence-1117741/
  5. looking for tutorial or help on how to make chain wire fence wire
  6. Will the final release work with form z jr and is there any info on the cost form z vray
  7. mark3d

    Form z JR videos not working

    i am not having any luck here tried installing flash through internet explorer but no luck
  8. Form Z jr videos not working windows 10 just see black window switched fire wall of but no luck
  9. mark3d

    Keyboard input

    This seems to have fixed it (perhaps set it to 9 seconds)
  10. mark3d

    Keyboard input

    I am also seeing the same thing in form z jr
  11. mark3d

    Form z jr tutorials

    Thank you i will check out the replay when it is ready
  12. mark3d

    Form z jr tutorials

    I was working through the tutorials FormZ jr water pitcher but found it it is not possible in this program as it is for form z, as formz jr has no bridge tool that was a bit frustrating and the video tutorials had the same info in them