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  1. I had one for a while but the scroll wheel clicked as it rotated, this makes zooming wonky. I liked the apple mouse because it was much smoother than the Logitech. But this has been quite a while now, sure things have improved. Any model recommendations? Thanks, Joe
  2. Hi All, Same thing with another mouse of the same type. I've reduced the scrolling speed and so far so good. I'll try tracking speed next. Will report back. Thanks, Joe
  3. Dennis, I went the Google route a while back but nothing seems to work.
  4. jsiggia

    Rounding on a cone.

    Okay thanks Z.
  5. jsiggia

    Rounding on a cone.

    Tech, Shouldn't we expect the rounding tool to put a radius on the point of a cone? Thanks, Joe
  6. Ah yes, the virtual real estate market, love it.
  7. Any one in the area interested in starting a group please PM me. Thanks, Joe
  8. jsiggia

    Can we get default planes back?

    "but it probably should change the plane there too." This should apply to the Aux. Plane Projection Views as well if it doesn't already. (not home now to check). Thanks, Joe
  9. Z, When deriving wires from a surface to make new surface, I am unable to stitch the resulting surface to the original (surface). I find the display resolution of the derived wires does not match the original object (which I expect it should). When I go back and adjust these resolutions to match the original surface, I am then able to stitch. Thanks, Joe
  10. jsiggia

    Water flowing animation

    Maybe you can try a projector light with a video clip of some stock water footage. Joe
  11. jsiggia

    Area Light - FormZ 6.7 (Old Skool)

    I couldn't tell from your original post you needed this. Joe
  12. jsiggia

    Area Light - FormZ 6.7 (Old Skool)

    Rmulley, You can use a glow map as an alternative without using a light at all. Joe.
  13. jsiggia

    Zoom In by Frame

    Vpete, I'm not at my computer to see which one it is, but try adding an option or shift key when dragging. One of those will work. Joe
  14. 12:22:41 i7 4 GHz quad core 2014 iMac OS 10.10.1
  15. jsiggia

    Frequently asked questions

    Thanks Z, I knew you had something up your sleeve. I'd like to eventually 3D print vacuform tooling. Anyone on the forum have experience with this? Thanks, Joe.
  16. Z, Will this section be returning to your web site soon? Thanks, Joe
  17. jsiggia

    Frequently asked questions

    Hey Z, Thanks for getting back, I've been away from formZ for a while spending time in my shop. (I built a vacuform machine, among other things) I like to go over the basics in the FAQ and to recall the tips and tricks I've let slip away. This is also why I like the golden nuggets. I look forward to reading them again. Thanks, Joe
  18. jsiggia

    hardware performance thread

    I'm expecting a brand spanking new, iMac Retina early next week and would like to render a "standard" file. Z, do you have a modern version of the file we could use? Thanks, Joe
  19. While it was never included on the ADS page, the light kit from Pylon is huge, but intensity sliders in the palette would be a tremendous leap forward IMHO. Thank you Pylon. Joe
  20. Well, if we had it, it would be a UV mapper for formZ. Joe
  21. jsiggia

    Working with scanned drafts

    Brilliant Anton! Thanks, Joe
  22. jsiggia

    From old tutorial forum...

    I'm just going to place this nugget here we can find it. To search old forum: Paste the following into a Google Search Bar: site:wip.formz.com/forum/old/messages/ Then add any search terms (separated by a space) after this link.
  23. If it were possible to bring over any topic from the old tutorial forum, I would suggest the gold nugget thread. Joe
  24. jsiggia

    vray for FZ - any updates?

    My guess is this thread has prompted an inquiry from ADS and they are waiting for a response before posting here. Joe
  25. Should be able to animate transparency in the materials dialog. Joe