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  1. Hi dpwr,

    Glad to hear you are back home and on the mend. Yes, I too had client demand for immediate visualizations, also the ability to change them immediately. Wow, using TM for stage lighting and so forth is going to be a tall order, but I have been quite impressed with TM lighting and GI. I think bloom and lens flares get intense very quickly, but just to have those things is way cool. The TM interface seems built around a bit of discovery and ease of use, all the basic controls are there and you dig down into each item to change settings. After a year or more on TM, I find myself zipping around quite confidently and daring to do all sorts of things.

  2. Hi dpwr,

    My prob is I don't do arch vis, I do building material product animations, and I can't for example, make a drill bit rotate while the drill is being pushed in at the same time, or a circular saw blade rotating while the saw moves. Actually, Twinmotion is not an object animation application at all, I am using hacks of animating already triggered objects in reverse in order to get the motions. There is no animation editor, etc. So if I were only doing arch-viz animations (by this I mean walk-thru or even drone type animations), it would be quite enough. I don't use it to replace large stills, but I have been tempted. I am surprised at how close I can get and I am suspicious most viewers would be just as happy with the real time image. If you have real reflections or other mirrors, or certain lighting effects, I have found limitations there as well, but I don't think Unreal 5 will correct all those.

    I enjoy using TM it is fun to make so many fly-thru cuts and be able to see them so fast. I keep giving my designers unexpected montages and they just flip.

  3. hi dpwr,

    Thanks for answering, and sorry to hear you are down, I wish you a speedy recovery.

    I am actually a whippersnapper with Twinmotion, I just did a 4k animation for a product launch that two years ago would have been considered a miracle. I can't make combined motions, and I want to import .fbx animation into it from outside sources. This is why I know I must take the Unreal 5 road now. I just am not good with the new lighting in it right off the bat. I will look into GI/lighting tutorials for Unreal 5, it is really awesome.

  4. Grrr... I am not finding Unreal 5 GI immediately manageable. It is somehow not Twinmotion, it seems like a file will need serious tweaking to get proper looking lighting.  Also, it crashes under load and my surge protector/power backup at times begins screaming. It's not going to be such a picnic as was TM, but the city is very cool.

  5. Update, I found a way to make this problem go away. When importing the formZ datasmith file into Twinmotion, under options change the Collapse setting to "Keep Hierarchy" instead of "Collapse by Material". This makes the objects "objects" in TM, instead of each material being all the objects it's applied to. I have found it's important to set up good groups in formZ, this makes the outliner in TM more manageable.

    So, no need for the script, actually, I read some more of the instructions and figured out how it's intended to work.


  6. I have had some frequent crashing of Unreal 5 when the movie is rendered however (in 100 Gig City, to be fair), but after a reboot it has been able to re-do a bit of work. I have sent off the logs to EPIC. Just wanted to let you all know it wasn't bulletproof under load. Saving is recommended.

  7. Hi all,

    Since Unreal 5 was just released, and I had really already become a Twinmotion convert, I have chosen to dive directly into Unreal 5. With the new Lumen feature there is no light baking anymore, you see everything with GI and so forth. I have found the way to make at least a point to point camera animation and render it out, so I have tried some things. There is a "living city" thing that is just awesome that comes as a free example project.  There is a lot of trash in it, (it seems it's trash day) but it's as easy as clicking a trash pile and hitting the delete key. There are cars and people moving around in it by default. And to my eye it is quite well done. It is so much fun at the moment. It is 100 gigs tho, so I'm calling it 100 Gig City.  They also have Meta-humans, which are very realistic looking people, I mean past what we are used to. The animations for them are still a little stiff, but I am really amazed at what this thing does at this point.

    I will now simply migrate from TM to Unreal 5. Thanks ADS for the abilities to take advantage of this new capability essentially as soon as it came out.

  8. Hi All,

    This script would save me a lot of time getting into Twinmotion. Currently, in order to animate something, you do so by material. So, if you have two objects with the same material, they are both going to move together in Twinmotion as if permanently grouped. At the same time, you don't want every material copied and made into an iteration, for some objects you do want them to move in unison. It is real pain to make copies of materials and reapply them with a different name. What the script does: right click on an object, choose "copy material and create unique name". It would then be applied to the object that was right clicked on. This way, it inherit all the mapping but can be moved individually in Twinmotion if needed.


  9. I found a tiny bit of relief by using .3ds files in my case. I have some Evermotion environ files from Turbosquid, I open in MAX and export as .3ds. This preserves more than anything else. BUT, my company supplies me MAX and I have a 30 day trial of VRay plugged in. Notably, I am not finding Evermotion MAX to Twinmotion reliable at all with not much testing. I can count on formZ to Twinmotion.

    I didn't find a way to get VRay mats that are a bit "marooned" by .fbx import over to their shaded counterparts without doing it one at a time.

  10. Hi all,

    I had a blast of nostalgia when Motto sold Mando the N-1 Starfighter from The Phantom Menace last week. I remember there being an article about how formZ was definitely used for design on the Phantom Menace. I always thought that smooth ship looked like it leapt directly out of formZ. I think Mandolorian is now flying a formZ ship now that the Razor Crest is gone. That's pretty cool...

  11. Des, yes the whole problem is that the textures are not ever getting loaded into the Shaded version, and this is why they won't display or export to Datasmith. When they are right there in the VRay render, it is so frustrating. There are hundreds of them, so I can't load each one by hand.

    I wonder if a quick script by someone could just go through and load the Vray materials or just the texture maps into the shaded ones and solve the whole problem.

  12. Hi,

    Thanks guys, I updated to 9.2 to be sure, tried with and without RZ trial enabled, I did try saving and reopening with Save Textures on, I thought that did have a good shot of working but it didn't. The file is a large environment that imports beautifully into TM, Maya, 3DStudio, etc. I can't go straight to TM because I need to work in the file for long periods first. I just have to use Maya for my main drive software since I have to have something that works. I gave it a whole day of trying, I can't keep trying it in formZ when it works fine in Maya.

    The file is the Bistro file associated with Amazon and NVidia's Omniverse Developers program. I can't find a link to the download at the moment.


  13. I am importing a huge .fbx file with textures. They appear in the Vray version of the file and render in Vray, but don't export to Twinmotion. The Shaded thumbs are all ? marks I cannot figure out how to get the shaded versions to update themselves from the Vray materials at all. Does nyone know of a way to navigate this issue? I tried launching formZ without VRay installed and this didn't work.

  14. Ahhh Bernd....

    I thought we were gonna go without the cone folk this year! Sir, if you only knew how Paul Helm in Tech Support looked forward to these every year. He enjoyed them every year.  I do so as well! Bravo Bernd! Now the Holidays are complete!

  15. Hi guys,

    Here is my latest and greatest Twinmotion animation project.


    I wish I could move and rotate an item at the same time, I tried drag and drop nesting of the materials into the actor things and it doesn't work for me. I created 50 ten to 15 second shots in one eight hour sitting, all saved in the TM file if needed later. And they were, punch list fixes were not a chore to re-render. I could not have touched this with standard rendering. The time saved is really worth the step backward in lighting right now. Plus textures tend to be more sharply represented and not blurred out the way rendered animation tends to do.