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  1. Okay, thanks for your answers so far. Try these: 1. Make sure that by some chance you do not have two instances of RLM on your network. Access http://localhost:5054/home.asp in a browser on each machine. This page should only be accessible on a single computer on the network. 2. On RLM, click "Shutdown" to disable the license server and try formZ again. Of course, you won't be able to render, but we'll then have a better understanding if licensing is involved in some way. After the test, to re-enable the server, click "reread/restart servers" 3. With licensing enabled, attempt to make a Maxwell rendering of any sort; it can be a simple cube. Then, open the plugin Log (Select Extensions> Maxwell Render> Log), save, and send the result to us at
  2. Two more tests, in addition to the windows 7 test above. Please perform each test separately. For each test, you will need to quit and restart formZ. We are trying to figure out the nature of your issue, since we have never seen anything like it before. 1. Test on Windows 7, if possible. 2. If you completely disable network connections (unplug ethernet and disable wifi), does formZ run properly? 3. If you full disable all antivirus software, does formZ run properly?
  3. Do you have a computer with Windows 7? If so, can you check on that machine?
  4. Have you made sure to license Maxwell 4 using the License Activator? Do you have a floating or node-locked license?
  5. I'm not sure what you mean, but if it's very slow at startup, it may mean that there is an issue with licensing. Have you made sure to license Maxwell 4 using the License Activator? Do you have a floating or node-locked license?
  6. Hi, Sorry you are having an issue. 1. Close formZ and Manually delete any "Maxwell" folders within your formZ/plugins folder. 2. Uninstall Maxwell Render using the windows uninstaller utility 3. Please download the most recent version v4.1.1.1 4. Reinstall. It's important that the plugin and Maxwell application suite match, to the installer installs both Maxwell and the plugin. During installation, make sure you confirm that you want to install Maxwell Render. Please let us know if this full re-installation helps. If not, we will need information about your computer and operating system.
  7. pylon

    Maxwell material editor

    Hi Des, I don't remember a "cloth" type in MXED 3 or 4. Can you refresh my memory? Since you are on Maxwell 4, you might try the online browser The files are downloaded to the location specified in the Resource Manager.
  8. You're welcome. (It was just a mis-placed license file.)
  9. Hi Marcus, Yes, I understand that other apps are working on your production machine. I am trying to diagnose your issue, and if you don't run the tests requested, it makes it much less likely that I'll be able to figure out your issue. Please determine if formz/maxwell works directly on the server. Also, please send us your license file. It is typically located at: /Users/Shared/NextLimit/rlm_nl/licenses/ and has the file extension .lic
  10. Do not use 3.2.16. There was a licensing issue which was resolved with Does it work running formZ/maxwell plugin on the same computer that is serving (that is, that's running RML)?
  11. pylon

    License Maxwell 3 trouble

    There was a licensing issue with the plugin, but it was quickly resolved with the plugin.
  12. Hi Markus, It could be that your licenses are oversubscribed. Please restart ALL the machines on your network and see if that helps. If not, please attempt to render your project with Maxwell again (Select Display> Maxwell Render). Then, open the plugin Log (Select Extensions> Maxwell Render> Log). Click on "Save Log" and save to your Desktop or other convenient location, then post the resulting log here, or send it to
  13. pylon

    Flickering in animation

    That would explain it. I'm glad you got it sorted out.
  14. pylon

    Flickering in animation

    Anders, I've not seen that before. If you can send a reduced formZ project file that reproduces the issue, I'd be happy to take a look.
  15. Anders, The Maxwell sun will follow an animated Distant light during a Maxwell animation. To do so, follow these steps: Set keyframes on the Distant light's time or position parameters, set the Maxwell Physical Sky or Sky Dome sun to "Follow Distant," and then export the animation sequence via Display > Generate Animation. (We do not recommend using the formZ Sun Position palette for this; first, it's code does not notify that changes to the distant light have been made, so the Maxwell sun cannot update its position, and second, if the 'Export' button is used to generate an animation, formZ requests that a separate still rendering be made for each sun position, rather than an animation sequence. As mentioned above, use Display > Generate Animation, which works as expected. )
  16. I agree with Des. For an physical rendering that approximates the look of a biased 'ambient occlusion' rendering, use a Sky Dome with the sky top set to white, with the sun disabled. (You could also use any other sort of diffuse light source.) For more control, enable the 'Shadow' checkbox on your object material, enable the shadow channel in Maxwell Display options, and then composite to suit in photoshop.
  17. pylon

    Shadows through "HighGradeGlass"

    I agree. Please contact NL support (see link above) and provide your MXS and MXM as examples. This is not a formZ-plugin specific issue, so don't include your formZ project, or they will kick it back to me.
  18. Hi Swaim, Yes, disabling GI for an object will eliminate that object's bounced light as well as shadows. Therefore, disabling GI for all objects will effectively eliminate all bounced light in the scene. Please post an image of what you are trying to achieve (perhaps a lower-res version of the Renderzone render), so we can see the "look" you're after and advise.
  19. pylon

    Shadows through "HighGradeGlass"

    Hi, In Maxwell Object Attributes, enable the Hide From -> Global Illumination on the glass objects. Does this help? (If not, please export your scene and send your MXS and MXM to Next Limit support; perhaps they will have an alternate solution for you. https://portal.nextlimit.com/ )
  20. pylon

    Shadows through "HighGradeGlass"

    formZ project file
  21. pylon

    Shadows through "HighGradeGlass"

    Please post a simple example project, so we can further advise you.
  22. pylon

    Shadows through "HighGradeGlass"

    High Grade glass objects need to be solids modeled to the correct thickness, just like glass in the real world. (i.e, not a surface as you would use for AGS.) Is your model set up this way?
  23. For help resolving this issue, you will need to contact Next Limit support directly. Please submit at support ticket through the Customer Portal: https://portal.nextlimit.com/
  24. Make sure your Nvidia graphics driver are up to date. Does the Console in Maxwell show any useful information? For help resolving this issue, you will need to contact Next Limit support directly. Please submit at support ticket through the Customer Portal: https://portal.nextlimit.com/ Make sure to include your system information, version of Maxwell, and steps to reproduce the problem.
  25. pylon

    Denoiser on a network render

    Hi David, Unfortunately, my expertise is in the plugin area. For questions about network rendering, please submit a help ticket to Next Limit or post your query to the Network Rendering forum.