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  1. Thanks for all the input with all questions unanswered, it's sad to say but to admit defeat and time to move on. FormZ is not currently in my budget as I have already spent enough cash on Cinema 4D 18 Visualize. I was hoping to take FormZ Free into my workflow for minor things that are easier in FormZ than Cinema 4D. take care all cheers
  2. I will try the Separate tool (if I can find it) preferably I would export to Wavefront OBJ, but as AutoDesSys decided it's a "pro-exporter" format we will have to go with Collada, I suppose
  3. yes that's the tutorial but I couldn't complete it because of a missing tool or something to clean up the mesh maybe someone can post a screenshot for the export settings dialogs what checkboxes to tick etc as I said I never encountered anything like that before stairs_export_001.zip
  4. new here and new to Form Z I'm following the thirty minutes house tutorial on YouTube to get to know things need advise exporting dae to Blender right now, no matter what I try, I get only one polygon to show up in Blender and not the entire mesh actually I never encountered such problems before in any other software, so I think, either I'm doing something wrong or the exporter is a fail what settings do I have to use? do I need to triangulate the mesh or not? what do I need to do to get it working? any suggestions? macOS Sierra 64bit plenty of RAM etc. edit: in Sketchup is the same when exporting to KMZ ps. I respect the Form Z policy not to include OBJ exporter but it doesn't make sense to strip a standard format