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    On a Mac, click on the Desktop, click on the Go Menu, hold down the Option key, choose the Library folder that appears below HOME, then go to Library: Preferences:
    On Windows, this is located in C:\users\[uSER]\AppData\Roaming\



    Thanks for reading and responding.

    I just trashed this folder again & now extensions are restored. I don't know... maybe it's time for bed.







  2. Jwiede,


    I'm not an expert on this file type, but would a progressive need to load progressively on an object as it would on a web page? If so, I can see how this might cause problems in a 3D scene. 





  3. Andrew,

    This is used simultaneously with a standard (non 3D mouse) it can not replace it.

    With this, you can snap to a point, then drag a polyline while rotating your model. This blew me away when I first started using it all those years ago. I can't imagine modeling without it.

    You can set it to manipulate your scene or an object.

    I never had an issue with accuracy.

    Sorry, never used the CAD mouse they offer.


    Hope this helps,





  4. I noticed this thread was started in 2017, and I posted my list one year ago, Chris seemed to like my items so since we're doing reminders, here it is again:

    I've removed a couple during the past year.

    The first two are pretty much self explanatory and found in many other 3D programs.

    Your thoughts are always welcome & thanks for reading.




    UV unwrapping


    Symmetry tool


    1)  Object Name Visibility in Object Palette

    If a layer is hidden, then we should have the option for the objects on that layer to also be hidden in the object palette. The object palette could be greatly reduced in a flash, having only the objects of "visible" layers. A ghosted layer would have its objects names greyed out.


    3)  Drop down menu for operand destination layer

    (which, like any other, can be hidden, visible or ghosted). This should be on the uppermost level of the program with its current selection always visible (perhaps as part of the “Input Palette”) The menu could have a "delete", and "ghost on current layer". 


    4)  Template file Manager

    When a new project is opened from a template file, I think the name should be something other than untitled. Perhaps call it "template: file name". Something to indicate what is being loaded without digging into the preferences. Perhaps a file menu item "Open Template File..." An option in the save dialog to "Save as Template File" would be a nice addition.


    5)  Change the length of the axis.

    Changing the size of the grid has no effect on these. In addition, a small set of axis

     in the corner of the modeling window would be a great help.


    6) Snap option check box

    This was dropped moving to V7, could it return please.

    Simple checkbox to match the snap interval with the grid.


  5. I have also noticed a decrease in performance with small models. Just rotating the view in shaded work causes jerky motion. It seemed to start after upgrading to Mojave.

    I am @ Build 10163 on an iMac 10.14.1, 4GH Intel Core i7  32GDB Ram.


    Anyone else?




  6. The pick tool has a few options to help it know what you want to select.

    Can you post a pic of your scene including pick tool settings and let us know what you would like to select?

    If you "Post Pick" with another tool selected, in can know what types of objects will work with that tool.