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  1. Hello, I am a Japanese users. I am using formZ free 8.6.5 on windows10. Create a model with only box and plane I'm exporting to DAE, but there is no model. Is this just my problem? I will attach a file. boxplane.fmz boxplane.dae
  2. Hello Vray for formz It's amazing. If you have more features to love Adjustment of camera 2 point perspective I am glad if there is a function (lens shift, tilt adjustment) function
  3. fujita

    From Foem Z to Unreal engine

    Hello, I saw a site with a few ideas. http://zplus.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2015/05/zplus-formz-unr.html
  4. fujita

    Area Light Gone in Final Gather Render

    Hello, I am a Japanese user. I am sorry because I can not speak English. I am using v8.5.7. When will you solve the area light problem? I waited for v8.0, v8.5. I am glad if it is resolved before becoming v9. I will send the work of Area Light. v673_v857area_light_test).zip