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  1. snow

    Decals are not rendered

    The decal tool in formZ is RenderZone specific. You can bake your texture (Render Texture tool) but it probably won't give you the exact result you're trying to achieve.
  2. snow

    Bug with STEP files

    I'd love to see Keyshot support .fmz file imports. Ideally a live link would be superior, but I'd be thrilled if it would just support the native file type with textures.
  3. snow

    Spline crash

    works fine in on 10.12.6.
  4. Peter, The v-ray plugin is integrated quite nicely with formZ, so it kinda works right "out of the box". Most formZ materials will translate into formZ without an issue, and some of the lights will. But to really get into the power of v-ray, it would be best to explore some of it's more profound features. Check out the webinar replay on youtube:
  5. snow

    Bug with STEP files

    Have you tried disabling some of the import options? Namely Construct 3D solids and Heal Corrupt Geometry.
  6. I haven't tested this yet, but I know that the inability to delete custom palettes has been around for a while. The only way to do so is to delete your preferences, which I try to avoid at all costs, so I just stay away from custom palettes. I may be a minority here, but I think if the favorite tools shortcut [spacebar] had a bit of a facelift, there wouldn't be a need for custom palettes. However, I'm the kind of user that keeps a pretty minimal UI
  7. needs to not be a thing. There might be some users who actually use this for their organization, but I think the vast majority of users have their own system. For example, I store everything on a server. Not to mention, programs that automatically create folders on hard drives are extremely bothersome. It makes one ponder "what else is this program putting on my computer without my knowledge" which is an unsettling thought. (no, I don't think formZ does this, but when computer privacy is no longer a automatic guarantee these days, new users might frown on this action). A solution here would be to let the user decide where to put autosave and texture files.
  8. I run into this daily. I think the input palette is poorly deisgned--length, width, and height/distance appears and disappears when called for various tools (and don't all show up at the same time) but the X,Y,Z coordinates are always editable. Perhaps strictly using the X, Y, and Z coordinate system was an old way of modeling, and at times it is useful, but I think there is to much emphasis on these text fields instead of L, W, H/D. I'm not saying L, W, and H/D should be showing at all times, but the coordinates most definitely do not need to be editable at all times. Maybe the solution to this would be to not have an "Input palette" but instead have a "Coordinates palette" and when creating something all inputs are in the Tool Options palette. This is arguably the most important palette in the program, so why not put all modeling inputs there? The text fields are already there for certain tools. Look at any of the tools in the Generate palette. Instead of making L, W, and H/D text fields appear in the input palette, have them work in the Tool Options palette. In this case, if you hit Tab it will only scroll thru the text fields in the Tool Options palette. If you want to tab thru the coordinates, the user will have to click in a Coordinates (formerly Input) palette text box.
  9. I second David's suggestion that adding a new material needs to be streamlined. it takes 4 separate clicks and a double click (not in that order) to pull up the OS file browser. It should be like, 2 click to bring up the browser, max. I also like the idea of a icon size slider here. I think certain parts of formZ is plagued by unnecessary sliders (display resolution, file compression) but this would be a welcomed addition. I like the idea of a "smart" duplicate material filter, but I can see this either taking WAY too long to process or becoming more of a frustration than a blessing. However, an easy way to override material X with material Y would be nice. C4D has this ability and it works great for "removing" duplicate materials.
  10. Create a formZ file with a few of your own textures. Export the following with textures. Export to 3DS: 3 versions of each texture Export to FBX: 2 versions of each texture Export to OBJ: 2 versions of each texture This can really (unnecessarily) bloat a project folder when using higher res images. Also, can the formZ logo stop exporting when it isn't in use (spoiler alert: it's never in use).
  11. I keep coming across this issue. Strangely, sometimes it depends on the viewing angle in hidden line. I tried changing the smooth shading options but this works maybe 30% of the time. Anyone have an idea? This is part of a set of working drawings and it sucks that I can't just export the image without going into photoshop or exporting as a vector and removing the lines in illustrator. Open the file, Hidden Line render, move view around to see this anomaly hidden line.fmz.zip
  12. This one is big for me. I think there should be one preference for all of formZ; the difference between project settings and formZ settings/preferences is kind of a mess. Here is a list of things I do every time I start formZ: File > Project Settings > Data Scale: Small Numeric Accuracy: 0.0001 (click OK) Shaded Work Display Options: Silhouette Edges OFF, AntiAlias ON, Ignore Specular ON, Image Textures to 1024 pixels. (this makes the Open GL quality look close to... SketchUp's ) It would be nice if formZ would remember this every time I closed the program, but since these are all project settings, it won't. The workaround here is to create a template file and open from that... but my question to this is why? There are too many proposed workarounds in this program when things should just WORK. Not to mention I could easily accidentally save over the template file (command + S muscle memory is very strong and it's often subconscious) and then I have to create a new template file and do this all over again. No thanks.
  13. I decided to use components after a long hiatus of not using them. I created a single bracket used a couple dozen times in the scene. I wanted to start organizing parts of the scenes by layer BUT as soon as I selected a new layer that was housing a component I got the dreaded "component update" dialogue. So I selected "create a new component" thinking would create one new one in the selected layer... but it created 15 of the same component with the same layer(!!). I didn't want to deal with 15+ separate components so I exploded all the components and all my brackets are inside out. Reverse tool each bracket twice and now it's how i should have started out all along... Don't use components.
  14. I would really like to see this tool option in the Offset Outline and Offset Segment tools.
  15. If you have an object with a custom texture map on it, then reshape it, it will change the texture map. This should be fixed. Using the Extend tool does not change the texture map so this is a nice workaround, but this should be consistent. Attached is a file. Try to reshape the back faces to make the wall art thinner. pictures.fmz.zip
  16. Why is this a thing? Layers should be able to be deleted and you should be able to undo this action. This is possible in Rhino, Sketchup, and C4D, with and without objects on the layer.
  17. snow

