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  1. Got a response. Thanks!
  2. Support, I sent an email yesterday about this, but I have yet to receive a response. We have several licenses, in periodically, somehow, some machines get registered that should not be. Odd thing is, the machines are not even in our network! Anyway, could you please review our email and give us a list of the registered mac addresses? Thank you, Allan
  3. I no longer have the original sketchup object. When I find another like it, I will send it.
  4. Ben, Could you please take a look at these two objects? Something about them won't let Maxwell render. Tried sending it to Maxwell and to Studio to no avail. Odd indeed! Allan MAXWELL TROUBLE.zip
  5. Support, I really need to rant here. When I run into bugs with your program, I usually work around them because I am too busy to sit there and create clean models for you to investigate. Then, you want me to explain step by step how the problem occured. Most of the time I figure, these things are so obvious, they should get picked up before you actually release the software. Today I ran into problems that really affect my productivity, annoy me like you wouldn't believe, and disappoint me. 1. If you copy-paste a model with several materials, the materials will multiply when pasted in the empty file. We're talking 20+ copies. This is unacceptable. 2. I used the add to project feature, my original file had components: First everything seams great, but suddenly, as I simply tried to delete ghosted objects, the file crashes. When I open the saved file (which I saved prior to the crash, since I know better than to simply trust formZ to be stable) , all of the components get put into layer1, and get exploded. Seriously?! 3. If you work on a mac, all of your materials and components where properly mapped to a shared server drive, then you open the file on a pc, you get garbage components listed on your linked libraries, and your Maxwell render settings, get messed up. (This is the reason I tried to use the 'add to project' feature, and ran into all of the bugs listed above). I will try to find some time to do screen captures to elaborate on these issues. I hope you don't blow this off as just a simple rant. I've been using this software for almost 17 years. Your developers really need to be a bit more responsible. Allan
  6. Thanks Ben. Are there plans to anticipate geometry like this from sketchup and have the appropriate plugin/program correct the rendering error? I say rendering error, since the object doctor didn't find anything wrong with the object (even using 'add to selection'). If not, shouldn't the object doctor state the geometry problem? Allan
  7. allanjl

    FormZ 8: Problems. Rant!

    Thanks Ben. I understand now. I just sent you a file containing two objects. They won't render in Maxwell. I checked them with the object doctor and found no problems with them and they don't have any special materials. Win7 64 bit. Latest version of Maxwell and plugin. Allan
  8. allanjl

    performance test Comments

    I will have to reinstall here as well. Same problem with Renderzone not showing up as an option. Hmm.. I hope these installations problems disappear with the next update. They leave a bad taste in people's mouths. Just my five cents.
  9. allanjl

    Permission problem?

    Support, We just a got a new server running here. I tried saving over a previous file in the new server shared drive. I get this error message: ID = 148 : 17. Is this some kind of a permission problem? Thanks in advance.
  10. allanjl

    Permission problem?

    Yes it does. I think our IT person needs to look into this. Thanks.
  11. allanjl

    Component handling seems wonky

    I create my component libraries in a shared drive. Everything works perfectly. I haven't had any problems like the ones you describe. It sounds like you permissions are messed up, and or your folders are corrupted. You may want to try to save in a different location where you know for sure your permissions are working fine. Allan
  12. allanjl

    form•Z 8.0.1 Update Now Available

    Thanks for all the hard work Support. I do have to report though, that on the mac, writing a .dae file from a simple cube doesn't quite work well yet. I assigned a formZ predefined brick material to the cube, exported it as .dae, and when imported into sketchup, the brick material does not come in. All works well on formZ 7 (on the mac) as well as formZ 8.01 on win8.
  13. allanjl

    Welcome to our New Forum!

    Looks great! Congratulations. This change is very refreshing.