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    hirscr got a reaction from VitezDiny in Not really parametric- relative dimensions   
    Hi guys,
    I got FormZ for some architectural type and land use work I am doing. It seems to be a good fit for that.
    However, I was hoping to also use it for engineering and part design work. I'm not having a great time with this. Example: I want to locate holes relative to other features, not absolute coordinates. While its very possible I am stuck in a solid works paradigm for part design, I am having great difficulty getting this to work with formz
    Basically I am trying to make a panel that has many holes in it of different sizes. Some of the holes are located with absolute coordinates, but some of them are, for example, three holes located around a center hole. Or four holes in a, 2x2 grid. 
    I feel that once I commit a copy/move type operation, its committed. Moving the holes after that is a complex procedure and error prone because the objects are saved, not the operations. Hence why I don't think this is truly a parametric modeler.
    Am I missing something? Or is this really not well adapted for engineering work?
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    hirscr reacted to Tech in modify imported STLs?   
    Yes, it is certainly possible, but the cleaner the imported geometry, the easier it will be...