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    Kiethwrold reacted to Suedpol in Maxwell freezing when using GPU for calculations   
    Hi Pylon,
    got me new machines for work..
    Here is my current configuration:
    Maxwell for formZ (Win 64) | form·Z® v 8.0.2 (Build 9413) | Windows 8 v 6.2 Build 9200  Intel® Core i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz
    My Graphics component is a Nvidia Quadro M2000 (bought this to speed up rendering by GPU).
    Maxwell Fire works fine with the GPU option within FormZ.
    But, when I open Maxwell render, the application freezes almost immediately.
    No preview, timer is counting, some 166 hours left for a simple cube.
    The only way out is killing Maxwell and FormZ in the task manager.
    I have allowed FomZ and Maxwell to use the GPU within Nvidia´s settings software.
    No other adjustments were done here, all settings as preset.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance,
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    Kiethwrold reacted to Spacer in Merginng Problem "CPU ID s are the same"   
    HI, SO I cannot merge these two MXI's. Is it possible to reset the CPU ID on one of them? Are there instructions for this?
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    Kiethwrold reacted to tw145 in Maxwell plug-in crashes immediately, every time   
    I am running FormZ 8.5.7 and just upgraded to Maxwell from 3. If you try to use Maxwelll Render via the plug-in, Maxwell crashes immediately. FormZ does not seem affected. Fire works normally. Render seems to work all on its own. 
    Hoping for some help, I've gotten zero response from the NextLimit portal. 
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    Kiethwrold reacted to pylon in Maxwell Resources   
    Full Documentation
    Maxwell Render Manual Maxwell for formZ Plugin Manual Help Topics
    Installation and Licensing Problems and Solutions Improving Rendering Speed:Speed Bottlenecks in Maxwell Photography Techniques for Interior Rendering Maxwell Render Dos and Donts Video Tutorials
    Maxwell Render FundamentalsCameras Lighting Materials Workflow Before You Begin Maxwell for formZCameras: Depth of Field HDRI Backgrounds and Reflections Interior Lighting, Part 1 (Maxwell Softbox Light Type) Interior Lighting, Part 2 (Light Emitting Materials) Interior Lighting, Part 3 (Incandescent and Neon Materials) Interactive Maxwell Panoramas on iPad Maxwell Grass Material IDs Maxwell for Bonzai3d (Great introductory series. Some features are out of date, but the general workflow is still applicable for formZ)Introduction Getting Started with Bonzai3d and Maxwell Exterior Lighting (Physical Sky, Sky Dome, and HDRI) Materials Services
    Maxwell Render Farms
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    Kiethwrold reacted to David Lemelin in Denoiser on a network render   
    Hi, I am having a bit of a challenge with the new denoiser Maxwell has added in v4. It seems to work fine if I'm rendering on a single machine, but if I enable denoising on a network render, the images fail at the end of the rendering process and I get no images, denoised or otherwise.
    Should I be taking non-denoised network renders and run them through the denoising process on a single machine to avoid this issue? 
    Anyone have any similar experiences?
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    Kiethwrold reacted to Imagix in Override materials of placed .mxs models?   
    Can I override materials of .mxs model placed within my FormZ scene?
    I tried Z's override setting in layer attributes, but it doesn't work.
    Is there another way?
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    Kiethwrold reacted to Spacer in Network Down - need a render Farm recommendation   
    My network bugged again. I am getting on a flight to USA for a Month but need to have 3 images by th e20th. So Iam bringing the files with me (a Pack and Go is best, right?) to send to a Renderfarm to get this job done.
    If anyone has a recommendation. this will likely be a one-off,not a regular practice for me.
    3  still images at 5000 px, with multilight and about 4 emitter types. Interiors.
    My machines are old (2011 i2600k chips) so.. even a non pro offer would interest me (I mean someone with the capacity to do this for me and bill me).
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    Kiethwrold reacted to tbray in maxwell plugin   

    I'm having same issue but I'm using windows 10.

    OS build 1607  -  14393.1198

    Form Z 8.5.7 - I'm using Maxwell version

    It was working perfectly fine. Now it stopped working within form Z. Application maxwell works fine.

    I have replaced the maxwell plugin folder with a newly downloaded maxwell folder.

    Form Z freezes at launch and unable to click on anything.( plugin installed).
    Can't click on anything - used task manager to exit Form Z.

