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  1. snow

    tools not working

    I've had similar issues too. Move/Rotate/Transform tools are randomly changing modifiers and just today I was trying to use the Distribute tool and it wasn't working properly at all. Classic formZ
  2. snow

    Edit Texture Map-tool

    you can use the join tool but I'm not sure if that'll do exactly what you want. or you can map one fin and then use the copy attributes tool to map your other objects.
  3. I would like to make the suggestion that some tools are removed/simplified/blended/given consistency. There are a few tools that could use this treatment, but I recently took some time to look at the Extrusion, Reshape, Extend, and Thicken tools when applied to surfaces; all these tools essentially do the same thing, but with a few inconsistencies. Let's say you have 30 separate square surfaces. If you want to thicken/extrude/reshape/extend 20 of them, one would pre-pick these surfaces select a tool, then click on the screen to do them all at once. The interesting thing here is that the RESHAPE tool and the EXTEND tool will unpick the surfaces while EXTRUSION and THICKEN will not. Naturally, it took me 3 tries to figure this out after trying to use Reshape and Extend before using Extrusion. It's also interesting that each of the Tool Options are slightly different, so it's not like you can just remove 2 of the tools and let the other tools do their jobs, there has to be some sort of simplification here. Perhaps you can add all these abilities to one tool? Let Reshape be given a fixed distance with In, Out, and Center, as well as dynamic, the ability to pre-pick, and also work on smooth objects? I think that covers all ground for what this tool could do.
  4. snow

    FBX export - no layers

    I've found that exporting as DWG works best when going to formZ to SKP, but you will lose all textures. You can use 3DS to keep the textures, but don't plan on editing any of your geometry in SKP unless you are rebuilding those parts of your models.
  5. snow

    formZ models into Keyshot

    Hi Justin, Unfortunately all of my work that i've done using formZ + Keyshot has been for concept work at the office which is all confidential. I have some work that was modeled in Rhino and then rendered in Keyshot, but I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post that They have a demo version available that I would highly recommend trying if you have the time. If I can, I'll try to find some old formZ models that aren't work related and render them out and post here
  6. So instead of waiting for ADS/Luxion to make a link/plugin, or waiting for .fmz files to be opened directly into Keyshot, I decided to explore the best workflow for this process. The thing I like about this is that there is very little work to be done in Keyshot, you can essentially import your model, drop in an HDRI, maybe change the lighting scheme and you have a rock-solid render in a matter of seconds. IMO Keyshot is much faster than Maxwell or V Ray and it is much simpler if you're looking for something out-of the box, but still produces stellar results. Anyways, export your model as OBJ. The options to change here are... Export Method > Plain Objects > Smooth : AS FACETTED and check TRIANGULATE ALL FACETTED When importing, the OBJ, set the UP ORIENTATION to Y, Materials and Structure > check KEEP INDIVIDUAL PARTS, and Group by MATERIALS. The only thing to look out for here is that your formZ model should not have shared materials for objects that are to be different textures. That is, don't set the same plain white texture for a brick wall and grass if you are not going to use different textures in Keyshot. After this you can keep the rendering or use any of the preset materials to improve accuracy. Transparency doesn't translate, so these are best replaced within Keyshot. Not sure if this will help anyone, or maybe it'll give people another reliable option for a renderer with formZ. Screenshots attached.
  7. I used to boolean my solid objects together all the time. If I have two solids intersecting, 99 times out of 100 I would Union them. However, lately I've just been grouping things together. This workflow started after using SketchUp a few times a month in my office (not grouping in SKP = model death), but I've found that grouping in formZ can be very beneficial over Unions in that I usually don't have to remodel something if changes are to be made to my designs (and this happens often). I'm just curious to see what other users do here. I'm also curious if anyone has noticed a difference in file size between large models that are simply grouped together vs models that contain a large number of boolean solids.
  8. R2, Every 2D surface in formZ has a direction. Draw a square and turn on Face Normals in its Attributes. Now activate Reshape and it will work on this object... which makes we wonder why Extend wouldn't work on the object.... but Reshape won't work pre-pick.... but you can Pre-Pick with Extrusion. There's a weird back and forth battle between certain tools and their functions. Maybe you don't need to consolidate them just so long-time users won't have to search endlessly for another tool to use, but I would like to see them be consistent with each other when trying to do certain tasks.
  9. snow

