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  1. It seems the 8.6 Beta should be called hide and seek. I had a file where my objects got invisible by switching from wireframe to shaded view, no chance to get them back visible, not even reopening FormZ helped (sorry, the file is already deleted). Another thing was that in the beginning my window was invisible, i had opened a new file but cant see anything; then suddenly i saw a small vertical line next to my layer palette, it was my window and i could finally drag it out to full size. And the tools manager window sometimes doesn't appear when i open it, and sometimes it suddenly pops up a few seconds after i opened it. Finally 8.6 doesn't wanted to open my default file, it says it was created with a FormZ version prior to version 5, although it was created with 8.0.
  2. Okay, finally found the unclone tool, just had to switch to a standard workspace, mine was not updated with the new tools.
  3. After playing a bit with clones i must admit the cloning tool is very intelligent. I can open one window without affecting the other cloned windows, just changing materials or changing elements will affect the clones too.
  4. Okay, now that we finally have the clones back .... how do i un-clone ? Lets say i have cloned 20 windows but only one needs to be changed, how do i un-clone this one window so the other 19 windows change too ?
  5. ingoerik

    vray fz

    Thanks for the short update Corey, much appreciated.
  6. Just curious, what is the difference between using them, if there is any ? I have an old (exactly a very old) Maxwell license and want to upgrade it ... and even use it
  7. ingoerik

    vray fz

    We're still staying desperatly tuned , how soon is this "very soon" ? Would like to hear some updated info on where VRay for FormZ is at the moment, and a timeline would be nice too. cheers Erik MerkenMerken
  8. ingoerik

    Maxwell FormZ PlugIn or Maxwell Studio

    Thanks for the info. So basically with the PlugIn i build my complete scene in FormZ (like adding trees, instanced grass ...) while with Studio i put everything for the scene in there.
  9. ingoerik

    change text, how ?

    Well i guess it would help if it works, but it doesn't work. But more "natural" would be an addition of font in the parameters tab.
  10. ingoerik

    3d rotation tool ?

    Hi, still with 8.02 here. Soooo, does FormZ have a 3D rotation tool ? I found the transform tool which is similar, but i have to do an edit axis first. Would be nice if you set with this tool the center of rotation with the first click, the axis with the second click and then have the option to rotate either in the horizontal plane or in the vertical plane.
  11. ingoerik

    change text, how ?

    Thanks Mr Tech, the problem is you cant change the font in the parameters tab, and you cant change the font of all selected text with the edit text tool, just one text.
  12. ingoerik

    3d rotation tool ?

    Hi Tech, well it is all i already knew about it. The problem is the transform tool is to complicated since you have to use edit axis first, and if you want to rotate more than one object you have to group them first too. It would be a lot easier if you can work as i mentioned above : Select the objects you want to copy, select the tool and with the first click you define the rotation center (and the transform tool appears on that center), with the second click the rotation axis (and the transform tool is locked on that axis), and than rotate the object on the vertical or horizontal plane.
  13. ingoerik

    axis lock ?

    Just curious, how can i activate axis lock in FormZ (8.02) and how can i put this on a keycommand ?
  14. ingoerik

    axis lock ?

    + 1
  15. ingoerik

    axis lock ?

    Well, not really. I want to lock the axis so that i can only move and draw in x or y direction like it was in Fz6.
  16. Hi there, is it possible to switch off snapping to text and dimensions, would be a big help for drawing on dwg plans ?
  17. ingoerik

    no snap on text and dimensions ?

    Thanks, that works fine. I just have to take care that i do this after i exploded the dimensions.
  18. ingoerik

    no snap on text and dimensions ?

    Thanks, i thought there would be an "automatic" option since FormZ is able to recognize different object types. I usually put every imported dwg on one layer, means groundfloor on one layer, second floor .... section 1 on one ... and so on, otherwise i have to many layers; but of course adding another layer for text only is an option.
  19. Hi there, i have a problem when working with imported files from architects. Whenever i draw and snap on those imported files FormZ draws the objects on the basic reference plane which is often far away from the original plans. Do i have to make a special reference plane first for every plan i import ??
  20. Hi Tech, thanks, that was exactly what i was looking for. Makes my life much easier now.
  21. Sorry for the misunderstanding, my method i use only for exterior walls, means exterior wall plus the interior part of the exterior wall. For exterior vis i simply put a floorslab onto the massive slab and put the interior walls on that floor. For interior viz i put the interior walls on the massive slab and draw the floorslab around the interior walls.
  22. That sounds very complicated to me, why not select the outline of the slab and use the extruded wall command on that preselected outline, to the left for building the exterior wall, and to the right for the interior wall.
  23. ingoerik

    Thea for FormZ - Call for Beta Testers

    Oh great news for FormZ. It would be nice to have a video showing how it works, specially regarding to instancing and placing large tree objects.
  24. ingoerik

    Apple Finder Tags

    Well thats a very old behaviour from FormZ, afaik it was even with Fz6 working that way. But it would be nice to have that fixed. I guess it has to do with the way the fzb files are saved.
  25. ingoerik

    OS X El Capitan

    So, now that the Captain is on board at Apple, anyone tested it with FormZ (in my case 8.02) ? Any issues ?