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    Kiethwrold reacted to Imagix in Animated texture?   
    Does the Maxwell plugin support animated textures, like quicktime movies etc?
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    Kiethwrold reacted to Imagix in Attributes window   
    It would be really handy if the Maxwell Attributes window was a normal FormZ palette and could be left out - available at all times.
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    Kiethwrold reacted to brion18 in Maxwell Plugin not appearing in Formz 8.5.7   
    Just recently updated to latest FormZ and the latest Maxwell 4 plugin. I have installed everything but now when i go to open formZ the maxwell plugin is not appearing. I can go in and open the maxwell renderer as a standalone and it is licensed.
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    Kiethwrold reacted to pipo in Maxwell Forum   
    Apologies for posting this here but what's up with the Maxwell forum ?
    Its been down for a long while now and there seems to be no link to a (future) forum anywhere on the Maxwell site.
    Hope this isn't a case of burying bad press because in this case no news is rather bad news
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    Kiethwrold reacted to Spacer in Network problem- under deadline and unable to network render..   
    I have 2 PC's under Win 7. I cannot get the Network rendering to work.
    Monitor from one Machine sees the Node in the other(and it's "own node".
    In the past I had this working, but I moved the PC's and changed some settings- don't ask which...
    Both have internet Some of file sharing works fine, other not All versions of Maxwell 3 are latest and the same FZ v8 lastest 64bit machines Residential network Monitir sees the Node and Node even shows 'New Job Order Received" , but NO Progress in rendering on the Node while the Node on the Monitor machine chugs along and advances SL. The Node machine nevergets beyond "New Job Order Received". In the Monitor it says the distant Node is"Rendering" under status, bu tnever shows progress or an SL at all. Tried a very simple model and nada.. IP's are automatic,bu t I am having trouble making them fixed (I had been able before) in IPV4. Once I configure, and click "OK" it opens a network problems window and resets my IPV4 to "automatic". It may be when I try to put in DNS ..I am  not sure how to to that. Are th eDNS values the same on both machines? I have IPV6 active but am not sure I should touch that configuration. I am dying here. Under deadline and cannot debug this network.
    Both machines are cabled by ethernet into a router that my ISP gave me,and this has worked in the past.
    At this point, I'd pay someone to help..
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    Kiethwrold reacted to Studio-Swaim in Maxwell, system requirements   
    Can anyone give me the info needed on the ins and outs of the system requirements for the Maxwell Plug In? I finally decided it may be easier to ask hear since It's been over a week I sent my questions to "Maxwell / Next Limit" and have yet to hear back from them, and the online research I've spent time on, hasn't exactly been presented in basic terminology. 
    Here is where I'm at. I have upgraded my system software to Mac OS 10.11 per the system requirements. (for those who are still toggling back and forth from FZ 6 to FZ 8. FZ v6 does open and works in OS 10.11). Right now my source of confusion is with the graphics card. What it looks like to me, Maxwell 4 will only operate with an nVIDIA graphics card that is CUDA supported for GPU rendering. It also appears that Mac will not run a GPU card only a CPU card. Am I to understand that 1. Maxwell will only run on a GPU nVIDIA card. 2. Since Mac does not support GPU, Maxwell is unable to run on Macs? or am I missing a whole lot of information? 
    In short. Will Maxwell run on my Radeon card on my Mac? 
    Answers suggestions and consultations are greatly appreciated and accepted. (Preferably in layman's terms)
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    Kiethwrold reacted to David Lemelin in generating an animation   
    Hi there, I was experimenting with some basic animation in FormZ yesterday and seem to be having no luck in selecting Maxwell as my renderer of choice to render a 10-second animation.
    I've been launching the animation renders through FromZ's Display menu and have succeeded at creating animations using the built-in modes like hidden line or shaded, but when I select Maxwell, the process seems to go nowhere.... 
    Am I coming at this from the wrong direction? Should I be launching this animation through Maxwell itself? 
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    Kiethwrold reacted to Imagix in Animated texture formats   
    Which movie formats is it possible to use as formZ textures? I would usually use a .mov file, but that doesn't work when my sequence is rendered in Maxwell. Are there any other formats that might be supported by both formZ and Maxwell?
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    Kiethwrold reacted to pylon in Maxwell for formZ Public Release   
    Hello Maxwell 4 customers,

