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  1. Okay, a bit late. I have an old Intel Iris graphicscard which works without problems for FormZ, but i do only modeling in FZ. When i work in Modo with the complete scene the graphicscard can sometimes be a bottleneck. Other than that i would recommend a faster card depending on the other software you use.

  2. Thanks for posting this solution from the support team, happens here too often. But in most cases i got it fixed by calling the Object Doctor. In my case the problem gets visible when the insert new line tool on a shape doesn't work and the inserted line stays selected.

  3. Why make it so complicated, just switch on translucency; here in Modo i often use a lighter version of the diffuse map for translucency color (higher gamma setting for example), don't know if that is possible in VRay for FormZ. Btw, the fabric isn't glowing, its the light inside the lamp that glows and that shines through the lamp shade material. 

    No need for SSS shaders, they are useless for one sided polygons, and you're right, they cost render time.

  4. Thanks to autodessys for the nice videos about Vray for FormZ so far, BUT, i'd like to see how both programs handle a normal archviz exterior scene with a few trees (3D and between 10 and 20 MBs each), instanced grass and instanced hedges/bushes. Especially i'd like to see how FormZ handles that much data and how FormZ's library handles this; my model library is full of 3D greenery stuff and also furniture (in Modo it is around 50 GB). 

  5. Okay, i use Modo as my scene building and rendering software, so its a bit different for me. But in my template file i have a default layer structure i always use and default material names (like exterior wall stucco 1, exterior wall brick 1 ...) with only material colors.

    In Modo i have for example exterior wall stucco 1 and there i add one of the stucco materials i need, but the name exterior wall stucco 1 stays, like it is in FormZ too. I think its good that way because then you know always what objects material you change, even if i have to change the stucco to brick later, its easier to remember then using the new materials name.


    Just my 2 cents of course.

  6. Since i already opened the can of worms i maybe can answer your questions, i have 8.57 and 8.6 installed, and of course named the programs with that number. In my case i use the same preferences and workspaces without problems, and recent files are exactly the same as far as i can see, never use recent files though. And i dont use libraries, so i cant answer that question.


    Hope this helps a bit.

  7. Well there is a difference between just connecting to control if there is a valid license and collecting user data, the later is illegal in many countries. In Modo you have the same problem, but you only have to connect once a month and you can even ask for a license that dont need an internet connection.


    Just think what happens if the Chaos-Group server collapses or will be attacked, that will be a lot of fun ... well, kind off.  :D

  8. See, thats why i am looking for a Vray camera. A camera that you can move around and that you can have displayed in the working window. Me thinks there is still to many problems because Vray is added instead of integrated. It seems like texture mapping controls in FormZ dont work with Vray texturing, which is something similar.

  9. I got a textured 3D modell from a client in lwo format, so when i try to import it i get the open dialog window, there i select the file and than i got another open dialog, my wild gues is for textures but i am not sure since i only see the open file dialog window. When i cancel this all i get is an untextured object.


    Sounds like a bug to me ?!

  10. Thanks for the info, Justin. Well the companies i work with all use extra tabletts/smartphones or laptops for their internet stuff, but their work computers are decoupled from the interwebs, they have just an internal network. So all data exchange works with usb-sticks, no big problem, i just need it for importing the dwgs or sending out pictures.


    Hmm, that makes Vray pretty useless for me, thats why i have to agree with Alan when he said : I get the impression V-Ray are more concerned about protecting themselves than they are about us getting our work done. 

  11. Hmm, i must admit i am completly new to Vray, so maybe i just looked at the wrong places. But where do i find the Vray Camera ? I want to add a Vray camera to my project but cant find where i do this.  :unsure:

  12. Well it would be nice if AutoDesSys or ChaosGroup can make a video showing the complete workflow with Vray for FormZ. Starting with lighting a scene (environment, Vray sky and sun, HDRI Lighting), working with materials, working with instances for trees and grass, or fur for grass, rendering (interactive and final rendering).   :)

  13. Must I be the first one to say "Send in the clones"?


    *****For those of you old enough to remember Judy Collins.****


    Funny, i waited for the first one speaking of Attack Of The Clones  ;)


    Anyway, i modelled a building that has three floors that are exactly the same, so i cloned the first floor two times. So far so good, just that now the second and the third floor are on the same layer like the first floor, exterior walls 2 and 3 is on layer exterior walls 1, windows 2 and 3 is on layer windows 1, and so on. Would be nice if i can change the layer of the cloned elements, is that possible, does it make sense ??? Its just nice that i can independently open windows on any floor without FZ opening the other windows on the other cloned floors too.

  14. It seems the 8.6 Beta should be called hide and seek. I had a file where my objects got invisible by switching from wireframe to shaded view, no chance to get them back visible, not even reopening FormZ helped (sorry, the file is already deleted).

    Another thing was that in the beginning my window was invisible, i had opened a new file but cant see anything; then suddenly i saw a small vertical line next to my layer palette, it was my window and i could finally drag it out to full size.

    And the tools manager window sometimes doesn't appear when i open it, and sometimes it suddenly pops up a few seconds after i opened it.


    Finally 8.6 doesn't wanted to open my default file, it says it was created with a FormZ version prior to version 5, although it was created with 8.0.