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    Will a solid state drive speed up saving large files?

    I should also state that is opening without the big delay at the start, so the file opens much faster than it saves.
  2. johnalexander1571

    Will a solid state drive speed up saving large files?

    Hi Justin, I think that helped make it faster once the save progress bar starts. I am getting a long delay before the progress bar even starts. About as long as the progress bar takes. It almost seems as if it is saving somewhere else and then saving the file into the required directory. What is it doing before the progress bar starts?
  3. johnalexander1571

    Thoughts on BIM and its impact on FormZers

    Hi, I have been making Revit Families with formZ. I set up all the parts in formZ in the location I wish with respect to each other and the origin. Cut/copy each part into its own file, and export as dwg 13. (I have noticed that .dwg format is working so very well). Insert/import Cad the part into Revit into the Revit Family .rfa file. It will appear in the correct location. Right click and full explode. Turn off show shape handles in the properties for the object. Assign Revit Material (I usually go and pre-create the materials I need in Revit) and visibility for the part as normal in Revit. Repeat until all parts have been imported and assigned. Next I set up my data, then my part version configurations. (set up all data first before the versions!) Then I save and use as a family. This has been working very well, and has been a very lucrative avenue for me. People who make Revit content properly are hard to come by and in demand, even when companies don't realize it. I made quite a few Revit models here to save the money from going out of house for them (very very expensive) and my leadership realized that it was something they should be doing in-house and created a new position for me to do it full time. Hope this helps those that are looking for a valuable route to use formZ in conjunction with Revit. For me, the price of formZ vs trying to model in Revit with those tools is quite worth it. In addition, importing Solidworks STEP files into formZ works almost without flaw as well. So, I can take a Solidworks file and use formZ to create a Revit Family. In fact formZ should be the "front end" modeler for Revit. The workflow has been almost seamless and headache free, believe it or not. Cheers, John A
  4. johnalexander1571

    Thoughts on BIM and its impact on FormZers

    I have seen this, an upcoming product called Unity Reflect: https://blogs.autodesk.com/revit/2019/06/unity-technologies-announces-unity-reflect/ This seems promising. Autodesk and Unity collaboration. One click supposedly. I have been using SketchFab with formZ. I also use formZ to make lots of models for Revit, it is quite painless that way.
  5. johnalexander1571

    Moving V-Ray License to another computer

    Hi Des, I might be able to help here, as I just did the same thing. My understanding, and this could be wrong, is that you just have to log into the new render server with your VRay ID on your main machine. It just needs to be able to get to it's location online to find it. I think that once you start to render, the license is used up. If you try to go back and render on the laptop while a render is going, it should refuse you. What is nice however, is that once you get the new machine logged in, you should be able to render either on the laptop or your main machine as long as there is only one session, whichever you happen to be working from. Also, I often go through WiFi in different locations, and VRay still fires up and renders because of how this works. It is really nice. I have not gone back to our laptop (some else in the dept needs it to use AutoCAD) to actually test this theory, however. Cheers, John A
  6. johnalexander1571

    Useful time wasting WIP

    Thanks Des! I can make it work with my textures, no problem. Thanks so much! Cheers, John A
  7. johnalexander1571

    Example Images

    Hi Richard, That trick at the bottom of the baseboard is sheer genius! I'll be doing that from now on! John A
  8. johnalexander1571

    Useful time wasting WIP

    Hi Des, Thanks, I am glad you mentioned the difference in table sizes! Cheers, John A
  9. johnalexander1571

    Useful time wasting WIP

    Hi Des, This is very nice! I have communicated with you many times in the past when I used to work side by side with Paul in Tech Support. Is there any way you would allow me to use a copy of this model commercially? I was just looking at a project today, and we decided we didn't want to build a pool table for it. But this one would be very nice. It would be for a very high end home theater rendering. The pool table would be in the background in the adjoining room, just to make it look like wealthy folks live there. Best, John A
  10. johnalexander1571