    There has been a public update to Maxwell 4 for formZ. Please log into the Maxwell Render customer portal, and download the latest version of Maxwell 4 for formZ: It contains many important fixes, improved GPU rendering stability, and GPU rendering on OSX (Nvidia graphics card required).
    Plugin Changes:
    Update to Maxwell Engine OSX GPU Rendering Supported (requires Nvidia graphics card and CUDA Drivers: http://www.nvidia.com/object/mac-driver-archive.html ) Material hints are now updated to the most current version automatically. (Manual updating is still available; setting located in Extensions> Maxwell> System Settings. The material hint version for a given project can be changed at any time; setting located in Extensions> Maxwell> Project Settings.) Plugin Fixes:
    Fixed issues loading projects with Object Modifiers (OSX formZ 8.0.2 only) Reassigning material to objects while plugin Fire GPU is running no longer leads to crash Copying objects while plugin Fire GPU is running now displays properly Fixed Package for Renderfarm / Create MXS tool only functioning on first use Windows Installer + Uninstaller improvements
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    Kiethwrold reacted to Studio-Swaim in Unwanted material reflections   
    I'm assuming this is a parameter I have set up wrong either in my lights or maxwell render. My problem is, my objects material is set to Matte, which should not have any reflection, and it doesn't if I rendered it in renderzone. However when I do a maxwell render, the surface renders as a reflective, like a gloss or glass. What do I have set up wrong that is causing this?

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    Kiethwrold reacted to Spacer in Noisy render at SL 15   
    this render is real noisy even at SL of 15.
    there is only sun coming through opening in the ceiling of this box. No glass in the openings.
    the verticals are simple red glass from the wizard.
    MXM's for floors wall and ceilings- all used before and not with any problem. thanks
    I have Direct eand Indirect checked 'on' for Illumination, ref caustics and refracted Caustics.

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    Kiethwrold reacted to pylon in Maxwell, system requirements   
    Hi Swain,
    Please see: http://support.nextlimit.com/display/maxwell4/formZ+%7C+Render+Options+%7C+Camera
    I usually set up a 2D perspective views in the Fire window, and then save them in the views palette with a naming scheme to distinguish them, such as "Maxwell 2d - 1," "Maxwell 2d - 2" etc.
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    Kiethwrold reacted to Imagix in Volumetric scatter possible   
    I am trying to make a convincing hedge. I am using Maxwell scatter to distribute individual leafs on an square shape (the hedge). Each leaf mxs file is a flat rectangle. I got two problems...
    1. All leafs stick to the square shapes' surface and are either oriented flat on it or pointing 90 degrees outwards. Object modifyer rotate variation seems to have no effect on this. This means the hedge looks transparent when seen from the sides.
    2. Again, leafs stick to the surface. Is there a way to make them fill up the square shape? Volumetric scatter.
    I have tried to scatter the leafs to several planes close to each other instead. That solves problem 1, but it still looks bad then the hedge is seen from the end or top.

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    Kiethwrold reacted to ingoerik in Maxwell FormZ PlugIn or Maxwell Studio   
    Just curious, what is the difference between using them, if there is any ? I have an old (exactly a very old) Maxwell license and want to upgrade it ... and even use it 
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    Kiethwrold reacted to Spacer in Render area Rectangle and Networked Redners   
    Normally should I be able to do a Area rectangle render via Network Render?
    I only ]need the top half of this space really, and I am wondering will this cut down rendering time? Can I still obtain the full resolution (I want 4k pixels wide).

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    Kiethwrold reacted to Andrew West in New version issues   
    Woke up today to an email announcing the new version of Maxwell for form.z.  As always I couldn't wait to see how they have improved it and hoped that it would be faster than the past releases.  The email stated that it optimized GPU memory handling which would be a welcome relief.  So I installed it and ran a test on a current project.  In the previous Maxwell version using CPU only my test render took 6 hours and 17 minutes at 2200x1600 pixels which is half my normal resolution.  With the new version using CPU only it took 7 hours and 26 minutes (with no changes to the model).  Using GPU engine only the voxilization took 15 minutes and then the render started, both screens went blank,  then when the screens came back both Maxwell and Form.z crashed.  I got a warning dialogue that the video card crashed and reset.  Nvidea GTX 1080 with 8GB.  Has anyone else tested the new version yet?  If so what were your results? 
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    Kiethwrold reacted to Imagix in Object modifier library error   
    Hi Pylon
    This is a minor error I think, but maybe an easy fix. The formZ material (see attached) keeps resetting to the first material defined in the formZ project.
    I usually check and correct this just before packing for rendering, but sometimes I forget and that leads to a useless render... White grass in my case.