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  1. pylon

    Projector Light or Image

    Did you try a Maxell Projector light (not the same as the renderzone Projector light)? You enter the bitmap texture, and point the light. Perhaps your exposure is off?
  2. pylon

    unfocused renders

    The focus point in Maxwell is the COI (Center of interest) of the formZ view. You can display the COI in the modeling window by clicking on the visibility icon of any view. This is very rarely necessary, however: Before saving views to the views palette, just select the object you want to be the image focus, and hit Extensions>Maxwell>Focus Camera. (I have mapped CMD-F to that function, so I just hit the key shortcut.) When you return to that view later, if will always be in focus when rendered in Maxwell. You can focus an existing view in your views palette by making the view active, performing the procedure noted above, and then saving the view again with the same name.
  3. pylon

    Maxwell scenes to download?

    Hi, There are none that I know of, but this is a great idea.
  4. pylon

    Package for renderfarm

    Hi Des, Thanks for your report, we will get this corrected.
  5. pylon

    formz8 free questions

    Maxwell for formZ is not compatible with formZ free as of this writing. (Next Limit will certainly invesigate this new offering.) formZ will only hold on to plugin data in a project if the plugin that handles that data is installed. You can certainly open a project in created with formZ Pro/Jr. in formZ Free that contains Maxwell data. However, if you make changes and save in Free, then reopen in Pro/Jr., there will no longer be Maxwell data (such as your Maxwell materials settings) in the project. Therefore, make sure to work on a copy in Free.
  6. Hi Rick, If you mean in the Materials Palette, that would not be possible... there is no SDK control over that area. Can you be a bit more specific as to what you are trying to solve? Maybe there is another way...