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  1. mmnaher

    Color Mapping

    Am I correct in saying that there are no Color Mapping setting in this version of Vray, no gamma control? Also, a rendering progress bar would be helpful to better understand approximately how much time is left in my rendering. Thanks, Mark.
  2. mmnaher

    In memory of Paul Helm

    I am so sorry to hear of Paul's passing. He was instrumental in helping me learn formZ. He had great patience and understanding. He will be missed greatly.
  3. mmnaher

    VRMat Editor Disappears

    After clicking on the Edit button for a predefined VRay material, the VRay Material Editor box pops up. But as soon as I click on a value to change, the box disappears behind the formZ window. I have to locate it from command bar at the bottom of my monitor to activate it again. Of course, it would be preferable if this dialogue box never disappeared.