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  1. jsiggia

    Best practices for door/window frames?

    Andrew, To clarify a bit, the 3 segments of your path should be one object, to simplify selection. Joe
  2. jsiggia

    Best practices for door/window frames?

    Andrew, Use the axial sweep tool for this and build your source shape in place. Use a 3 segment "arch" as your path. Hope this helps, Joe
  3. jsiggia

    My wish list for V9

    It's been a while since I've seen anything on this so I thought I'd toss this in. The first two are pretty much self explanatory and found in many other 3D programs. Some you may have seen from me before. Your thoughts are always welcome & thanks for reading. Joe UV unwrapping Symmetry tool Object Name Visibility in Object Palette If a layer is hidden, then we should have the option for the objects on that layer to also be hidden in the object palette. The object palette could be greatly reduced in a flash, having only the objects of "visible" layers. A ghosted layer would have its objects names greyed out. Subdivision Edit Slider Could the slider start with 0 in the center, so we can move in the negative direction. This would help smooth corner points where edges meet. Saving out layers to separate files Would it be possible to add this option to the Save as menu item? Right click contextual menu? The files would save with the same name as the layer in the same folder with the master file. This would help with breaking up larger projects among individuals. (among other obvious benefits) Layers in groups would be individual layers in the new file. Drop down menu for operand destination layer (which, like any other, can be hidden, visible or ghosted). This should be on the uppermost level of the program with its current selection always visible (perhaps as part of the “Input Palette”) The menu could have a "delete", and "ghost on current layer". Template file Manager When a new project is opened from a template file, I think the name should be something other than untitled. Perhaps call it "template: file name". Something to indicate what is being loaded without digging into the preferences. Perhaps a file menu item "Open Template File..." An option in the save dialog to "Save as Template File" would be a nice addition. Change the length of the axis. Changing the size of the grid has no effect on these. In addition, a small set of axis in the corner of the modeling window would be a great help. Snap option check box This was dropped moving to V7, could it return please. Simple checkbox to match the snap interval with the grid.
  4. jsiggia

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Andrew, Without seeing your roof, can you construct a symmetrical version of your roof, then use the extend tool to match another surface you know is correct. This is a long shot but I use the extend tool extensively. Hope this helps, Joe
  5. jsiggia

    My wish list for V9

    Can we please replace the "auto pick" option (something I never use, but always seem to be active) with the "group" level that we had prior the V7? Life was splendid when this was the norm. Been a thorn in my side since. Thanks for reading, Joe
  6. jsiggia

    Can't access Project Settings Tabs

    Mike, formZ has a mimimum screen resolution that may exceed yours. Not sure what this is, but I have similiar issues on my laptop. Thanks, Joe
  7. jsiggia

    Ideas for making a leg cast type thing

    Mike, Try the object doctor on the leg first. Hope this helps. Joe
  8. jsiggia

    Edit Texture Map-tool

    There's more than one Join tool. Hope this helps, Joe
  9. jsiggia

    My wish list for V9

    Hey Chris, Seems to me that the starting point should be in the center to allow a negative influence into the object. Not able to reproduce the edges I wanted to show right now. Thanks, Joe
  10. Here is the link to V6. http://www.formz.com...d_previous.html My install disc wouldn't run on my machine. Hope this helps someone. Joe
  11. Never mind Z, I found my 6.6 install disc. Thanks, Joe
  12. Z, I'd like to reinstall V6 but the link above provides access back to V7, "Click Here for updates for versions 6 or earlier." doesn't seem to have a download link, just update instructions. Did I miss it? Thanks, Joe
  13. Keeping the image square will simplify things a bit. Joe
  14. jsiggia

    Sphere tool and ellipse (Mac)

    No problems here, Build 9929 - Windows 7 Professional Intel® Core i7-5600U.
  15. Anyone have experience using this, any pointers? Thanks,
  16. jsiggia

    cage tool

    If you make it into a component, you can display it as a bounding box from the Display options. Hope this helps. Z, Can this be added at the object level via attributes? Thanks, Joe
  17. Is it possible include Lumens when setting up lights? Would this scale with the scene? Thanks for reading, Joe
  18. Would it be possible to allow another computer on our license to run a "legacy" version? In my case, I have a Mac Pro stuck @ Snow Leopard I could run V6 on while running current versions on my IMac and laptop. Fingers crossed, Joe
  19. jsiggia

    Attach object to plane or grid

    The contours tool can be made to place odd angled faces (or sections) on the XY plane.
  20. jsiggia

    Need to cut big mesh in two

    The current version can use a 2D line to split a 3D object. I never attempted it on an object like this however. Joe
  21. jsiggia

    Template Chooser/Manager

    I would prefer menu items: "Open Template File:.." "Save as Template File..." Thanks for reading, Joe
  22. jsiggia

    Template file

    When a new project is opened from a template file, I think the name should be something other than untitled. Perhaps call it "template: file name". Something to indicate what is being loaded without digging into the prefs. Any thoughts? Thanks for reading, Joe
  23. jsiggia

    Template Chooser/Manager

    Yes, More on this here: http://forums.formz.com/index.php?/topic/3876-template-file/?p=13908 Thanks, Joe
  24. jsiggia

    In memory of Paul Helm

    My condolences to Paul’s family and friends and everyone at AutoDesSys. He leaves behind a huge space that will be felt for a long time by many people. Goodby Paul, Joe Siggia
  25. jsiggia

    3D mouse?

    Davidorth, If you option select the undo item in the edit menu, it will give you the "undo ladder", and you can select how far back to undo. Hope this helps, Joe