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    GilZ got a reaction from Jaakko in suddenly lost all snapping - anyone?   
    I strictly use jpg backdrops, ("billboards") generated from my client's pdfs all the time to model with. There is no need for the plugin. For me it's much faster  
    to model with in every way over dwgs.






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    GilZ got a reaction from Jaakko in V-Ray for form•Z Beta now available!   
    I've found that the vray for sketchup tutorials here:   https://www.hdri-hub.com/tips-and-tutorials  and here:   https://www.lynda.com/SketchUp-tutorials/Creating-natural-daylight-V-Ray-Sun-Sky/162706/447661-4.html?autoplay=true are   good tie-overs till more vray formz tutorials are available.
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    GilZ got a reaction from bestdoci in components disappearing... damaged/corrupt   
    Anyone else having issues with components disappearing upon project reopening, see attached error message? If so what was the fix? Tried moving to a new file, worked briefly but reappeared upon the last reopen. So far no luck investigating. I'm on a deadline, really annoying, not sure if it's project specific or what. No I haven't sent it to support, complex file, I'm curious. 
    OSX 10.9.5, Fmz 8.5.4

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    GilZ got a reaction from Justin Montoya in Shouldn't there be an option to..   
    I would like to have the status operands setting also visible in the tool dock not just buried in the edit menu. Yes I have shortcuts for each, Yes I can delete operands I didn't mean to ghost. Yes I can backtrack out of a lengthy operations when I realized it wasn't set the way I intended, (very irritating). Just saying it would much more efficient to glance at the status of operands out in the open to know than the to confirm by a pull down menu.