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  1. Hi Theo, I'm not able to reproduce that here. Perhaps the presence of the vray plugin is changing the lighting. As a test, can you please temporarily remove the Vray plugin, relaunch formZ, click the 'Preview' button and see if regenerated Maxwell preview is lit correctly again?
  2. pylon

    Maxwell Softbox Light never hide from Camera

    Hi Theo, I just did a test of the same setup (as far as I can tell from your screen captures) and it worked correctly. If you need further help, please copy your .fmz project, open it and remove most of the geometry, test to make sure that the problem can still occurs, and then send it to us by dropbox or equivalent:
  3. pylon

    Little black dots in render

    Hi Peter, We're happy to help. If you can, try to create a new thread for each question or issue. This helps to avoid confusion and missed posts. Re: black dots. I haven't seen this in a long time (I think, since your mirror file). It has to do with one or more materials in your scene having unrealistic values- usually highly reflective and/or supersaturated colors. Re: Object ID channel. Those objects are transparent, so they are rendering as such. If you need an opaque alpha for the glass, instead put the glass objects (or the glass material) onto a Custom Alpha Channel.
  4. pylon

    Maxwell v4.2

    Maxwell 4.2 is compatible with formZ 8.5.7
  5. pylon

    Ambient Field Light

    Hi Des, http://support.nextlimit.com/display/mxdocsv3/formZ+%7C+Lighting+%7C+Lights+-+Emitter+Type In general, avoid intersecting any objects with the light. I usually keep the edges away from walls at least 1m.
  6. pylon

    Sun lighting issue

    Great, glad it's working for you.
  7. Hi Hugo, I don't know, sorry... I'm only knowledgeable about the formZ plugin & Maxwell. Please contact Next Limit about this network rendering issue.
  8. pylon

    axial sweep issue

    Hi Markus, You have some duplicate points, slightly ajar:
  9. pylon

    Sun lighting issue

    Hi Peter, I just tested this; switching lights, as well as manipulating the sun widget in the modeling window is updating Maxwell renderings as expected. Are you sure you have the intended physical sky selected (only one can be "lit" at a time) in the "Lights" palette? In the light's "Location" parameter, do you have Sun Location set to "Origin / COI"?
  10. pylon


    Hi Peter, That's a good idea; in general, I recommend using bulletproof characters only: A-Z a-z 0-9 _ - Batch renaming the files to which the MXM data structure points can likely be accomplished via the Python binding, but it would be non-trivial if you don't already have experience in this area: http://support.nextlimit.com/display/plugdevspace/Cmaterial
  11. Hi Andre, The fix is on AutoDesSys's side (in formZ, not the plugin). A new version of formZ with the fix will be released soon.
  12. This problem only affects Windows; Maxwell works fine on the macOS version of formZ 8.6.
  13. pylon

    install issue

    Hi pkcn Yes, on Windows you'll need to first uninstall 8.6, then reinstall 8.5.7 http://www.formz.com/products/formz/update/formz_857_Pro.html (And after that, you can reinstall 8.6 as well, if you like.)
  14. pylon

    Broken plugin UI

    Hi pkcn Yes, on Windows you'll need to first uninstall 8.6, then reinstall 8.5.7 http://www.formz.com/products/formz/update/formz_857_Pro.html (And after that, you can reinstall 8.6 as well, if you like.)
  15. pylon


    Hi Peter, I appears that EE.06.08-SK-A-3257.jpg cannot be found on external storage, so the plugin attempts to write out the embedded texture map within the formZ material, and that this fails. The best solution is to re-load the texture map in formZ from the original file on disk. (The attempt to recreate the texture map may be failing because it's creating a filename with a period in it. You could rename the material without the period and try again. It might also be failing because you don't have permission to write to the scratch folder, but that seems less likely.)
  16. pylon

    Broken plugin UI

    Hi All, There is an issue with some Maxwell UI elements with the Windows version of formZ 8.6. We recommend using 8.5.7 until this is resolved. Craig, I would recommend contacting ADS and requesting a link for 8.5.7.
  17. pylon


    Hi Peter, Please send us the entire log: click on "Save Log" and save to your Desktop or other convenient location, then post the resulting log here, or send it to
  18. pylon

    install issue

    Hi pkcn, Okay, thank you for the additional information. Something was changed in formZ 8.6 which has disabled certain buttons on Windows (only). For now, please use formZ 8.5.7 with Maxwell. We will work with ADS to resolve this issue.
  19. I assume that you mean, that it takes a long time to launch the MXM editor when the button is clicked? This would suggest, that MXED is having a difficult time locating your license via RLM, though it is ultimately successful. Could be a network issue, again.
  20. pylon

    install issue

    Hi pkcn, I asked ADS about this, and they indicated that they did not have any problems running Maxwell and Vray on the same installation. I requested access to Vray so I can test this myself; I'm not sure how long that will take to process.
  21. Hi Peter, I am not an IT expert by any stretch of the imagination, so I probably won't be of any help here. Speaking from personal experience (and NOT as an authority of any sort) I have found that for mission critical work where computers must all be online without interruption, each critical computer should: 1. Use a wired ethernet connection 2. Use a manually assigned IP address on the local network. I use high addresses so there's no collision with Wifi users popping on and off 3. Not sleep/standby
  22. pylon

    install issue

    If the plugin for formZ and Studio are both working properly, then leave your installation as-is.
  23. pylon

    install issue

    Hi Peter, Sorry, I see now that you need Studio as well. In this case, I recommend: 1. Make sure you have the correct version of the Studio installer., in your case 2. install the plugin first, along with its version of Maxwell. 3. Make sure this runs in formZ, then close formZ 4. Run the Maxwell Studio installer. It will give you the option to remove/overwrite the existing Maxwell installation. Choose that option, then continue with the installation.
  24. pylon

    install issue

    Peter, Good to hear that you got it sorted. However, you should always install the Maxwell suite that comes inside the formZ for Maxwell installer, otherwise you may have incompatibility (versioning) issues. The render node software is in the bundled Maxwell Suite, too.
  25. pylon

    install issue

    Hi Peter, Did you use the latest installer and allow it to install both the Maxwell application suite and the formZ plugin? (Can you double-check that the installer used was named "Maxwell_4.1.1.1_for_formZ_8.exe" )