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  1. snow

    FBX Importing incorrectly

    Seconded to Bart's post with the added note that the Flip Z and Swap Y-Z is not really a "problem", this just depends in which program the file was created. C4D, for example, has the Y axis as the "up and down" axis. Some others do the same, but I can't remember off the top of my head.
  2. does anyone use this? I'm asking because I don't think this palette is necessary to have open by default. I like to keep a clean interface and I think for v9 a cleaner interface is on the horizon so I'm wondering if there are users who use this palette to click on copy/paste/open/import, etc. These buttons are fairly common universal keyboard shortcuts or they are easily accessed from the File menu.
  3. snow

    common tools palette

    I like the common theme that everyone here is using the "FormZ Classic" appearance (or at least a variation of it). AC, I would also get rid of my Action palette/Tool Dock, but every now and then I need a quick reminder on how to properly use a seldom used tool
  4. snow

    common tools palette

    Materials palette at the bottom is a nice touch!
  5. snow

    common tools palette

    Justin, I set my tools palette to be a single column and shrink the icons... it makes the UI a bit more inviting
  6. snow

    common tools palette

    I forgot about the Workspace palette because mine is always closed too. Good Call! Honestly I find the Workspace palette to be unnecessary. The end user gains (almost) nothing by having access to these icons in the default UI as opposed to just selecting them from the Workspace menu.
  7. I would like to be able to use the "hold key + drag and drop" method implemented when duplicating layers, objects, and or materials. Right clicking to duplicate is fine, but many other programs allow you to hold down the Alt/Option key and then click and drag whatever you want copied into a blank area. This continuity would be very welcomed into formZ. I'm aware of the "double click in blank space" option that can be enabled, but this is for a NEW material, not to duplicate.
  8. snow

    Sphere tool and ellipse (Mac)

    I just tried this and there seems to be a correlation between the the object generation and the faceting scheme/display resolution. I am getting better results when using the different Scheme options as opposed to the display resolution slider. There is an obvious difference between 50% and 100% for me (on macOS 10.12.6, fZ 8.5.7). Going off on a tangent here, but this is something I would really like to see simplified in formZ: 1. Move the Display Resolution into the preferences so it affects the application as a whole, every time you open formZ. 2. Simplify the options. Maybe something like "Low, Medium, High, Best Low Poly (for VR/AR/gaming), Advanced" Only advanced will allow options to be changed. 3. Remove the slider. 100 different percentages + 9 different presets is overkill.
  9. Also, can DUPLICATE LAUER actually duplicate everything in the Layer into a new layer? Copy / Paste on Selected Layer is not a proper way to do this. Example... I would have to make a layer visible, make it active, select all, make a new layer, make it active, and then paste? This is way too many steps for what should be a simple operation.
  10. I would like to see a button to refresh linked files in formZ projects. Often I am making on-the-fly changes to image/texture files. If my formZ file is open and I want to see these changes (like adding or removing a layer to a TIFF file) I have to go into the Material Parameters and re-load the same texture or close and re-open my file. If would be nice if in the Project Info > Linked Files dialogue there could be a "Refresh" button as opposed to performing the above mentioned processes.
  11. snow

    refresh linked files

    Justin, The "Relink" just opens up the load texture dialogue and will only allow one re-link at a time. +1 for an "Edit Original" on materials.
  12. CADulator, I believe this is a limitation with the STEP format, not formZ. FBX, 3DS, and OBJ are the main formats I used for transferring texture information between programs. https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/69979
  13. snow


    These tips might help you get started, depending on what you're trying to do http://www.formz.com/support/tips/tip45.html http://www.formz.com/support/tips/tip48.html
  14. snow


    Exocubic, I don't think Justin or I were suggesting that we remove the objects palette, it was just a statement about layer/file organization. Organizing formZ objects can be useful by grouping them... but in my experience these groups almost never stay in tact when exporting my formZ files. this is where layers has always fared better for me.
  15. snow


    this x1000. i closed the objects palette years ago and I haven't opened it since.
  16. Similarly, I would like to see these options NOT carry over from project to project. If I need to make a wire grid I will often quickly open a new project draw out my rectangle, then use multi-copy on the segments to achieve my wire grid (this can put the multi-copy in the teens, twenties, thirties, etc.). After using the frame and union tool, then I quickly select all, copy, switch project, paste, and when I just try to MOVE (using a key shortcut) the single wire grid formZ will start to make 32 copies of it... which will bog it down and I have to tap Escape a number of times/switch to Picker and then sit for 2 minutes to cancel the request.
  17. I would like to see transformation modifiers become tool-specific. If I need to make X copies of something I'll use the move tool to do this. Then if I want to rotate one of these items the modifier is still on multi-copy, not self. This has caused more problems and slow-down than good while modeling.
  18. I don't think formZ Free can utilize 3rd party plugins like formZ Pro. Have you tried the formZ Pro demo?
  19. snow

    Un-Rounding Corners Trick

    knowing this can be done, it would be nice if an "un-round" tool can be added that automatically does this (for everyone who hasn't read this thread).
  20. snow

    menu palettes inactive

    Gyro, The formZ preferences are in the user library, not the system library. First close out of formZ. Then, in the Finder menu, click on Go then hold down the Alt/Option Key on your keyboard. Navigate to Preferences. Delete the "autodessys" folder. Relaunch formZ.
  21. snow

    FormZ for Linux

    Justin, I agree that some of the decisions apple has made over the years in terms of hardware has been a hard pill to swallow, but at the same time, if they didn't "force other bad hardware decisions down everyones throat" then I don't think our computers would be what we have today. For example, everyone made a stink when they removed optical drives from their computers. Does anyone use them now? I'm sure very few do, but that helped force the enhancement of cloud technology and personal removable hardware like USB drives. the removal of the 3.5mm jack and USB-A ports seems like a scary thing for now, but in 2 years we will look back and laugh at how much we panicked. Pardon my fanboyism, but I digress. I think my general point is that change can be a good thing
  22. snow

    Palettes not displaying properly

    I think Tech once said in a different thread that there will be some interface improvements in v9. I'd like to believe these kinds of fixes will be addressed in that version, not these 8.X builds which seem to be focusing on performance and compatibility.
  23. snow

    FormZ for Linux

    MacOS is based off Unix just like Linux... just get a mac and life will be easier
  24. snow

    Match View Tool "Angle Only" Option

    I've found the match view tool to be a little wonky unless you use 4 different points. I've used a few other modeling and rendering programs (sketchup, keyshot, C4D) that allow you to move the X, Y, and Z axis independently to create the perspective of an imported photo. I wouldn't mind seeing formZ use this kind of system in the future. Sorry, this probably isn't much help at all, but just my input on a tool that could be much more powerful if updated
  25. Alan that's a issue that needs to be resolved on ADS's end. Send support an email asking to reset your registrations or remove old registrations.