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  1. Installing Unreal fixed the problem. Thanks for your quick response. Craig
  2. I've installed formZ 9.1 and the Datasmith plugin, but the export options are not showing up. It isn't showing in the Extensions Manager either. File search paths for plugins point to the correct location. The Datasmith.fzp file is saved in formZ 9/Plugins/Datasmith for formZ. I've tried moving it to the formZ 9/formZ 9.1 Pro/Plugins, but no luck there either. I always get an error when trying to install 2012 c++, (possibly because I have a newer version of this already installed), but the formZ application has always installed with no issues. Precision 7740, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, Version 1909, 64.0 GB RAM Thanks, Craig
  3. craigwilliams

    8-Bit TIF File Errors in Material Editor

    Also noticed Maxwell refuses to export FormZ materials that use an embedded alpha channel for the transparency map... specifically, the FormZ Realistic Trees components.
  4. It appears Maxwell v5.1 has an issue reading 8-Bits/Channel, RGB TIF files. If I change to grayscale or 16-Bits/Channel I don't have the issue. 16-Bits/Channel 8-Bits/Channel Windows 10, 64bit, Maxwell v5.1.0.29 Craig
  5. Theo, In the Renderzone or Shaded options for the Material Preview, check to make sure there isn't a super high Glow, Diffuse, Ambient, or Specular factor assigned to the material. Craig
  6. craigwilliams

    Huge File Size When Maxwell Materials Are Loaded

    I did some more digging after I posted last week, and noticed the size increase is, as you say, is attributed to the formZ textures and not the Maxwell textures. I don't recall this being an issue with older (pre v.7) versions of formZ. Thanks. Craig
  7. I created a new FormZ project, loaded materials from another project using the 'Add To Project' option, and Saved the file. The new file is completely empty except for 130 Maxwell materials loaded from the other project. This file is 388mb with just the materials! I have 'Keep Textures' unchecked in the preferences, but it seems the materials are somehow embedded in the project? Windows 10 pro FormZ v8.5.7 Craig
  8. craigwilliams

    Broken plugin UI

    Just updated to v8.6 (since it's now official), and it appears this is still not working. And, unfortunately, the update deleted v8.5 from my computer... When do you think a fix may be coming along? Thanks! Craig
  9. craigwilliams

    Chain wire fence wire how to

    Thanks, Ben. Good to be back!
  10. craigwilliams

    Chain wire fence wire how to

    Mark, I don't know if it's too late, but here is a texture-mapped version of a chain link fence. This is great to use where you have a large amount of fencing in your scene. I've also included the Maxwell textures for it. Enjoy, Craig ChainLinkFence.zip
  11. craigwilliams

    3dConnexion problem

    I was having the same issue. The plugin is not staying focused on the FormZ application when the mouse clicks within the 3dconnexion options window. I found the best way around the problem is to go to FormZ and select FILE/OPEN... When the File Browser opens just leave it open. Then, open the 3dconnexion options outside of FormZ (I click the 'menu' button on my Spacemouse Pro). The 'OPEN' dialog box keeps the 3dconnexion plugin focused on the FormZ application. Once you adjust whatever setting you need within the 3dconnexion plugin, just close the FormZ OPEN window. Hope this helps. Craig Windows 10 FormZ 8.5.7