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  1. jsiggia

    material alignment issues

    Andrew, The project rendering options dialog has default settings for the project. You can specify Cubic there, but I've never had to change this, it has always been set to cubic. Joe
  2. jsiggia

    3D printing plugin?

    Different build materials have different tolerances for the same class of fit you desire. New materials are arriving almost monthly (Shapeways has a stretchy material). This would have to allow for some input from the user. Just thinking from the hip here... Joe
  3. jsiggia

    material alignment issues

    polifilo, Welcome to the forum! Without seeing your objects, I would suggest UV mapping in the first case. In the second, you could join the two objects (they don't need to touch), then use one map across both. Hope this helps. Joe
  4. jsiggia

    Object Doctor question

    Anton, I think perhaps the intent is to see what was wrong so you might avoid it in the future. Joe
  5. jsiggia

    Hidden line method - line thickness

    Here is a very old tutorial by Bernd Meissner on how he used Illustrator and line thickness exported to Illustrator. Hope this helps. Joe HiddenLine_tutorial_01.pdf
  6. Could the measure tool be improved to change just one dimension of an object rather then scaling the entire object (as an option of course)? I've seen such a tool in Ashlar-Vellum and SolidWorks. Thanks for reading. Joe
  7. jsiggia

    Measure tool change just one dimension?

    The edit axis tool doesn't work at the segment level. If I pre-pick a segment it deselects when I activate the tool. Joe
  8. jsiggia

    Info Tab for Groups

    Unlock groups in the edit menu, set select tool to object, become a selecting fool Now you can transform them all together. Joe
  9. jsiggia

    Measure tool change just one dimension?

    This may only work on 2D objects but, (currently) if I select a segment then attempt to use the measure tool as we do on objects, the entire object is scaled. My suggestion would allow only the segment to scale and the other segments of the object would change as if you selected and moved just one point of the object. Gordonjay, I'll play with the transform tool some more but it looks like the origin is always in the center of the segment (so far). Thanks for all the replies. Joe
  10. jsiggia

    Info Tab for Groups

    You can also select the members of the group as individual objects and the info tab will display these values for the entire lot and move them there, or while you have them selected the transform tool will rotate them graphicaly (with numerical input after you begin to rotate. Of course these are all work arounds and require more steps then your asking about. Joe
  11. jsiggia

    Info Tab for Groups

    Have you tried joining the group into one object, move, then separate? Joe
  12. I suppose trying to work with Z on this laptop was doomed from the start. If I have any control over the next one, things will be different. I the mean time I'll try changing the font size as you suggest. Closing up the empty space at the bottom of the dialog would help though. Thanks, Joe
  13. Z, I'm unable to see the bottom portion of this dialog on my laptop screen, so the update button us unavailable to me. (render zone) As stated in other posts we do have unused space in this dialog. I think this should be classified more as a bug than a feature request so I'm posting here. Thanks for your attention to this. Joe
  14. jsiggia

    Gallery credits

    I must have gone through quite a few without seeing any comments. Thanks for getting back with me on this. Joe
  15. jsiggia

    Gallery credits

    Looking through the gallery I noticed no details are mentioned with the images. I'm looking for the software used in the process. Mostly if a rendering engine was used. We can also see if image was done completely in Renderzone. Thanks, Joe
  16. Would it be possible to add this option to the "save as" options dialog box? The files would save with the same name as the layer in the same folder with the master file. This would help with breaking up larger projects among individuals. (among other obvious benefits) Thanks for reading, Joe
  17. jsiggia

    Saving out layers to separate files.

    Des likes it, what more do you need?
  18. jsiggia

    Saving out layers to separate files.

    I did mean to say save a copy in my original post. The intention was to break up an entire project with many layers. This is similar to a PhotoShop function that saves out images of each layer. Thanks, Joe (Thanks Des)
  19. jsiggia

    Improved material editor

    My "w" is wireframe render.
  20. jsiggia

    Improved material editor

    Ahem... My command+M is for Measure
  21. jsiggia

    Render log

    Along these lines is a feature EI's Camera would employ while rendering. A display of all rendering settings would appear (along with a progress screen"). This would allow you to terminate the render if you noticed an incorrect setting while wondering if everything's okay. Joe
  22. If I remember correctly, it worked that way prior to V7 and it was not a problem. I would like to be able to select objects behind a semi transparent billboard. Joe
  23. It would be great if an undo in the subdivision buffer would only step back the last operation rather than taking us back to the original object. Also: Could the slider start with 0 in the center so we can move in the negative direction. This would help smooth corner points where edges meet. Thanks for reading. Joe
  24. jsiggia

    Layout Print problems

    Is the "include background" checked? Joe