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  1. ingoerik

    FormZ Pro 8.5 info?

    Oh, great news. I hope the wait for the VRay plugin is finally over then
  2. löl, thanks FörmZ Tech for fixing that
  3. Come on dear developers, we're living in 2015 not in 1995 anymore. I just had problems importing dwgs and always get an error message no matter what my client exported, until we realized that all files not working contain a foreign character (well for you, not for us ;o) ) like ä, ö or ü. So pleeeeeeeease add support for foreign characters again and life would be much easier again for us. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, since i updated to Mac OS X Yosemite i have a strange bug with my Wacom : Whenever the pen gets near the tablett Fz zooms out automatically. That makes it impossible to work with Fz 673, i have tested all available drivers for my Intuos4, but all do the same; it happens even when i disable klicking for the pen in the Wacom preferences. Any ideas ?
  5. ingoerik

    FZ 673 + Mac OS X 10 Wacom bug

    Yup, the tablet is compatible, works fine with FormZ 8. I tested both for Yosemite available Wacom drivers, both have the problem. I have disable every function of the pen but it still happens, odd.
  6. ingoerik

    Fz8 - snapping problems

    I'll take a look if the non active project window is the problem. Thanks, i forgot the snap options, works fine now.
  7. ingoerik

    vray for FZ - any updates?

    So Santa has signed an NDA, now thats sad ... so we'll have to wait... and wait ... and wait ... and wait ...
  8. ingoerik

    upgrade from V6

    No, FZ8 has no dongle anymore. And if you upgrade from 6 to 8 you need time to get used to the new workflow, keep that in mind. So collect money AND time
  9. ingoerik

    upgrade from V6

    FZ 6.6.2 runs on Mac OS 10.10.1 fine, i use FZ 6.7.3 mainly and just start to use FZ8
  10. ingoerik

    vray for FZ - any updates?

    Hmm, Autodessys is pretty quiet here, hope we get a hint soon since this would be big news for us and FormZ
  11. I agree with Markus, a look at the LWCAD videos will show how future parametric objects in FZ could work.