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  1. ingoerik

    OS X El Capitan

    Thanks for the info.
  2. How or where do i set my default display options so that i dont have to switch them everytime i open a new file ?
  3. ingoerik

    default display options ?

    Yes, that would be a nice option especially when i have to import several dwg files. They are often way out of the coordinate system and basically unreadable on the monitor, but sometimes its also based on the wrong scale so i have to test what the correct transformation is. And i dont have to re-register the objects, i just import and than start building my model.
  4. ingoerik

    default display options ?

    Thanks for the clarification. A simple move to 0,0,0 switch would be much appreciated.
  5. ingoerik

    default display options ?

    lol, thanks. I have to streamline the DWGs before importing them, thats why i need my display options. Another "probably should" is for me the import option move to xyz-coordinates in the transform dialog, i wanted to move the dwg to x=0 and y=0, but that never worked.
  6. ingoerik

    default display options ?

    Thanks for your comment, but it already is saved in my template file. Seems that when i import a dwg FormZ didn't choose my template file but uses a default file, can i change this ?
  7. ingoerik

    News on Vray

    Thats indeed great news, hopefully it has not an endless beta phase like it is for Modo.
  8. Yup, same here, never touched a mouse the last 15 years, a mouse is something for cats to play with .
  9. ingoerik

    octane render plugin for FZ?

    Yes, i agree that more render options would be nice for FormZ. When Vray is finally integrated Corona or Octane will be a nice option too
  10. ingoerik

    new Mac Mini

    I have the 2.8 GHz and it works well for modelling, never use shaded modes but i tested it without textures and its okay to work with. Coming from the Intel3000 its a big step forward.
  11. Although i like Form•Zs interface overall there is one thing that gives me headaches : All those preferences and settings are all over the interface, but i like to have them in ONE place for easier access. The general preferences, project prefs, display options, keyboard shortcuts and many more, and of course the ability to simply save and reload them from that place. It often happens that some things are not saved, for example i forgot to switch on "highlight picked" in the layer palette, or the display options are wrong in each new imported file. Thats why i like to have an easy access for all the prefs and settings available in Form•Z in one place, one window maybe with a tabbed interface or something like that. How about it ?
  12. ingoerik

    Form•Z preferences wish list

    Ah thanks, i should read the forum more often me thinks.
  13. ingoerik

    form•Z 8.5 Beta 2 dwg import "problem"

    Thanks for your nice comments. I use FormZ 8 now for modelling, and Modo for scenebuilding and rendering.
  14. Whenever i start importing dwgs the first import fails, only the layers and materials are imported. When i import the dwg again everything works fine, also the next dwgs work as expected. Its only the first import that fails. Does someone else have this problem ?
  15. ingoerik

    form•Z 8.5 Beta 2 dwg import "problem"

    Thanks for your help, after rebooting it seems to work now. When i imported it before there was no error message, just the usual window without any objects, i even cant use select all, so it was definitly empty.
  16. ingoerik

    form•Z 8.5 Beta 2 dwg import "problem"

    Thats funny , its close to the origin here. Have you transformed it in the import settings correct with 0,001 in all directions ? This error comes everytime i import the file the first time, whatever file i import then works fine.
  17. ingoerik

    form•Z 8.5 Beta 2 dwg import "problem"

    Thanks, sent an email with one dwg file and a import settings screenshot.
  18. ingoerik

    form•Z 8.5 Beta 2 dwg import "problem"

    Okay, i'll keep an eye on it, it was just the second project from the same client, i will see if its file related and want to talk to the client to get some more info from which program he exports it and how. Btw, how can i send you a dwg, to which adress ?
  19. Well i reinstalled OS X, that helped. I just tried disconneting bluetoth devices which hasn't helped.
  20. Hello all, i have massive problems with an input delay in my layer or material palettes, got endless error messages like this : Any ideas ??
  21. Thanks for sharing your setup, looks interesting, i will try some of your suggestions. I actually like FormZs interface since its easy to use and customizable, my scene building and rendering software is Modo which has a cluttered interface that is annoying to work with, you have to click at least twice as many times to get your work done than in formz. So yes, i prefer a modal system
  22. There seems to be a problem with the input delay in Mac OS X, but i had it only with from•z, not with other programs.
  23. Thanks for all the responses, some more info about the problem in Mac OS X yosemite you can find here : http://forums.macrumors.com/threads/yosemite-cursor-lag.1802931/
  24. Thanks for your reply. It happend with FormZ 802 with every file, it seems to be related to the known Mac OS yosemite delay bug. I reinstalled OS X yosemite and its working again. At the moment i use 8.5Beta and the delay is as usual, no instant response but small enough to work with, i think thats how it was before this happend.
  25. ingoerik

    Fz8 - snapping problems

    1. Sometimes when i want to move an object or start to draw an element snapping doesn't work. I have to click to start the command and then hit the esc-key and its back. Anyone else had that problem ? 2. Another problem is that snapping doesn't work on ghosted layers here, or is there a setting to disable that in the prefs ?