    Keeping a texture map in place through a radial blend

    If I remember correctly, you want to mesh your flat cover, then map the meshed cover, and then do the radial bend.
  11. johnalexander1571

    form•Z Anniversary | Thank You

    Hello everyone, Happy Birthday form.Z! To me form.Z is like a life form that has been evolving over all this time, so "happy birthday" seems quite fitting. I was very pleased to see this image this morning in my e-mail... I remember rooting around in that Ronchamp model, getting it ready for 3d Printing. I believe the model was created in form.Z 1.0, it was created by another artist, but I was once upon a time charged with making it watertight. The Z-Corp print came out very nicely, and anyone that saw it at the form.Z booth will surely remember it. I remember one form.Z booth customer suggesting that the Ronchamp 3d prints could be offered for sale en masse. Since it is also throwback Thursday, I thought I would share this retro teal interface setting that I set up to give the current interface the feel of the old one. It is less distracting than the stock color setting, and I have found myself reminded of how long we have been using this wonderful application. I actually use a Wacom tablet quite frequently with form.Z, so I like all the system icons showing, and like to have a large target for picking tools with the stylus. I do not use the palette dock at all, I conjure my palettes with shortcut keys. Thank you form.Z and autodessys for all of the long years. I have been able to apply form.Z tools in order to create income in so many ways over all of these years, I almost think of it as a money making application!
  12. johnalexander1571

    Render animation in vray?

    Hi Cearch, I can confirm it works in formZ 8.6.2 build 10099 with VRay 3.6.1 build 1191. i have not had the chance to update in a while. I am not using imager. I am rendering directly in the app. Also, I am making a fan file, then exporting to AVI. In my test just now I stopped the animation frame rendering before it reached the last frame (didn't want to wait). AVI plays fine. I am on Windows 10. Hope it helps, John A
  13. johnalexander1571

    How do I create a face?

    Hi, You can assign a single key shortcut to Subdivision Swap All. This toggles the state of all sub-d objects back and forth between cage and sub-d. A quick tap on the keyboard, and you are now swapping at ludicrous speed (unless you have a heavy file). Look in the shortcuts manager for the other useful key shorts you could add to the other ways of swapping this state available in there. I like this one because you don't need to have the object selected as you tap the key. Best, John A
  14. johnalexander1571

    How do I create a face?

    Hi Justin, When using the Sub-D tools, there are always two... the cage, or the facetted object that establishes the structure of the sub-divided version, and the sub-divided version itself over top of the cage. So, your model is always facetted underneath, but looks subdivided, and as a result "smoothed". You can toggle this state by using the Subdivision Swap tool. Make your facetted edits, and then switch back. In addition, you can use tools that work on facetted objects to change the shape of the sub-divided model even when it is in the sub-divided state. The caveat is that it should be expected to work on the facetted model as if the sub-d was not applied. So if you know well your form.Z, you will be able to predict what will work and what won't. It is best to keep four-sided faces for sub-division surfaces, otherwise the results can become unexpected. Hope it helps. Best, John A
  15. johnalexander1571

    SketchFab exporter being utilized to market products

    Hi Joe, I am always here....in some format or another.
  16. Hi All, I wanted to thank ADS for the SketchFab exporter. My employer wished to begin offering a 3d rep of the products offered embedded on the company website. I have found the SketchFab exporter to be very solid, it has worked for me every time, even after using the Mesh tool to reduce to triangles. Maps and mapping are amply exported. I simply set up specular or bump settings when I get into the SketchFab interface. This is a great feature that is not to be overlooked if you have a client wanting to display 3d models. We are doing noise control springs, so nothing too exciting, but for now you can so easily create a snazzy 3d version of your model/product that sales reps can show off. My employer is quite impressed. Thanks and Best Regards,, John Alexander
  17. johnalexander1571

    Render animation in vray?

    Hi all, I updated to the 8.6.2 and 3.6.1. I am able to generate VRay animations now! I can confirm on WIndows 10. Thanks for fixing this. Best John A