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  1. jsiggia

    3D mouse?

    I would be lost without my Space Navigator. (3D Connexion) Once you get the hang of it, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. A quick Google brings up this sale. http://www.studica.com/us/en/3DConnexion/3dconnexion-spacenavigator/3dx-700028_3.html?ex_ref=google_feed&gclid=CMaTh5fE79ECFcWIswodBwEIdg Hope this helps, Joe
  2. jsiggia

    Where is the UV Editor with UV Unwrap?

    Seem to me, this would best be included through Z-Lab as a plugin. Been wanting this for a long time. Joe
  3. jsiggia

    Keyboard shortcut dialog

    Paul, All shortcuts are customizable right there in the dialog box. For input you can tab through XY&Z input boxes. You can sort the shortcuts via the column headers, this will help find things in list view. We had an option to print the list view but that has been removed, maybe we'll see it again someday (hint, hint). Hope this helps, Joe
  4. Andrew, How large will your final rendered image be? Joe
  5. jsiggia

    Spam emails

    As of right now all we can do is use the report feature at the bottom right of the email.
  6. The Since that forum is closed to the rest of us, I was hoping to get a feel for a release date, month, season, year, decade, anything. Thanks, Joe
  7. jsiggia

    Any word on V-Ray progress?

    Padraic, Welcome to the forum! I'm just as curious as you are, but we should be hearing something in this thread soon. Joe
  8. jsiggia

    My first 3d print!

    Now that is very cool. Great work, thanks for sharing. Joe
  9. jsiggia

    Any word on V-Ray progress?

    I see a new forum has been added for V-Ray, hope this is a sign of things to come...
  10. jsiggia

    Status palette

    Needs a drop down menu for operand destination layer (which, like any other, can be hidden, visible or ghosted). Thanks, Joe
  11. jsiggia

    Axis display length

    What I would rather see, is a small set of axis in the corner of the modeling window. Thanks for reading, Thanks, Joe
  12. jsiggia

    Axis display length

    Z, Is it/could it be possible to change the length of the axis. Changing the size of the grid has no effect on these. Thanks, Joe
  13. jsiggia

    Snap Options - Suggestion

    I miss the "match grid" check box in the snap options. Am I missing it somewhere else? Thanks, Joe
  14. jsiggia

    Underlays for Standard Ref Planes

    Z, Just gave this a try and like the scaling! just need to get the palette fixed. Thanks, Joe
  15. jsiggia

    Underlays for Standard Ref Planes

    Z, I agree, scaling underlays has been a pleasure since V7, it's making location and alignment corrections that I think could be improved. Since billboards were introduced I have not used the underlay function much. I like to think that the billboard tool was created just for me (I know otherwise) but for this, I will always be grateful. Best, Joe
  16. jsiggia

    Underlays for Standard Ref Planes

    Z, Currently, we are unable to save these planes directly and the "define reference plane" tool must be used to get custom planes into the palette. Also, moving and aligning these underlays require numeric input whereas you can drag a billboard. Thanks for reading, Joe
  17. jsiggia

    Underlays for Standard Ref Planes

    Stez, I just went through this with tech. I use billboards in the usual locations beyond the area of modeling and save my ortho views in the views palette. Adjust your hither and yon planes so you capture the modeling area and the billboard you need for that view, check the box to use these in the view parameters options dialog. Switch between them using the view palette. You can integrate the multi view window option as well. Here is a link to the topic. http://forums.formz.com/index.php?/topic/4120-seeing-object-behind-eyepoint-in-ortho/ Let me know if you have questions, hope this helps. Joe
  18. Ztech, If I save an orthographic view via the view palette, and I make this view visible so I can see the eye point, I can create an object behind the eye point and it will still be visible in the original orthographic view. I don't believe we should see this. I would like to set up the front and rear blueprints on billboards views of a car and not have one get in the way of the other. Thanks for reading, Joe
  19. jsiggia

    Seeing object behind eyepoint in ortho

    Thanks Z and Des, Just seemed odd to me that an object behind the "camera" would be visible in this view. The saved views do remember clipping plane selection as they should, so this works for me. Thanks again, Joe
  20. jsiggia

    Seeing object behind eyepoint in ortho

    Z, I'll take a look tonight but if the object is behind the eye point as you see in the image in my post, why is it visible in the ortho view? Thanks, Joe
  21. Having trouble loading images into the underlay and/or billboard dialog, just keep getting the Z logo. Nice logo BTW, but I need other things here. If I place a billboard with the logo, I am still unable edit this to through the material editor. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks, Joe
  22. jsiggia

    Underlay/Billboard sticky Z logo

    Thanks Dennis, It was a progressive, not sure how this option was set, but I'll be sure to check it often. Joe
  23. jsiggia

    Cannot change object size

    You can use the pic tool you have selected. Go th the tool options and select Parameters as I show in the attached screen shots. Hope this helps, Joe
  24. jsiggia

    Underlay/Billboard sticky Z logo

    Brilliant Ahtoh! I know this, I never use progressive jpegs for anything. Just went back and checked, my photoshop save setting is set to progressive. Too bad I can't reach in and rip it out of my machine. Many thanks Ahtoh, Joe