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  1. Dear FormZ Team.
    I have difficulty contacting and being contacted to my local dealer (Arq. Paulo Miranda , Portugal)  about to update  FormZ9.0 ,  and have the  special and mention of the discount.
     I tried the phone number 21 483 80 85, and this number is not assigned, has been disabled. I also tried his website, Arch. Paulo Miranda, http://utopica3d.com/, +351 935 100 673. I don't know what's going on, if he's still alive or dead. Arch. Paulo Miranda shows no signs of life. I haven't heard from him for over a year.
    If there is no local dealer, I have to upgrade via this page http://www.formz.com/fzsite1219/products/presale.html
    The version I have goes an attached print screen.


    1. Sepolegroj


      Yes the answer came by email:


      Thank you for your interest in formZ. Paulo has not been very active lately frankly we have not been able to reach him either."
      .You can place your order on our on line store from the link that you have as You are not in a country that is restricted from the store.
      All software is delivered electronically.
      Please let us know if you have any questions.
      An aside, since 1998 I have a FormZ license.I use little, but I'm used to it. Recently, in 2019, I also have one license from Rhino3d 6.0   I find it interesting to have them write in Pyton and them open it to the community to develop the plugging .
      This year 2020 I am considering having as thesis theme, the comparison between these two tools from the perspective of its performance in the fields of Parametric / BIM / Modeling / Code. At ISCTE - Lisbon University Institute. Resume the forced break.
      The title hasn't found it yet.
      Hence the need to update to the latest version.
      best regards


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