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  1. Ztech, If I save an orthographic view via the view palette, and I make this view visible so I can see the eye point, I can create an object behind the eye point and it will still be visible in the original orthographic view. I don't believe we should see this. I would like to set up the front and rear blueprints on billboards views of a car and not have one get in the way of the other. Thanks for reading, Joe
  2. jsiggia

    Seeing object behind eyepoint in ortho

    Thanks Z and Des, Just seemed odd to me that an object behind the "camera" would be visible in this view. The saved views do remember clipping plane selection as they should, so this works for me. Thanks again, Joe
  3. jsiggia

    Seeing object behind eyepoint in ortho

    Z, I'll take a look tonight but if the object is behind the eye point as you see in the image in my post, why is it visible in the ortho view? Thanks, Joe
  4. Having trouble loading images into the underlay and/or billboard dialog, just keep getting the Z logo. Nice logo BTW, but I need other things here. If I place a billboard with the logo, I am still unable edit this to through the material editor. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks, Joe
  5. jsiggia

    Underlay/Billboard sticky Z logo

    Thanks Dennis, It was a progressive, not sure how this option was set, but I'll be sure to check it often. Joe
  6. jsiggia

    Cannot change object size

    You can use the pic tool you have selected. Go th the tool options and select Parameters as I show in the attached screen shots. Hope this helps, Joe
  7. jsiggia

    Underlay/Billboard sticky Z logo

    Brilliant Ahtoh! I know this, I never use progressive jpegs for anything. Just went back and checked, my photoshop save setting is set to progressive. Too bad I can't reach in and rip it out of my machine. Many thanks Ahtoh, Joe
  8. jsiggia

    custom reference plane crash

    This bug just bit me again, anything soon? Thanks, Joe
  9. SoenkeD, You might enjoy this. http://www.lasercamm.com/rapid.htm Joe
  10. Hey Z, Perhaps this "tool option" can be made into its' own tool that could work on selected objects, or selected faces of desired object (for more control). Joe
  11. SoenkeD, The contour tool options will allow this. It's in the modify tool palette (11th row, left column) Left click the tool and select manual. But it only works with this tool. Hope this helps, Joe
  12. Congratulations Chris and Alexandra, It"s been a pleasure to meet you both and enjoy the fruits of your dreams all these years. You have given us a fantastic product with world class customer service. You should both be very proud. Live well, Joe Siggia
  13. Sjj, Are you checking the "make smooth objects" option in the import dialog? It should be checked by default, but you never know. Joe
  14. Steve, These are all located in the display options palette, F9 on your keyboard or from the palette menu. Joe
  15. The option to make the desired window active on rollover rather then a click would be welcome. Currently, you need to hold shift while clicking in a new window to keep the an item selected. Seems minor, but it adds up if you spend a lot of time here. Thanks for reading, Joe
  16. jsiggia

    Multi View window activation

    Thank you Z, But as I mentioned in my first post, this quickly adds up. Joe
  17. Once you have it saved, you would only need to match again if you changed the background image. Joe
  18. jsiggia

    Template file

    Perhaps a file menu item "Open Template File:.." An option in the save dialog to "Save as Template File" would be a nice addition. Thanks for reading, Joe
  19. jsiggia

    Capping a nurbs object

    This was back in the mid 90's Thanks again Joe
  20. jsiggia

    Capping a nurbs object

    Thanks Z, Didn't we have a similar issue years ago with revolved objects? The source shape could not touch the revolve axis, glad that's fixed. Joe
  21. jsiggia

    Capping a nurbs object

    Just to clarify, the start and end result are here in the same file. After applying the tool, only the center section is generated. Thanks, Joe
  22. jsiggia

    Capping a nurbs object

    Here is the result using UV's. Thanks for looking. Joe CapTech.fmz.zip
  23. jsiggia

    Capping a nurbs object

    Are you able to reproduce this? Thanks, Joe
  24. jsiggia

    Capping a nurbs object

    Z, Here is the file. Another issue while creating this shape. Create top and bottom airfoil shapes and join. (the result is a surface) now, to create a cap with tangency I need to use the uncover tool to create an uncovered wire. When I extrude this uncovered wire, I should get a surface with open ends, instead I get a solid with closed ends. Cap.fmz.zip
  25. jsiggia

    Capping a nurbs object

    Z, on the subject of cap tool, can this be made to produce a wing tip? When applied to the end of a wing section, the cap becomes oddly shaped at the sharp trailing edge. Thanks, Joe