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  1. snow

    unable to round

    update: I was able to get rid of the extra segments/points (copy segment sequence, remove points, imprint curve, stitch), but it still won't round. these steps should also ensure that the surfaces are flat.
  2. snow

    8.6.2 Crash --> SubD and Reshape

    There is still a decent amount of instability with SubD modeling... a lot of that has to do with using the "wrong" tools on these models. No, the file should not crash, but there should be some sort of null icon on the cursor that says "this tool cannot be used with subdivision objects." I think ADS skipped over this step when developing the subD tools.
  3. snow

    Texture mapping

    holy sh*t this is smart. I can't believe I've never thought about doing this!
  4. snow

    Texture mapping

    Texture mapping is a bit cumbersome in formZ. Personally, I don't understand the use of having three tools for mapping (paint, map texture, edit texture map) when I use edit texture map 95% of the time. I will often switch between Edit On Face and Edit in 3D when mapping a new texture to get the most efficient workflow. Example, if your texture is backwards, rotate it to the proper orientation with Edit in 3D and then go back to Edit On Face for the size of the map.
  5. snow

    Decal in vray render

    I'd recommend just using two different objects with different texture maps and then group the objects.
  6. snow

    Decal in vray render

    I don't believe there is a way to create "decals" (or decal-like textures) in VRay http://forums.formz.com/index.php?/topic/6183-decals-are-not-rendered/?hl=decal&do=findComment&comment=22574
  7. snow

    Decal in vray render

    The decal tool is *just* for RenderZone, it will not work in VRay.
  8. Spacer, A 1.3gb file is quite large. Try selecting all of your objects and in the Pick Tool Options Attributes change your display resolution to 0% or set the Scheme to Default Low. Also, large texture maps could cause your file to slow down. I try to keep these less than 10mb.
  9. snow

    where to load Fonts?

    Spacer, formZ doesn't store fonts, it accesses the fonts available to the system/user on your OS (or in a custom folder which is added in Preferences > Fonts). If you want to add fonts to the system, go to Library > Fonts on a mac. I'm not sure how to access this information on windows.
  10. I second Andrew's suggestion.
  11. snow

    URGENT - file won't save!

    Are you saving locally or on a network? Try saving it directly onto your desktop. I've run across this problem when the file structure on my network has changed and formZ is unable to locate the proper folder. What is your file compression setting? Make sure it's not set to the smallest possible file size--you want it one or two tick marks to the left.
  12. snow


    It sounds like there's some sort of miscommunication between the layers of your file and the layer(s) baked into your component. I don't know exactly how to fix this, but perhaps you can try to Explode your components and then re-save them as plain geometry in another layer in the file? On a related note, I also steer away from components. In my experience they are only truly useful if you are 100% done modifying the geometry.
  13. snow


    I have not had this happen, but does the file size reflect the missing geometry? if the file size is still relatively large but your geometry is gone, then it's possible the geometry is still in the file, but just not showing. are these objects components? what is the compression setting you are using (in project settings > project files)? Never set the slider to the "smallest file size" setting because this can create all sorts of problems. You can try to open parts of your file in a series of other files by going to Open > Add to Project and then cut/paste them all together.
  14. dmuller, the "shaded mode" is how your project window is viewed. In the menu bar go to Display > Shaded Work. With that being said..... It's been a while since I've tried this, but I've always had some difficulty importing .ai files cleanly into formZ. In fact, I just did a test trying to import an .ai file from Illustrator CC into 8.5.7 and I am greeted with an error message. Maybe 8.6.2 is better at handling these files, but I haven't tested it yet. However, I can import the file beautifully into Rhino 5.4.1 (mac). I extruded my outlines there, then exported to FBX. Open the FBX into formZ and I have a nice, clean, 3D logo. If you have any other 3D programs at your disposal, I would recommend trying that route.
  15. snow

    Extend Segment to Surface

    Did you try the Extend or the Extend Segment To tools?
  16. snow

    sub D help

    brilliant! thanks FZnoob, thanks Tech!
  17. snow

    sub D help

    yeah the base is where I'm having the problems. I'll rework the cage model so get some better results. I tried creating this shape with NURBS but SubD seemed to be a much faster alternative. This tray is going to be made with a mold and vacuum-formed plastic so I don't think controlled rounding is going to give me the "flowy" appearance that I want.
  18. snow

    Improved shadows

    Are you using 8.6.1? Try turning on the Advance Open GL option in the Preferences. I think by default formZ tries to run on the lowest amount of resources possible so users with old machines still have access to the program.
  19. snow

    Improve simple shaded performance

    Allan, I think in the 8.6.1 patch notes Tech mentions that there's a High Performance Open GL setting you can turn on. I haven't used it yet, but maybe give that a shot? If you do try this, I suggest you keep whatever version you're using on your computer alongside of 8.6.1 in case there's some sort of fatal flaw with the current version.
  20. this shouldn't even be a question. SketchUp is arguably the most widely used 3D software. Handcuffing formZ users to using unreliable exporting techniques to put models in SketchUp is a bad business decision for all parties involved. Example: I was asked by a client to have the SKP version of a file that has already been rendered out. So now I'm spending X amount of time trying to figure out how to efficiently get my formZ model into SKP. The only format I can work with for geometry and textures is 3DS (I don't have FBX or OBJ plugins, and neither does the client). Of course not all the textures are translating properly and trying to edit these textures in SKP is a nightmare with all the 3DS facets. So now I'm back in formZ trying to "fix" the textures so they work properly from 3DS to SKP which equals wasted time and wasted money.
  21. snow

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    I just tested RobertH's issue but I cannot reproduce. Late 2013 MacBook Pro on 10.13.4 But I am re-producing GilZ's problem on the same system. Any palette that is (by default) nested in the Palette Dock will not re-appear after it has been closed.
  22. 100% agree. with all of this.
  23. snow


    It saddens me to see all these new/potential renderers showing direct support for over a dozen 3D modeling programs and formZ is not on the list. KeyShot and SimLab are just two of dozens that don't offer support. Exporting to OBJ, 3DS, FBX or whatever is always an option, but (at least in formZ) these exports are not foolproof. The really bizarre thing is that formZ has been in the industry longer than most of these other companies... so what happened? ADS needs to move 3rd party render support to the top of the priority list.
  24. there are some days where formZ is amazing, and other days where there are a ton of little things that do not work. unfortunately, this is one THOSE days. attached is a file of a shelf with some guides. I want to use the OFFSET SEGMENT tool with extend to boundary and insert checked so I can build a 1" thick wall from the top surface. this will not work. the offset segment is disappearing into the model. it will only work without the two tool options checked, but this isn't achieving my desired result. SO then I'm like "okay, I'll just create a cube on that surface with insert on and I can snap to this guide where it interacts the model" then formZ is like " lol good luck trying to snap to that intersection." COME ON. the top surface is planar and strangely if you derive the top face, then the above processes work SHELF.fmz.zip
  25. thanks marcelo and anton. apologies for the negative tone in the original post. it was one of those days where it felt like nothing in fZ was working correctly.