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  1. Yes Ben I was able to login and download the Maxwell Renderer 4.1.03 and Yes the Plug- In was included and the new version works Great, Thanks! Daniel R. Shear
  2. Hello Pylon, I downloaded the Main Maxwell Renderer Application But I cannot change my password on the Maxwell Forum and please correct me if wrong one needs to be logged into the forum to download your Maxwell Plug-in for formZ Pro I can log into the Portal but that is only download the Main application and not the Plug-in for formZ Pro Any thought? Thanks, Dan Shear
  3. redrngr

    In memory of Paul Helm

    My deepest condolences go to Paul's family and also the formZ family as his spirit lives on. Dan S.
  4. Fixed the problem simply Extended the wall perpendicular to the reference plane and now I am back in business. Thankfully! Dan. S,
  5. Working on a wall that has multiple Curtain walls within the wall. Try to Boolean difference to move a door to set up cutting block for door opening. But the Boolean difference work but the wall is still joined to rest of wall. Please see the attached. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Dan S.
  6. Working on a Building. I select one of the Faces of Building Exterior near a new Curtain Wall Window opening and the Define Reference Plane Dialog is not showing any + signs to Save the View? This is when I click on the Face of the Building? Does anyone have experienced this? Nothing is showing up in the Define Reference Plane Dialog? Thanks! Dan S.
  7. redrngr

    Render Capabilities Form Z

    Try using the Multi Light Feature in Maxwell to enhance what you post above. Dan S.
  8. redrngr

    Re: formZ Pro 8.5.6 Mac Os 10.10.5

    Sorry for Delay - I completely recreated everything did a Save as and called it different name. Now I even created a sold chopping block and first created a surface for the glass curtain wall and then reshaped into a sold and then did Boolean difference to crete a hold in reinforced concrete wall. Now I will make everything into a component and mirror and copy and then explode it on the other side of building. I am not sure what happened but all is working well now. Thankfully! Dan S.
  9. Working on Master's Thesis Day Care Center. Created a sold object reinforced concrete wall and on one face of the walls I inserted a rectangular face and boolean back to make it and reshape it back to have 6" indentation into walls so that I could use the plugin for structural shapes to form structural support for the curtain wall. I created a top and bottom frame with beams at the top and end rectangular column and even Z camps to attach the beams to columns and then to support the back that i will make glass a then the Mullions for lass curtain wall. I even did a Maxwell rendering of it and the structural frame is shown. I saved the work and even saved As. Now i ate lunch and came back open the file and the Structural frame is gone? It is now not part of file. I check the extensions manger for the lab plugin. In the extension dialog Lab Primitive command is checked. No I do not want to recreate what I already created but now it is missing. Does anyone have any ideas about this occurrence? Thanks! Dan S.
  10. O.k. Ben but is the Maxwell Plugin is this latest realease because Mawell Plugin seems to work perfectly? Thanks, Dan S.
  11. I have in formZ Pro 8.5.6 & I have the Maxwell Plugin is that the latest? It works perfectly running Mac OS 10.10.5! Thanks, Dan S.
  12. redrngr

    Modeling... sand dunes?

    Image displacement but I would suggest taking the time to draw a polygonal cage and then have utmost control with Subdivision Modeling. formZ Pro V 8.5.6. Dan s.
  13. redrngr

    My first 3d print!

    Impressive 3D Printing Work Peder! Dan S.
  14. redrngr

    formZ 9

    Maybe Z Tech will offer us a Christmas Surprise?
  15. Now I am working on the Day Care Center. I first created tthe foundation wall and it was easy and it solid that is well formed. The problem I am having on my 27" iMac with formZ Pro 8.5.6 is in tools options I fist seclected the 3D wall tool options with the Top Closed. So, I went to the Parmenter Tab and desected the Top be Closed. I clicked O.K. and then when closed the tool options dialog and was in modeling window the wall top remained when I should have been removed. Any thoughts? Thanks, Dan S.
  16. redrngr

    formZ Pro 8.5.6 - 3D wall tool Options

    Dan S. Please see the Results Updated Image.
  17. redrngr


    +1 and I do agree that it would be valuable to have meatball technology re-introduced.
  18. redrngr


    I disagree with threads premise. Have any of you extensively tried the Subdivision Surfing tools suite? You can use the Convert tool to change Quad Ploy Mesh or change to a NURBS Object. Moreover, the new suite of NURBS editing tools is Super! C-Mesh had it hey day. But the complete suite of NURBS tools and the complete suite of Sub-Division Surface tools are incurably valuable and flexible and gives the user the utmost of control. Dan S.
  19. Thanks for posting Jon and very impressive rendering and you say, 'within an under an hours time"! Dan S.
  20. redrngr

    Palette Dock made of icons

    I think Photoshop does a good job with respect to this issue. Dan S.
  21. redrngr

    Material Editor Woes

    Good to know ADS! Dan S.