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  1. jimmy

    Render as shaded surface

    Thanks Des that worked!
  2. Hi, In layer attributes, I would like to set Render As Shaded Surface to (No) but it's not active..I set Override Edge Display to (Always On).
  3. jimmy

    "Tween" curves

    That's exactly what I'm trying to do! Thank you all for the help.
  4. jimmy

    "Tween" curves

    Hi, Morph didn't work as I expected and it actually generated only one curve between. I meant something like the second image. Any suggestions? Thanks..
  5. jimmy

    "Tween" curves

    Thanks for the quick reply.. I meant something more like interpolation between two curves without generating a surface.
  6. jimmy

    "Tween" curves

    I'm looking for a command or workaround to generate intermediate curve(s) between two curves. I remember "tween" command in rhino does that. any suggestions?
  7. jimmy

    Link CAD files?

    Hi all! Is there a way in formZ to link CAD files? so any change in a referenced DWG file would update instantly in formZ? I think this feature could make colaboration much easier. If not, is there a possible workaround?
  8. Hi all First merry Christmas to all and wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. My question is there a script that makes roof tiles. I mean 3d roof tiles ? something like Instant Roof plugin for sketchup. thanks