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    Chinese shadows ?

    Yes, you're right ! . I bought FormZ about 20 years ago ( V 2. ! ) and use it 2 or 3 times a year, not enough to pay for all new versions and my old files do not seem compatible, so I need them. (I tried to do it and it did not work). There is no Frosty option with the 3.6, but it is necessarily possible by another method. I'll try. Thanks for have taken time to respond to me
  2. gibus

    Chinese shadows ?

    Hi, I tried to realise a volume which is like a translucide ( but not transparent ) surface . I did'nt .Something Like a screen Which catches shadows by the front and in the same time let appears the shadows projected on the other face . ( I use an old 3,6 version ) Can you help me ( sorry for bas English ) Best regards
  3. gibus

    Chinese shadows ?

    Exactly what Bartjuan said . I don't find how realise this with FZ 3,6 . ( I work on Mac OS 9 of course )