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  1. davidhard

    V4 Install Issue

    Well... I don't fully understand what I did, but I seem to have gotten everything working now. Like I mentioned earlier, I was able to get Maxwell Studio and suite activated just fine. The issue was getting the FormZ plugin's license activated. The license activator simply was not finding the license server, even though it was running. The web server administrator showed that it was running, and the terminal window showed it was running. And even thought I tried restarting several times, I would still get the same error every time I tried to activate the license when I opened FormZ. The license activator would say that the server could not be found. I checked the contents of the rlm_nl folder on the /Users/Shared/NextLimit/rlm_nl/ path, and noticed that there were license files for the Maxwell suite, but not one for FormZ. Then I remembered that there was a way to go to the customer portal on NextLimit and manually create a license file and download it. So I did that and put the file in the proper folder.... still didn't work. Restarted my mac.... still didn't work. So I gave up last night. But this morning. I tried one more time. I restarted my mac, and now it works. I don't know what changed between now and last night. But whatever it was, it all got sorted out.
  2. davidhard

    V4 Install Issue

    Yes, I do see the license files you mentioned. and they are in the right location. But i have no idea if they are the license files for Maxwell 3, and if the license server that is running now is the old server. Because now I'm seeing in the terminal window for the rlm server that's running a message that says, that the Maxwell 4 version is not supported. I have tried install the new RLM server. I got a message that says that the server was installed properly. I restarted my mac, as i know I should to get the server running. But I get an error from the license activation app that the server is NOT running, or that it cannot be found. I know that I should not have to manually launch anything. It's supposed to do it itself when I restart my Mac. But it doesn't for some reason. I really don't know what to do. I guess I will just have to go through the annoying process of getting someone from NL support to login remotely to fix whatever is not working. Hopefully I won't have to waste 2 weeks like the last time. Sorry for being grumpy. And thank you for your help. If you find anything out. Please let me know.
  3. davidhard

    V4 Install Issue

    I'm still confused about all of the different rlm servers that are part of Maxwell 4 now. So, yes. There is a rlm server in the /Users/Shared/NextLimit/rlm_nl/ folder. I can activate the license for the standalone Studio application and Maxwell itself. But I could not activate the license for the FormZ plugin with that rlm server. I had to find the rlm server that is located in the rlm_nl folder in the maxwell plugin folder in FormZ. Once I launch the rlm server found in the FormZ Maxwell plugin folder, the activation seems to work. It says that the plugin is licensed succesfullly, but then the activation app is launched again once I try to render with the plugin in FormZ. So the license file is not being written in the right place. there are license folders and files all over my mac now and I have no idea which one needs to be where. This is extremely frustrating. I will try to ask them what they did. But I'm not hopeful. It's like talking to a black hole with NL support sometimes.
  4. davidhard

    V4 Install Issue

    I should add, restarting is NOT launching the rlm servers for Maxwell 4. I have tried manually launching what I think is the rlm server from the rlm_nl folder that is in the maxwell formz plugin folder. But when I launch the administration browser, (http://localhost:5054) it shows that no servers are running. I try to "reread/relaunch servers" and still it shows that no servers are running.
  5. davidhard

    V4 Install Issue

    Believe me, I've let them know how frustrated I have been with the licensing system. I am already well aware of all of the necessary steps you listed above. For me, the permissions problem started happening with Mac OS Sierra. After two weeks of back and forth with NL tech support, I was finally able to get them to fix Maxwell 3 remotely via TeamViewer. But now that I've upgraded to Maxwell 4, the issue is back, and I don't know what they did to fix the issue with Maxwell 3. Thank you for looking into this. It takes a very long time to get help from NL. So I'm trying to find answers and solutions anywhere I can think of.
  6. davidhard

    V4 Install Issue

    So, now I see that there is a rlm executable file in the rlm_nl folder in the formZ maxwell plugin folder. If I double click on it, Terminal is launched and it appears to be the rlm server. I then go to FormZ and try to activate the license and it seems to work. I don't get the error message that says that the license server is not running. But, when I go to render something, the license activator app relaunches and wants me to go through the activation process again.
  7. davidhard

    V4 Install Issue

    I am having the same issue. I used the workaround you suggested and renamed the folder from "rlm" to "rlm_nl" and I was able to install the license server. I restarted my Mac and launched FromZ which then launched the license activator. I went through the normal steps to activate the license (enter my email, login password, license key), but when I finished, I got an error that says the license server could not be found because it's not running. I have had this problem with the Maxwell 3 license server after updating my Mac OS to Sierra. And now it's happening again. It took about 2 weeks to get Nextlimit support to help me fix the issue. I really don't have the time to go through that whole process again. This is ridiculous.
  8. and how do I stop this from happening? I will be working for a while, and undos will work just fine. Command Z. no prob. But for some reason, undos will just stop working after a while and I have to quit and relaunch FormZ to get it working again. Very annoying. Any idea why this happens and how I can fix it so I don't have to keep restarting FormZ? I'm on a mac pro running El Capitan and using FormZPro 8.5.4
  9. davidhard

    Virtual reality export / support??

    So I see that Maxwell can render a stereo image. This will be amazing. I'd still like to know if I can export a shaded render or even a Renderzone render from FormZ just so I can look at a scene quickly and not have to wait for it to render in Maxwell.
  10. I just got a Google Cardboard VR viewer courtesy of the New York Times this past weekend. It's pretty neat. Now I want to see everything in VR. Is there a way to export a Form Z scene in a format that could be used on something like Google Cardboard? I wouldn't need to walk around or anything. Although that would be cool. I just need to be able to stand in one spot, but be able to look all around. Also, sort of related. But not really. we have a 3D capable LCD TV in our office. I always thought it would be cool to show some of my renderings of interiors in 3D. Does anyone have experience with this? Are there any 3rd party applications that could convert a 2D image into 3D?
  11. davidhard

    Black circle rendering in glass.

    Ahhh, It's all coming back to me now. Thanks.
  12. Why am I getting a black circle rendering in my glass and how do I get rid of it? I think I remember seeing something in the forum about this a long time ago. I search for the thread but couldn't find it.
  13. davidhard

    not so smooth reflections

    AHHH! Much better. Thank you!
  14. davidhard

    not so smooth reflections

    Yup. Tried the Poly mesh tool. Still looks like garbage. The only way I was able to get it to render smooth was to give it as many facets as I could. And even then, It's still not perfect. I'm still noticing poor reflections that I have to go back and photoshop out. They're just not as bad as before.
  15. davidhard

    not so smooth reflections

    Actually, One more step involved. First I changed the Display Resolution setting from "Simple" to Surface Analysis under Schematic. Then converted it to a facetted object.