    formZ models into Keyshot

    The only way I've been able to map a single surface of one object in Keyshot is by using the Sticker/Decal tool, but this is rare because I usually do my mapping first in formZ.
  10. I was just using the Extend tool with it's tool options set to "To Face." Super nice function! But I think this could be an option for Reshape (along with a fixed numeric input). I think you're right that Thicken should be a tool by itself, though.
  11. +1 I have had similar issues with inconsistencies in tools doing very similar things. this is one of them. I would like to see a system where the only time objects are created in the negative direction is when the user puts a "-" in front of the number.
  12. Compared to various competitors, formZ's Hidden Line is quite bad. Often there are extra facets showing which I have to troubleshoot to find the best display resolution and/or faceting scheme (which may or may not work). Then if I have dimensions in the model, forget it, they look horrible in HL. Lately I've been exporting my models as DWG and opening them in a--ahem--sketchy competitor. The hidden line here performs just like a shaded or wireframe mode. Zero lag when panning or moving the camera, rendered instantly. Dimensions are clean and I do not need to change any of the options (I almost always have to change options in the dimension styles . The same model/imported DWG in formZ takes about 10 seconds to generate the HL, which I could live with if I was able to seamlessly move around the model. But that's completely out of the question, the lag is unbearable. I know HL was recently improved, and it is indeed better. But compared to the rest of the pack it's still no where near up to par.
  13. snow

    Cylindrical mapping problems

    I find the texture mapping, in general, a little wonky. When it works, it works well. But when it doesn't work, it's really frustrating. I have found that going between "Edit on Face" and "Edit in 3D" can have its perks as opposed to using just one option. Also, turning off snaps can help with stubborn texture placement.
  14. snow

    8.6 bugs

    listing the pros and cons of comparing Sketchup, formZ and Rhino is like a never-ending battle of rock, paper, scissors.
  15. snow

    8.6 bugs

    I'm getting the copy error too. I think it might be a re-draw or open GL problem rather than a problem with the geometry because changing the view from shaded to wireframe and back to shaded fixes it.
  16. snow

    Urgent :catastrophic file loss.

    what is your optimization slider set to? (Project Settings > Project Files). If you have it set all the way to the right, back it down a few notches to the left.
  17. snow

    Urgent :catastrophic file loss.

    Open a new, blank project then go to File > Open and check the Add to Project box in the dialogue and open your corrupted file. If that doesn't work with all the options checked, try unchecking the Materials and continue.
  18. snow

    Urgent :catastrophic file loss.

    Open a new, blank project then go to File > Open and check the Add to Project box in the dialogue and open your corrupted file. If that doesn't work with all the options checked, try unchecking the Materials and continue.
  19. snow

    srange selection behaviour

    My bad. I was looking in all the wrong places: preferences, project settings. Which, this should probably be in Preferences > Interface, IMO. Too many options all over the place
  20. snow

    srange selection behaviour

    Rod, 1. I don't think there is a setting to disable rollover highlighting. if an object is in question, can't you just move the cursor to another place on the screen? 2. I'm not having any problems with objects de-selecting when teaching to the 4 screen view (using 8.5.7). I believe this was fixed in an early build of 8.0. 3. I'm not familiar with using the nudge keys. Are you talking about the Move tool or Duplication Offset?
  21. snow

    8.6 bugs

    FZnoob, Download the .dmg (full installer), not the "App Only." I think the two versions are different.
  22. snow

    Decals are not rendered

    The decal tool in formZ is RenderZone specific. You can bake your texture (Render Texture tool) but it probably won't give you the exact result you're trying to achieve.
  23. snow

    Bug with STEP files

    I'd love to see Keyshot support .fmz file imports. Ideally a live link would be superior, but I'd be thrilled if it would just support the native file type with textures.
  24. snow

    Spline crash

    works fine in on 10.12.6.
  25. Peter, The v-ray plugin is integrated quite nicely with formZ, so it kinda works right "out of the box". Most formZ materials will translate into formZ without an issue, and some of the lights will. But to really get into the power of v-ray, it would be best to explore some of it's more profound features. Check out the webinar replay on youtube: