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    denoise and multilite

    Hi Des, This quote is from the link I provided above. The easiest thing to do is adjust multilight at the end of a rendering, while Maxwell is still open, then re-denoise. I have not tried mximerge at the command line myself.
  2. pylon

    Rebus and MXS references

    Hi Des, I have not used Rebus, sorry!
  3. Hi Anders, Sorry, I missed your response earlier. It is not possible to create formZ geometry out of a referenced MXS. However, If the C4D user creates a MXS, you should be able to use that MXS as a Referenced MXS in formZ. I do not know whether this would work the other way around. Some studios model different parts of a scene with different 3D applications, export MXS from each application, and combine the scenes in Maxwell Studio, and render from there. This is reported to work very well.
  4. From Next Limit: Let's celebrate together The Last 12: the last 12 days of the year during which we will have a special 30% discount for you. We will count them down using the Spanish tradition of the 12 lucky grapes eaten at midnight on New Year's Eve. May it bring you happy rendering in 2018 ???? Promo includes all products - licenses, rendernodes, Premium Support Includes upgrades & new licenses 30% Discount on everything Available via your Customer Portal December 20 - 31 CET, inclusive Not to be combined with other offers Claim your 30% Maxwell Discount
  5. pylon

    Chain wire fence wire how to

    Hey Craig, welcome back!
  6. pylon

    Vestige objects?

    Hi Peter, I reported this to ADS. Their developers looked into it immediately, and said that they fixed it for the next release of formZ 8.6. (I don't know when that will be, but I expect pretty soon.)
  7. pylon

    denoise and multilite

    Hi Peter, Please investigate the "Re-Denoise" feature in the Maxwell application. Described here: http://support.nextlimit.com/display/maxwell4/Denoiser I believe this will do what you want.
  8. Hi Anders, Sorry, I'm a bit confused about what you are looking for. The scene created by the formZ plugin opens and renders in Studio, correct? (I don't work on the C4D plugin, so I'm not sure what it's capabilities are.)
  9. pylon

    Vestige objects?

    Hi Peter, Thanks for sending the additional files. It seems that formZ is incorrectly reporting these components to the Maxwell plugin as visible. I have simplified your file and reported this issue to ADS's developers for correction. Until this is correced, please continue putting the unneeded components on a invisible layer, which works as expected.
  10. pylon

    Vestige objects?

    Peter, I received your revised package, and all your MXMs are still not included. Please use the "Workstation Transfer" command, as well as manually checking to make sure you have send the files necessary to make a rendering.
  11. pylon

    Vestige objects?

    Hi Peter, Just to clarify: I did not mean to suggest that you use 8.6; I was asking if you were already using it. Thanks for sending (some of your) project data via ADS. I will also need your formZ project, the components you used, MXMs, etc. (I looks like you just did a 'package for renderfarm' which does not include those files. Please send to:
  12. pylon

    Vestige objects?

    Hi Peter, When developing the plugin, we found problems with how formZ reported components through the API. Because of this, we decided not to implement formZ component support, and instead just translate their meshes in a simpler manner (as ordinary objects), which produces reliable results. Because of this, as far as the plugin is concerned, there should be no difference between a component and any other object type. Are you using the formZ 8.6? It is possible that ADS has changed the behavior of components in the this WIP version. It is important that I get some sort of example from you to examine. I will need all the dependencies, so if you can reproduce the issue with a simple file that would of course be preferable. There is also the possibility that you have a corrupt component. Please send files quickly, if you can. Thanks.
  13. pylon

    Vestige objects?

    Hi Peter, I have not seen anything like this previously. One thought: Try creating new project and then opening your troublesome project with the 'add to project' option. Does this fix it? If not, please send your project via dropbox or equivalent, and we'll advise you further.
  14. pylon

    Clipping Plane & MaxwellZ

    Hi Des, Gary is correct on both counts. As of now, renderers must render the mesh as presented by formZ. Clipping worked correctly when first introduced in formZ, but something was changed in more recent versions such that render meshes presented to the Maxwell plugin, are actually not clipped, or are clipped incorrectly. We have previously reported this to ADS with supporting videos and a simple example file. (There is also no SDK access to clip planes, so the plugin can't check to see if a clip plane might be active and perhaps handle the clip itself. ) Options: 1. Create one or more Render Boolean objects in your formZ project. These work non-destructively like formZ clip planes, except that light does not pass though the excised surfaces. 2. Use the 'Make Permanent' option of formZ's clip plane.
  15. pylon

    Broken plugin UI

    Hi Brian, Thanks for your report, we'll look into it.
  16. Hi Anders, I reproduced the problem where Distant lights with Angle of Site North set to anything other than 90 degrees may not be animated. The problem lies with formZ, and does not have anything to do with Maxwell. (i.e. the Distant light itself does not move, so there's no motion for Maxwell to track.) I recommend writing up steps to reproduce this issue with Distant light animation and submitting your report to AutoDesSys. When it is fixed on the formZ side, it should immediately start working with the current Maxwell plugin.
  17. Hi All, The Maxwell 4.1 release is a big one. If you haven't updated to Maxwell 4 yet, now is the time. If you are an existing customer, download Maxwell for formZ at the customer portal. If you'd like to kick the tires first, download a trial copy. DENOISER There's now an integrated denoiser. When enabled, there will be NO noise in your final rendering. This means Maxwell-quality renderings in a fraction of the time it took previously - in either CPU Production or GPU mode. Expect 2x - 8x faster architectural visualizations. Denoiser Overview Denoiser Video Tutorial in Studio (Click CC button for English subtitles) Denoiser in Maxwell Denoiser control in formZ LIGHT MIXER Next up, we have a new Light Mixer. When used in conjunction with Fire, you can interactively fine-tune the contribution of all lights and emitter materials in your scene from one convenient panel. It's a lot like Multilight, inside formZ. Light Mixer in formZ LIGHT GROUPS Maxwell for formZ supports formZ Light groups both in the Light Mixer and in Multilight. Intensity-override groups are represented as a single slider in both environments. ONLINE MATERIALS Using materials from the online materials database in formZ is now just a click away. Materials Browser Referenced MXM controls in formZ NEW MATERIAL TYPES Xrite AxF and TableBRDF material types are now supported directly by the plugin. RELEASE NOTES Changes • Integrated Denoiser support. (Maxwell Options > Engine tab) • New Light Mixer for interactively balancing intensity of lights, light groups, onf material emitters. (Extensions > Maxwell Render > Light Mixer...) • formZ Light Group support: All lights in a formZ light group with intensity override are now represented by a single Multilight slider. (Enable in Maxwell Options > Translate tab) • Improved access to MXM file browser. (Material Parameters > Maxwell Representation > Referenced MXM option) • Improved access to online MXM gallery browser. (Material Parameters > Maxwell Representation > Referenced MXM option) • Direct support for X-Rite AxF Materials (Material Parameters > Maxwell representation). • Direct support for TableBrdf Materials (Material Parameters > Maxwell representation). • Support for rendering with the number of available logical processors, minus a specified number. (Set a negative number in Maxwell Options > Engine Tab > CPU Threads) • Plugin now uses central Maxwell installation. • Update to the Maxwell 4.1 engine. Fixes • Grass Modifiers using formZ material option now restored correctly on open. • Denoiser At Each SL/At End parameter now correctly saved in project.
  18. Hi, We are running MacOS High Sierra (10.13) with formZ/Maxwell without any issues, both with new installations and with an in-place installation that was updated from Sierra (10.12). I think you will need to do a full re-installation: 1. Delete your formZ 8.5 Pro installation and the existing Applications/Maxwell 4 folder. 2. Download a fresh copy for formZ Pro from AutoDesSys, as well as the latest Maxwell 4 installer from the Maxwell portal, and install again. Please notify us by email if these solutions don't resolve your issue. (In the future, please contact support either though the forum or by email, but not both.)
  19. I haven't had any problems with the latest plugin. It's likely something to do with your system, or project file. If you have a project file that's causing a problem please ZIP the project and dependencies and send via Dropbox (or equivalent) to We will investigate why this might be happening and report back with a solution.
  20. Hi R2, Short answers: 1. Your GTX 960 card is unsupported by Apple, so not officially supported by Next Limit either. However, it very well may work for small scenes (RAM limitations). Download the Maxwell 4 trial and give it a try. 2. Multi-GPU rendering will be available in Maxwell 4.2, coming very soon. For now, one GPU is used. 3. Personally, I've had great success simply using the new denoiser in Maxwell V4 with CPU rendering. With this combination, there are virtually no limitations on scene complexity and image size, and I get a great result at least twice as fast as V3… often 4x faster. I highly recommend taking the V4 denoiser for a test drive. Longer Answer: I reached out to Next Limit for clarification. Here are the summarized details, with a few of my own comments: Maxwell's GPU rendering requires contemporary Nvidia graphic cards, with a CUDA compute capability of 3.0 or greater. Here's a extensive list of cards and their capabilities: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CUDA And here's a list of GPUs Apple has included in their products: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202823 If you cross reference the two lists, the GPUs delivered by Apple that support Maxwell are: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M NVIDIA GeForce GT 680M NVIDIA Geforce GT 750M NVIDIA Geforce GT 755M NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX NVIDIA Geforce GTX 775M NVIDIA Geforce GTX 780M These cards are all far behind the state of the art. Unfortunately, Apple has not officially supported high-end Nvidia GPUs in a long time. In practice, to do serious work with large scenes/resolutions you'll need contemporary GPUs with significantly more power and RAM that these. In June, however, Apple announced (forthcoming) official support for external GPUs via Thunderbolt, as well as new Mac Pros sometime after 2017. So there may be better options available soon.
  21. Hi Ariel, Did pkcn's suggestion work? We've now tested this on several Windows 10 systems and have been unable to reproduce your issue in any way. Can you send us your email so we can be in touch if we have further questions?
  22. The easiest way is to use the Network renderer.
  23. Hi Pointer, It sounds like you are rendering with Time-priority, not SL priority. Maxwell will stop rendering the image when either the Time or SL parameters are acheived. So, in your case, if you want all the renders to achieve SL 17, set SL for that amount, and Time to a very high amount, such as 1000 hours, so it is sure not to be hit. Also, running a couple renderings concurrently on one machine is OK if each is using only a small fraction of the physical RAM you have available. However, if you run out of RAM and your computer starts paging to disk, the rendering time will increase dramatically. Rendering sequentially or using Network rendering is recommended in this case.
  24. pylon

    managing file formats

    David, Please look into the denoising feature in Maxwell 4. You can now get noise-free renderings in a fraction of the time it previously took.
  25. Hi Ariel, Thanks again for your help with these tests. Please try this: 1. Quit formZ, remove the Maxwell plugin, and re-launch. 2. Close the Maxwell Fire palette, then save your formZ prefs. 3. Relaunch formZ without the Maxwell plugin. For this test to work, the Fire palette must NOT be active upon formZ launch, so don't proceed to step 4 until you are sure that formZ is launching without it active. 4. Put Maxwell plugin back in place and launch formZ.