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  1. cobrien,

    I "think" it is only Vray that actually has to have a signal in order to launch and run. Contact support perhaps for checking out VRay license. Also, main thing... sometimes I close and re-launch so fast for some reason the Vray won't load. Usually, this is not an issue, but recently I had one get by me and I started working on my file with Vray unloaded. Needless to say, I lost a little work going back to the .fzb. One time an .fzb saved my rear end. Just be careful running Z without a VRay license or make sure it's loaded before working. Standard cautious procedure, I suspect.

  2. Only one oblique to add to that Rob, I noticed that during the tech webinar for Unreal 5, using Lumen for real time global illumination, they outright stated that they were not even trying to make the new real-time ray tracing available for VR. The dev said that they are just now able to ray trace one frame rate at passable speeds, 2 eyes is so far out it's not even being attempted. That's not to say AR/VR are not going to be viable down the road without real-time raytracing, but that's how far we are away from the hardware being ready. I'm not trying to do that now, so I'm going with the NVidia side, betting since it will always be less costly. Vray has a competitive product starting out meant to be a competitor to TM. I suspect we'll see this thing being a beast in a ring of other real-time choices not too far down the road.

    Ramble over

  3. Ok, I just benched a real render file from yesterday. formZ 9.1 with VRay cpu only (i never got hardware to help at all) 20 cores 38:58. formZ 9.2 with VRay5 and RTX 2070: 13:05. I know this isn't the same tech to compare, but it is the first comparison of what time it will save me because those times are just great.

    Justin, your rig must totally destroy renders now. Is my increase because I used a dome light in my scene (I changed nothing) or just because of the RTX  processor? Both? Anyone know this yet?


  4. Hey guys help, I got the chaos e-mail that says to download, I click and enter my chaos password, takes me to Vray for all sorts of apps, but not formZ, even after rooting around. I didn't get anything else regarding a 9.2 formz link to download a new formz app. How does the install work this time?

  5. Another cool easy cut icon idea for the top of the screen and this is a trick that Paul taught me, would be one to select the last created object. Sometimes this is needed for using view centering on a small object (like a tiny profile you just drew) lost in your huge project. Maybe it could even select and center on that last created object, in one click. Paul showed me that you can scroll to the bottom of the object pallette to easily select the last created object. So it would be another place a pallette dock scroll dig could be wiped out.

  6. I actually have been happy with 9.1. I just switched two weeks ago, and I used 8.6 all day every day. Now 9.1 all day. I am on Windows on one 42" inch 4k screen, (so no two monitors, so I can't speak on the whole shabotny that may come with that) and found it so much better to use all the time. I haven't opened 8.6 since. The two new snaps are end and midpoint. I admit to having snap issues myself, but haven't pinned them down. Since I can now toggle stuff like groups and edge picking with icons at the top I often find I've got one of these set how I don't want, so I have not nailed down a snap issue I could report, but I will probably be able to. It handles multiple projects open way better. Also 8.6 was crashing on me at least once a day accessing VRay materials, and these seems to have gone away. Inspector seems odd at first, but works great in practice. Scrolling the pallette dock is so priceless. The appearance is much cleaner, but like I said, on one big screen. I like that I can grab the edge of the formz window and pull it over, and see the desktop, or look at .pdf's.


    Those light intensity sliders re not working for me with VRay plane lights though.


    I thought of adding another handy toggle icon at the top of the screen for the one view you always want to go back to while you are working. I often find I gotta scroll to the views palette just to fish out the one view I always use. Maybe a home view icon that goes to the first view in the view list. I do use a tablet often and being able to peck a icon for everything in formz is working really well.


    Just my 2 cents after two weeks. It has been noticeably smoother to use. A few things here and there and this can be a good solid version, maybe 9.2 is epitome formZ.

  7. I watched the webinar given by the developers for the GI engine in Unreal 5.0 early release. The realtime GI requires at this time (in addition to at least a Nvidia RTX 2000 series card) that the walls in your project be separate meshes! The whole thing looked really great but it reminded me of Renderzone Plus, where raytracing does the reflections, AO is handling the nooks and crannies and the final gather handles the big lights. It can do IES and emissives already, but emissives are like the tricks we are already used to (they can't just replace all the lights), except they do propagate in AI. Like always, good diffuse maps win the day. They were also brightening diffuse maps to make them bounce more light.

    What is interesting about this is that you can get very sharp 4k (and this method doesn't blur textures at close ranges) at frame rates we who are not gamers drool over. In the time of one rendered animation, you could have the whole house presented with lots of pans and sweeps with all sorts of cool lighting. I don't know if UE has the same sort of simple camera animation as TM, but I suspect this GI engine will come to TM in a year or so.

    They showed some good solid archvis results. Certainly makes animation easier. I am finding that all the final compressors sort of wash away all the detail and having the ability to make 4k mp4's right of the screen for all intents and purposes I suspect make for awesome 1080p Youtube results.


  8. Hi Justin, the supervisor wasn't big on the idea, for some politico reasons involving things above my grade. Made sense though. I am really hoping this twinmotion thing works out! I just got 9 and I'm about to take the plunge.

  9. Thanks I may need you from time to time, I'll present it as an option to be explored by me at some point here shortly to my supervisor. I'll get back once he's ok with test and negotiation type stuff. I gotta run a day test to realtime Unreal or twinmotion first though. Unless they have great baking GI solutions, I'm dubious on those. I

    t seems like everything is dumbed down to mp4 in the end anyway though.  We always want little details like cloth texture on a panel be visible, and it's murder trying to keep detail like that with compression happening. I am almost sure realtime will preserve the textures better, but lose on the GI front.

    Thanks for your answer, I'll get back.

  10. This is intriguing because I looked at the list of farms on VRay website and there isn't a formZ native option, so Justin, are you still doing this? I have not been able to use gpu because although the render is faster, there is some glitch where it goes into computing limbo and sticks and never throws the finish notification, so I can't use for animation. I am soon updating to 9 from 8.6 so that may go away then. Do you still have interest in rendering farm?