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  1. On 3/10/2020 at 7:23 PM, allanjl said:

    Have you trashed your autodessys folder?


    On 3/10/2020 at 8:31 PM, Andrew West said:

    I assume you mean Trash the Autodessys Preference folder


    No, it was right the first time.  Trashing the Autodessys folder will solve all formZ problems 🤣

  2. 14 hours ago, Justin Montoya said:

    I've recreated hundreds of preferences the long way and never thought to just create a copy my preferences folder while everything is working correctly.  This makes me wonder if Tech could implement a preferences stabilizing mechanism that does something similar?  Why does the preferences folder even get corrupted?  Can we ever stop the corruption?  I can see it now, we'll all be holding signs chanting "Corrupt not my Preferences!"

    I've used various 3D software over the years, been on many forums, and I think formZ is the only software that recommends trashing the preferences at the system level to solve problems. 

  3. Honestly I have a hard time seriously recommending formZ to other designers.  Yes I am very fast in creating models but find a seasoned 3DS/C4D/Sketchup/Rhino user and they could likely build the same model within a comparable time frame. 

    Unfortunately speed isn't the only thing that matters.  3DS and C4D might lack a level of precision that formZ inherently has, but there's a level of parametric modeling that formZ doesn't have i.e. live booleans.  Couple this with NUMEROUS 3rd party plugins and rendering engines and you have a hard time trying to pry a visual artist from those programs.  Blender and Modo can be tossed in this mix too. 

    C4D also has one of the cleanest interfaces in the business, especially considering the scale of the program.  Blender and Modo both have VERY nice interfaces that are modern and sleek.  3DS is a little behind in this category but they have the backing of Autodesk so it plays well with everything else that is popular from Autodesk (Revit, Maya, Inventor...).

    Sketchup is extremely basic and intuitive right out of the box, which is very attractive, but the program has the ability to grow with the user because of the extension warehouse.  Don't want to manually fillet that edge?  Well there's a plugin for that.  It was also free for a very long time and was initially backed by Google.

    Rhino, IMHO is the most comparable program to formZ but I find it a bit more flexible.  The Rhino for Mac interface is super clean and the more I work with the program the more aware I've become of it's expansive tool set.  However it's not inherently a solid modeler so there always seems to be an extra step or to to get what I need to the engineers in my office.  It also has a LOT of 3rd party plugin/rendering engine support.  Oh, and Grasshopper is awesome.

    I feel like formZ is best with users who know it best.  I know that if I recommend it to someone they would undoubtedly come across one of the many "quirks" of formZ and I'd have to steer them away from certain tools or actions to prevent a crash (i.e. components).  Having known a number of people who work in these other programs and having worked in them myself I can see why they are so popular and why many never return back to a previous program.  

    The unpopularity of formZ isn't because it's a bad program.  It's not.  It's a very GOOD program..... BUT.... the many other 3D modelers/visuallizers that have a number of pros that outweigh the cons compared to formZ.


  4. 4 minutes ago, Andrew West said:

    Lately on some of my big interiors projects that use outside models I have kept a journal to note when the program became unstable and what was added.  The first warning signs are usually in the Materials and texture maps along with the famous vanishing tool palette options.  Things only go downhill from there so the journal helps me backtrack a bit.

    Have you thought about using software that is more geared towards visualization such as C4D or 3DS Max?  FormZ is a great modeler, but anytime I'm rendering an entire scene I just export parts of it into C4D for ease of use.   Models that render formZ useless when simply panning or rotating seems to work just fine in those other programs.  I've been using C4D for over 2 years for this reason and I have yet to see it crash.  It's arguably the most stable program I've ever used. 

  5. I've had some good luck with SKP files after it's been exported to FBX.  The materials are a little wonky, but the model is fairly clean.  Highlight all and Ungroup a few times followed by Object Doctor and it should help.  Granted, I've grabbed some models from the 3D warehouse that are beyond the grasp of formZ triage.  It largely depends on the SKP user. 

  6. Yes formZ and Catalina work fine together... but Catalina is still a little buggy.  I'd suggest waiting until the first or second patch arrives.  It's also worth noting that Catalina drops support for all 32 bit apps.

  7. I found recently something really useful with InDesign:  Immediately after you lunch the app press "Ctrl + Alt + Shift". A dialogue will pop up asking if you want to reset preferences.

    formZ ABSOLUTELY NEEDS this.  resetting preferences isn't a fix... it's basically a workflow at this point and any and all workflow shortcuts are welcome :)

  8. Is this possible?  If not can it be added?

    I believe rhino is currently using this functionality--you export a textured model as FBX the image files are not separately exported, but they are unpacked when imported into the next software.  I ask because Windows 3D viewer needs to have the textures embedded to view files properly.  If they are linked files the model only shows up as a single shade.

  9. 13 hours ago, allanjl said:

    Actually the reason why it takes a while prior to the progress bar is because it's preparing to save. Putting everything together prior to saving. The bigger the file, the worse it is. Also, I've noticed that if the file has been worked on for many days, the slower it is to save. If you actually copied everything to a fresh empty file, the first few times it saves it will be leaps and bounds faster.

    this doesn't make sense to me... in theory if you work on a file (any file/format) for 2 days or 200 days, if the file size stays the same then read/write speeds (and if everything else on the computer is unchanged) should remain constant?  right?  or do you think this is specific to formZ and there's an optimization issue with saves/re-writes?

  10. On 7/29/2019 at 9:46 AM, AC1000 said:

    There should be easier way to import files into FormZ - including raster images. In Sketchup you can now drag and drop all supported file types directly into your modeling window. Very nice.... but SU is not my tool. 😏

    this is a common workflow in many other modeling and rendering applications (sketchup, rhino, c4d, 3ds).  if formZ implemented this it would help immensely. 

  11. 25 minutes ago, jsiggia said:



    I'm not an expert on this file type, but would a progressive need to load progressively on an object as it would on a web page? If so, I can see how this might cause problems in a 3D scene. 





    I just tested a progressive jpg in sketchup and it loads without an issue.  same with rhino.

  12. Bump.

    I copied a project folder from work PC onto a flash drive, which was then copied to my Mac at home.  Search paths are directed right to this folder on my home desktop.  Linked files show all textures with a green check.  My file shows no textures at all.  Looks like I'm going into the office early tomorrow...