    FormZ 8.6 email

    Richard, Go into the form 8.6 Pro folder, then go into the Support folder and delete "formz.lic" and relaunch. IF this doesn't work remove the formZ XX Pro folder(s) from your computer and re-download.
  18. snow

    Imager not working

    You can run version 7 and 8.X on the same machine. If you are using version 8.X for modeling, back save it to V7 (File > Save a Copy As) and then open in 7 and use the Imager. I think you can get v7 from the downloads part of the website.
  19. snow

    Notes from Modeling to Layout

    From my understanding, formZ uses Hidden Line to generate the data for Layout Frames. It's also my understanding that formZ Hidden Line botches all dimensions and/note text in the project, so it is best to create your annotations in Layout. If you view your project in formZ Hidden Line, you will probably see the same problem with your text.
  20. Yeah, a square image will work, but formZ is still forcing me to take an extra step in another program which isn't ideal. This could be resolved in formZ by adding an "options" button when using a background image. Or better yet, formZ could be smart and see that the image is saved in a certain orientation and it should respect that format.
  21. Will this only accept images in landscape orientation, or am I missing something? I've used this a few times before, but not with portrait orientation. If I load portrait-style image, it will always come in sideways.
  22. it looks like the proper workaround is to just add some white space on the sides in photoshop so your image is in landscape. also, I thought that if you did this in the display options the image will always keep it's proportions/come in with the correct proportions. this is the wrong way of thinking--confirm the size of the image matches the size of your window in Image Options for best results. This should be streamlined.
  23. snow

    FBX Importing incorrectly

    Seconded to Bart's post with the added note that the Flip Z and Swap Y-Z is not really a "problem", this just depends in which program the file was created. C4D, for example, has the Y axis as the "up and down" axis. Some others do the same, but I can't remember off the top of my head.